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Sentry Parental Control Review and It's Alternative

Sentry App Review: Pros & Cons

Sentry parental control application is a tool through which you can see what your kids are doing with their Android smartphone. We are living in a highly digitalized age, where there are lots of apps available in the Google Play, and content on the internet, which is not age-appropriate and safe for your kids. Of course, there are a few platforms that keep your kids connected; however, if misused, these apps can pull your kids down and throw them into the dark web. People are lurking all over the internet as well who are always trying to find their ways to get in touch with innocent kids and use their innocence for their dangerous motives. This is when we feel unsafe, especially when we are unsure about our kids' safety.

Sentry Parental Control Review and It's Alternative

Sentry app comes in as a help to parents who are looking for ways to protect their kids. Sentry has many proprietary automated tools. These tools are programmed to alert you of any unsupervised usage of their smartphones. Sentry parental control app lets you monitor the contents of their smartphone and also track your child's activity.

Sentry comes across is a reliable tool that allows you to do silent tracking, intelligent analysis, content check, and more. This app can save your kids from online bullying, as well as abuse.

The Sentry Parental Control- Features and Reviews

Sentry app for parents has quite useful features. It gives you comprehensive mobile monitoring features with notifications. Whenever the app detects abusive content or behavior, which needs your attention, the Sentry app sends the information to your end. More importantly, this app doesn't violet any privacy of your kid, but encourage a healthy relationship between you and your children.

Sentry app for parents

This app gives you a text analysis as well. You can avail features which monitor instant messengers, social networks, abusing, suicide chats, internet bullying, teenage problems, chats about substance abuse, such as drugs and alcohol, and more.

Useful Features of Sentry Parental Control App

  • Suspicious Images: Sentry will send an alert to parents when it detects a suspicious image on the child's smartphone. This is done when the child sent or received any suspicious image. This way, the parent can get to know if their kids are sharing inappropriate pictures of themselves online or if they are discussing content that is not suitable for their ages with their friends.
  • Call Tracking: Through call tracking, you can track your child's call log and block a number from calling your child. You can also learn the time they spend on the calls. If your kids are spending too much time with a person, you can block his/her number and get notified when he/she call.
  • App Usage Report: Sentry app can also give you a report about the number of apps your child is using and what kind of applications. This way, you will always know if they are going out of their way.
  • Location Tracking: Sentry comes with GPS tracking service. You can track your kids' movements online and know their exact location.
  • Suspicious Chat Text Analysis: Chat text analysis is probably the most robust feature of the Sentry parental control application. This tool will let you prevent any dangerous situation. You will know if your child is being targeted and bullied. If the kid is suicidal. Whether the kid is into any kind of suspicious communication, for instance, talking about drugs and alcohol. These things can escalate very quickly, and the sooner you track them, the better it is for the parents.

Limitations of Sentry Parental Control

  1. This app world only over wifi. More than parental control, this app helps the parents monitor their activity, rather than monitoring them.
  2. Parents can't control the apps, for instance, block them, but only see which apps are being used by the kid.
  3. Updates can be frustrating because it suddenly fails to show call logs or perform as swiftly as it does when installing for the first time.
  4. It is available only on Android.
  5. Once installed, it is hard to uninstall because there is no proper guide or manual to uninstall the app.

FamiSafe - The Better Alternative for Sentry Parental App

After knowing the features, limitations of Sentry, you must be wondering if there is any reliable alternative to Sentry parental app? If you are looking for a better option, then we will recommend you to use FamiSafe. It is a sophisticated yet simple to use parental control, as well as monitoring applications. Every parental control app comes with its pros and cons. Parents may like a few features of this app, while others may not. That's why it is always better to have an alternative. The best part about FamiSafe is that it stands by its name, and it indeed keeps your family safe from threats and dangers. It works efficiently on Android, iOS, and Fire OS devices. Not just this, FamiSafe comes with a plethora of features as well. You can track your kid's real-time location, block apps, check YouTube content, and more. FamiSafe is arguably one of the best parental control and monitors app that you can use.

FamiSafe - The Best Alternative to Kids Place Parental Control

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  • Web Filter & Blocker
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Monitoring

Powerful Feature of FamiSafe

1. Screen time

It's annoying when your kids are busy using their mobile phones all day long. Use the Screen Time feature to know what is keeping them so busy and block the screen.

Alternative to Sentry App - FamiSafe

  • Block all third-party apps, which include social media apps and games with just one click.
  • You can set up a screen time limit to get your kids off their phone when it is time for study or dinner.
  • If your kids have Android devices, you can check daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly usage reports under the Screen Time section.

2. Explicit Content Detection

Cyberbullying has become an enormous issue. Through explicit content detection, you will be able to:

FamiSafe Parental Control - Explicit Content Detection Sentry app and FamiSafe with Explicit Content Detection

  • Receive an instant notification whenever your kid or someone texts them suspicious words on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram messenger, YouTube, Messenger, Messenger Lite, and Twitter.
  • You can also add offensive, as well as inappropriate words as well to the dictionary and receive instant notification when someone uses those words. This will let you prevent adult content, cyberbullying, and keep the, away from online predators as well.

3. YouTube Content Detection

YouTube content detection is a new feature in FamiSafe and is available for iOS users as well. Use this feature to know what your kids watch on YouTube and receive a notification in case they watch content that is not appropriate for their age or are leaving abusive comments under other's video post.

Parental Control App - FamiSafe YouTube Content Detection

4. YouTube App Control

Parents can monitor kids' watch history and block certain videos and channels. This feature is for Android devices only.

Sentry app Review - Alternative FamiSafe - YouTube Content Detection

5. Live Location Tracking

You can now know where your kids are going and their real-time location using this feature.

FamiSafe - Live Location Tracking

  • Track your kids easily without asking your kids regularly about there whereabouts. Give them their freedom, but also keep an eye on their safety.
  • Live location tracking also tells you about the battery level of your child's mobile phone as well.

6. App Blocker

If you feel that your kid is getting distracted because of a few apps, you can use the App Blocker feature to block these apps.

Sentry app and FamiSafe with App Blocker

You will receive notifications whenever they try to unblock those “blocked” apps.

7. Web Filtering

The Internet is loaded with unwanted and damaging content as well. To ensure that your child is growing in a healthy environment, the web filtering content allows you to pre-set filtering rules.

Sentry app and FamiSafe with Web Filtering Sentry app and FamiSafe with Web Filtering

  • This way, you can block harmful websites, for instance, online gambling, pornographic, and more.
  • You can also block a few websites manually as well, once you get to know that they are wasting a lot of time on them.

We think FamiSafe is a highly reliable parental control app that is essential for parents of today's generation. The best part about this app is that it is easy to use, and yes, it comes with a lot of monitoring and controlling features. Many apps promise to control children's mobile phones, but only a few keep their promises, and fortunately, FamiSafe is among them.

Any parent must have a conversation with their kids and rather than suddenly blocking the apps one by one, it is always better to speak to them about the dangers of the internet. Your kids might be doing certain activities out of fun, only to realize the dangers later. Communicate with your kids and keep them safe through apps like FamiSafe.

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