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10 Best Discord Alternatives You Should Know[2024]

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Online communication tools have become the trend of the day since the COVID-19 pandemic broke down, turning almost every social interaction into an online one. Even after the lockdown was relaxed, most organizations continued their operations online in case of a second breakdown. Even youngsters have carried out online classes to avoid gathering.

An excellent communication tool can bring convenience and entertainment, whether you use it for work or class. Discord has been the students' primary choice among various chatting tools for a long time. But for the businessman, Discord may not be professional enough for them to work. And some schools may find out that Discord is too entertaining to take classes, so they would need an alternative. No matter the reason, there is no harm in knowing more apps like Discord.

So in this article, we'll look at the 10 best discord alternatives, their features, and pros and cons.

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Top 10 Discord Alternatives

03 TOX

Why do you need Discord Alternative?

Voice and text apps are essential as communication is the nerve of every organization. With Discord, you can easily keep in contact with your family and friends, especially if you're a gamer. Unfortunately, while the app is excellent, it is not the best communication app for everyone.

Over time, we've heard reviews from different sources ranging from professionals to parents. Most of them think that Discord is more suitable for gamers, and the app doesn't support parental guides. Business owners also stated that Discord could be inconvenient to start a meeting with colleagues: it's easy to get the conversations messed up on the app as it has no threads, the size of files you can upload is limited, etc. These reasons and others make them want to find the best alternative to Discord. But there is no doubt that Discord is a wonderful communication tool. What we are going to do in this article is expose you to more apps like Discord.

Top 10 Discord Alternatives


discord alternative teamspeak

One of the best alternatives to Discord is Teamspeak, an excellent VoIP app for gaming, which will provide crystal clear sound while you are speaking. In addition, background noise will be deducted automatically. And the app features a lag-free performance and integrated Military-grade security.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based duties that allow you to synchronize your servers and ease communication between devices
  • Provides access to tons of add-ons, and voice packs
  • A Lag-free communication with a clear crystal sound, noise cancellation, and background noise reduction.
  • Decides who has access to channels, who can talk, and much more.

App Ratings:

  • App Store 2.5
  • Google Play 3.1

Troop Messenger

discord alternative troop messenger

Troop Messenger is a simple and accessible app for communication and collaboration between groups or teams. Team members can send texts to one another in real-time using Troop Messenger, which makes it an excellent choice to try out if you are looking for alternatives to Discord.

The instant messaging option saves time and improves productivity and coordination between team members. In addition, it results in better and more efficient decision-making processes for team members working together on important projects.

Key Features

  • Burnout option: Users are given the option to chat confidentially with other group members within private chat windows.
  • There is an option to broadcast messages to larger audience, known as a Shoutout.
  • The user can easily pick between selected group members for meetings or specific discussions and make a private group.

App Ratings:

  • App Store 3
  • Google Play 4.6


discord alternative tox

TOX is the perfect app for those looking for a VoIP app for having discussions on matters other than online games. The app features many fantastic tools, and it's highly secured.

As one of the best alternatives for Discord, this unique app has zero central servers, unlike other discord alternatives. Tox is available on Mac OS, Linux, and mobile devices.

Key Features

  • The app supports voice, video, and text chatting
  • It has a nifty screen sharing features
  • It is easier and safer to share and make files, which makes it a good option for businesses
  • Its network comprises its users. As such, it's rare for the app to experience shut down

App Ratings:

  • App Store 3.9
  • Google Play 4.5


discord alternative heyspace

HeySpace is technically a project management software app that allows communication and collaboration between individuals or groups. It is the ideal mix between an app geared towards communication and sturdy software that allows for project management with its various features and tools.

These features make HeySpace one of the best Discord alternatives available.

Key Features

  • Get a notification when someone messages you, and a badge appears for unread messages.
  • If someone says something important and worthy of making a note, you can make a card out of it, and it will automatically get moved to the cards list.
  • In one-to-one chats, it is available to send attachment files, images, or mentions.

App Ratings:

  • App Store 3.2
  • Google Play 3.6


discord alternative chanty

Having a rating of 3+ on Google Play, Chanty can serve as a good Discord app alternative. The app allows a team to have video and audio calls easily. Not only this, it also can integrate with other third-party apps to boost productivity.

Key Features

  • Dark theme
  • Unlimited search of message history
  • Teambox hub
  • Audio and Video calls
  • Proper task management

App Ratings:

  • App Store 3.9
  • Google Play 4.4


discord alternative mumble

Founded in 2005, Mumble is a VoIP application explicitly designed for gamers, and it's similar to apps like Discord and Teamspeak. The app allows users to talk to each other using an equivalent server architecture. It also features high-quality sound and low latency. The app is available on Mac OS, Windows, and mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Clear crystal sound and low latency that's good for gaming
  • It's free
  • Provides encrypted communication
  • Gives an Extensive User Permission System

App Ratings:

  • App Store 3.5
  • Google Play 4.0


discord alternative slack

Slack provides more in terms of integration; this app integrates many third-party apps like Github, Trello, and others. Both parents and businesses are suitable to use this app. This app makes collaborations easier and faster and enables you to keep up with important decisions.

Key Features

  • Enables you to upload files easily by dragging and dropping
  • It has a well-polished and intriguing user interface
  • Tag people easily if they are not online
  • Enable you to Integrate many third-party apps

App Ratings:

  • App Store 3.9
  • Google Play 3.8


discord alternative flock

Flock is one of the best Discord alternatives for teams as it features section messaging, project management, and productivity, among other amazing features. Just like Discord, this app organizes files and information in a centralized place.

Key Features

  • Support both audio and video virtual meetings
  • Enables you to start a direct chat with anyone
  • Easily search and find information on topics related to your project
  • Supports team messaging and group discussions

App Ratings:

  • App Store 4.0
  • Google Play 4.2

Steam Chat

discord alternative steamchat

Steam chat is also a Discord alternative that players can take into consideration. The messaging and voice chat app for gamers has a user interface similar to Discord. In addition, the app also enables users to join voice channels anytime they need.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux
  • All you need is to send URLs to others so that they can join servers or group chats
  • Enables you to give roles to individuals such as adding or removing people as well as managing serves and editing chat restrictions

App Ratings:

  • App Store 3.0
  • Google Play 2.6


discord alternative skype

Skype can be the best Discord alternative for voice and video calls for parents that are not gamers. Its tools feature built-in screen tools that work differently, unlike in Discord, where you share your screen or a part of it simply by tapping on an option.

Key Features

  • Supports files transfer and multimedia
  • Features a bandwidth of about 100 kps for voice calls
  • Enables you to make one on one or group voice and video calls.

App Ratings:

  • App Store 4.5
  • Google Play 4.1


Here are all the 10 best alternatives for Discord. If you want to know more about any of these apps, you can enter their official website to get the details. Even if you prefer sticking to Discord, it can be an excellent experience to know more apps like Discord in case you need them in the future.

Play this video to study about kids’ online safety measures to overcome application threats.

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