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These SMS Tracker Webs You Must Know For Your Kids' Safety

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Family Tracker Proven solutions

In the modern era of technology, people have been continuing to exist in a co-dependent sphere where they are almost entirely levitating towards a robotic world. We can see the current generation of people in constant focus on the machine-driven workforce, and they have become a part of their smartphone world. As we have come to know of theories, there is cause and effect, and there are pros and cons to anything and everything. We have come forward to access these filaments of technological advancement but have not gone far enough from what damage it can cause as well. If you look into the different features of the virtual world, you will come across several traits that can harm your kids. There is a large amount of misuse of technology that is happening along with its evolution, such as kids’ harassment and cyberbullying. As a parent, we all are concerned about our children's safety, and we must depend on the right tools that will do the job. The concept of SMS tracking is used through certain apps that will help you look into your child's activity and monitor them all the time to stay relieved. If you are looking forward to a solution, then these are the SMS tracker web apps for you to do the work.

As parental control is necessary, there is a thin line between the dos and don’ts that kids are unaware of. If you have to have the patience to give them enough time, you can use these live GPS SMS tracker apps to monitor and see what they are up to.

Let us look into a few apps that can save you from technological harm.

SMS Tracker Web

1. SMS Tracker Web - Famisafe

One can be constantly worried and caught up with the idea of feeling unsafe about their kids and curling up to the idea of thinking whether a personal conversation is exclusively personal or not. Famisafe is a brilliant and efficient SMS tracker app to keep a strict watch on your kids. To make sure your kids are not missing on the way back from their school bus, not getting too obsessed with their smartphones, getting to bed in time and relaxing their eyes, and preventing them from watching explicit content on the internet and much more aware of. A lot of times, parents miss out on taking care of their children. Maybe not giving enough time or mere deprivation can cause them to end up misusing the device. Famisafe is a secure live GPS SMS tracker app that will provide you with the opportunity to monitor your children’s activity well. Famisafe functions more with their GPS tracking system that enables the app to help with SMS tracking as well. Make the best use of your searches with this app and protect your kids from the unwanted. The app works perfectly on both Android and iOS.

SMS Tracker Web - FamiSafe


  • Location tracking through GPS tracking mechanism – Know your kids’ whereabouts and where they have been to.
  • Monitor and detect suspicious content on your kid's text message, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other popular social platforms and protect your teens from online dangers and cyberbullying.
  • Web filtering – Built-in 7+ website categories that cover gambling, violence, drug, and more to help block inappropriate content from kids.
  • App blocker - Block game or apps that are taken up much of your kid's daily time to prevent addiction.
  • Flexible smart schedules - set up different plans to block different apps at different times or different locations.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting


  • A notification will be sent to parents if a sensitive or explicit message is detected on the text message or social platform.
  • The GPS tracking system is strong enough to locate in the remotest of places.
  • Parents can check the phone activity in a timeline form and view the previous history for Android devices.
  • Provides location history service to help parents check and review where the kids had been to.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Fire OS devices. One FamiSafe account can be used to monitor up to 30 devices.


  • Some of the features like Activity Report are not available on the iOS version.

2. SMS Tracker Web - Guestspy

It is an essential app if you want to perform any kind of inspection on people. It works uniquely with its GPS tracking systems and helps you monitor the activities of anyone you wish upon. This live call GPS SMS tracker app will help you to detect your cheating spouses, to protect your children, to back up important data and documents, and to make sure you can monitor your workforce well. This app works in several fruitful ways and can work to deliver results, and one can make great use of this app. Guestspy is an excellent app due to its functionality, and one can use it in various ways to help any situation. The app would have been of better use if there were voice call interceptions though there are great features that can help with this app's use. Bring out the facts and stir out the secrets with Guestspy.

live call gps sms tracker app - Guestspy


  • Reads your messages instantly.
  • Monitors your Internet use.
  • Tracks text messages.
  • Tracks GPS location.
  • View Multimedia Files.


  • Great and efficient working features.
  • You can check messages of the given person’s phone without any difficulty.
  • You can also check out the multimedia such as photos, MMS, and videos sent and received on the phone.
  • Parents will find it great to use.


  • Voice calls are not supported, and they cannot be retrieved through this app.
  • Limited features are available on the standard version.

3. SMS Tracker Web - Fonemonitor

FoneMonitor is just the SMS tracker web app that you may need. Make sure you have this app when you are protecting your children from the harmful content and virtual environment of the Internet world. You can be sure of taking the steps you want by looking into your kids’ activity and warning them to stay away from any possible dangers. Fonemonitor not only protects your children but also helps you track their device, gives you the opportunity to look into their world, see their messages, check out their data and help them to follow the right path. With the help of Fonemonitor, one can explore the best ways to check on their kids.

SMS Tracker Web - Fonemonitor


  • GPS tracking can be utilized by targeting the given device.
  • One can easily read the critical messages on the device.
  • This app is fantastic because it can keep track of 39 sorts of data for you.


  • One can check every message received and sent.
  • Some great features are available for monitoring.
  • Keep your watch on your kid at all times with this live call, GPS, and SMS tracker app.
  • With the use of Browsers such as Mozilla and Google Chrome, one can keep track of history.


  • People can see that you are looking through their activity, so it does not remain a secret.

4. SMS Tracker Web - TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is a great live call GPS SMS tracker app when it comes to protecting your children and monitoring their everyday activity. This app's essential features are to monitor your employee, catch your spouse cheating, parental control, and more. To take care of your kids’ activity, you must use this app to make sure that you are not getting driven in the wrong path. Truth spy is an essential way to keep your searches going through managing live calls, GPS, SMS tracker features.

SMS Tracker Web - TheTruthSpy


  • Helps Manage Calls.
  • GPS tracking facility.
  • It helps you to track the usage of various apps.
  • Records SMS message.


  • The app is completely undetectable.
  • One can read the contact history.
  • Viewing the multimedia easily.


  • One cannot enjoy the facilities from the free version of this app. They have to buy it.

5. SMS Tracker Web - mSpy

mSpy is an outstanding SMS tracker web app for modern-day parents and other individuals. If you are constantly worried about secrecy and getting too worked up with your kids’ engagements in the virtual world. You have to make sure that they have received the proper care and time from their parents. mSpy is a great app that will make sure you get to know everything about your kids’ activities. When your kids are getting into trouble, you are the one who needs to pull them out. Make sure you use the best of this app and give your kid the education they need.

SMS Tracker Web - mSpy


  • It has a great GPS tracking system.
  • Has a Multi-language support system.
  • Many great features that will catch your eyes, and you used them on any device that you like.


  • Saves your children from unwanted contact from bullies and other inappropriate activities.
  • Unlimited usage for everyone.
  • Keeps a good track of call logs and shows, send, and receive data.


  • The app is quite pricey and expensive, and voice call recording not available.

If you are a parent and are constantly worried about your kids’ activities in the Internet world, you must use the above-mentioned live call GPS SMS tracker apps to protect them from fraudulent crimes and actions that count to be a threat to their futures.

Instead, if you prefer the parental control app, find the 9 best free parental control app in the market.

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