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Covenant Eyes Review: Does It Really Work for Kids?

Does Covenant Eyes Really Work for Kids?

The Covenant Eyes is a monitoring app, which works well on smartphones. You can make use of this program to establish control over the target devices effectively. This app performs well in prohibiting the entry of porn websites into the target phone. It scans the website content instead of the website URL while enforcing the filter feature. This app is smart enough to monitor the incognito window available with the chrome browser. It works with Accountability-based service and focuses on porn free gadget usage.

This application assists the users to get rid of porn addiction. The foremost feature of this program is Screen Monitoring and it makes use of Artificial Intelligence to analyze the screenshots. You can make use of this app to get rid of porn addiction issues. The design of this app is in such a way to handle porn-related problems wisely.

Covenant Eyes

What can Covenant Eyes do for porn addiction?

These are the striking functionalities to protect the user from porn addiction.

1. Screen Monitoring

The entire app works on the principle of screen accountability. The Covenant Eyes analyze the screens of the browser instead of the URL. This program takes the screenshot of the target gadget regularly and saves those images for future reference.

Screen Monitoring

2. Screen Analysis

The app recovers the stored screenshots for the analysis process. During the analysis, it enforces the Artificial Intelligence concepts to obtain reliable results. It analyzes by identifying porn images on the screenshots.

Screen Analysis

3. Screen Processing

After the analysis based on its results, the app blurs the content to maintain privacy. The processed screenshots are stores at its database for future reference.

4. Activity Report

The tool organizes the processed screenshot as a report and sends it to the parent or friend device, tagged through the Covenant Eyes app.

Activity Report

5. Safe Search

The Covenant Eyes provides a safe search zone for the users by completing blocking the entry of porn websites into the device. It helps you to restrict the inappropriate content in your gadget.

Safe Search

The pros and cons of Covenant Eyes

  • Awesome Screen Accountability and protects the gadgets from inappropriate content and websites
  • Activity reports carrying the browsing results of the target device. It contains the collection of processed screenshots.
  • Amazing privacy settings in storing the personal data of the user with the utmost care and It updates the database regularly
  • It has YouTube restricted mode to filter the adult content from entering the gadget
  • Appreciable safe search option assists you to establish a secure browsing experience on your gadgets.
  • It works on multiple devices in an effective manner
  • The Covenant Eyes performs well on iOS devices when compared to Android. The performance on Android phones seems to be poor.
  • The Screen Accountability feature is unavailable for Chromebooks and Kindle Fire.
  • This app is not suitable to monitor text messages on the target device
  • There are no options to limit the screen time of the kids and teens

Why parents still need FamiSafe to combat kid's porn addiction?

The parents still require extra assistance to protect the kids from porn addiction issues. The Covenant Eyes app only focuses on browser-based content whereas there are threats of porn, which arrive through many social media apps. The Covenant Eyes is not sufficient to handle the porn issues fully and there exist scenarios bypassing this type of screen monitoring apps. You need an effective monitoring app to compete with porn addiction issues of the present generation kids and teens.

The FamiSafe parental control app monitors the target gadget continuously and records relevant data depending on the kid's device activities. This incredible app has measures to scan for suspicious photos in the gallery received through various channels like websites, most of the social media apps etc.

The FamiSafe app provides appreciable performance on both the platforms Android and iOS gadgets. It is simple to use and the user-friendly interface offers hassle-free operation. The Covenant Eyes app fails to detect porn related words, which may appear on the text messages of the target gadgets. The FamiSafe handles this type of porn-related conversation using the Explicit Content Detection features.

Therefore, the FamiSafe parental control app overruns Covenant Eyes due to the above-discussed reasons. Apart from porn-related issues, the FamiSafe app handles all sorts of gadget related problems in a professional manner.

Functions of FamiSafe

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

You need this helpful parental control app

The digital parents need a perfect partner to assist them in monitoring their dear ones gadget activities. You require an effective supervision technique to watch out every move of your kid on the online platform. There is no equivalent software than the FamiSafe parental control app in the digital world. This program competes because of its outstanding features. It is an exclusive program to protect your child from the harmful hands of online monsters. This tool comprises of the following features.

  • Awesome App Block functionality safeguard your kid from inappropriate games
  • You can set the time limit for gadget usage using the Screen Time option, which locks itself after the set time.
  • The Web Filter assists you to filter the toxic internet content in no time.
  • The tracking features trace out your calls, location details precisely in a remote manner.
  • This app helps you to plan a schedule in a day for your kid to enhance time management skills.
Functions of FamiSafe in detail:

1. App block & Usage

If you take a closer look at the FamiSafe parental control app you can figure out awesome settings regarding the App Block functionality. You can make use of the App Block feature to prevent the usage of porn apps. If you find any sort of porn apps at your kid's device then you can deactivate them remotely using the FamiSafe app. Your kid will not be able to open the app and when he/she attempts to open, the block apps then he/she witness a message stating that their parents do not want to use this app. It is a tedious process to unlock blocked apps. It is an effective feature to safeguard your kids and teens from the impact of porn apps.

FamiSafe - App block & Usage

2. Activity Report

Most parents want to know the daily gadget activities of their kids. It is impossible to supervise with manual intervention. You need an efficient method to overlook the gadget usage of your children. The Activity Report from FamiSafe resolves your concerns related to this issue. This report records data regarding the frequency app usage, time spent on each app, website visits details etc. Using this data the parents can identify whether their kid is addicted to any apps, games, websites etc. You will be able to figure out the usage of porn apps and websites using the data available on this platform. It is an automatic functionality and hence the recording occurs daily. The parents can request for this report on any date in a month for reference.

FamiSafe - Activity Report

3. Explicit content detection

The FamiSafe parental control app consists of a built-in library carrying a list of offensive words and porn-related words. There are default words and it is possible to add your own words into this list. This app scans the target gadgets inbox and outgoing messages and if it finds any match with the offensive words list then immediately it triggers an alert signal to the parents stating about the inappropriate content on the target phone. Therefore, all the content on the connected devices undergoes a scan now and then and detects porn-related messages easily.

FamiSafe - Explicit content detection

4. Suspicious photos

There are possibilities for your children to receive porn images from inappropriate social media apps. The FamiSafe program detects the suspicious images through an effective scan on image folders at the target devices gallery. It notifies the parents and helps them to take respective measures before the kids and teens panic on viewing those porn content. The trigger signal reaches the parent's device quickly without any delay.

FamiSafe Web Filter

It is time to conclude on the Covenant Eyes app and you are at the end lines looking for a perfect verdict. For effective monitoring purposes, the FamiSafe parental control app is the right choice. The Covenant Eyes app focuses mainly on the porn addiction issues and fails to deal with various gadget related issues but when you take a deeper note at FamiSafe, you will be able to realize that this app accomplishes a complete control on the gadget activities of the target device. Using FamiSafe you can get rid of many gadgets related issues like phone excess usage, app addiction etc. The location tracking, creating geo-fence area kindles you to opt for the FamiSafe parental control app. Switch to FamiSafe and explore the remarkable features to safeguard your teens from future cyber is.

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