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How to Keep Your Family Safe Online?

Sex Websites That Are Not Blocked

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

Budding young kids need to be brought up in a very good environment as they're easily influenced by what they see, that's why parents wish to control their iPhones. For those who want to make sure that your child doesn't go into inappropriate websites, FamiSafe serves to be a good partner. The app does your job and ensures your child's safety from sex websites.

Sex websites are not difficult to access

Kids surfing the web could be easily exposed to many porn websites. Sex websites that are not blocked can cause some serious repercussions to the child's mental health. Even if many websites are blocked for kids, some websites camouflage themselves. Advertisements attract the attention of kids, and most of the kids get curious about knowing what the advertisement means. They watch porn sites without the knowledge of you, parents. A concerned parent would be very much worried about this and searching for a remedy to this problem. Busy parents can't always spy around their kids, and children too hate it to be watched. Children's curiosity makes them prey to these sex websites, and eventually, they get addicted to it.

Children can bypass blocked websites easily

Most of the children, while using parents' desktop, come across some sex websites and start to watch them without their parent's knowledge. This is where sex websites that are not blocked come into play. Kids are vulnerable to those plots by such websites. When they get addicted to such websites, they start hiding it from you. Kids using iPhones take advantage of their secured designs and enjoy what they're doing. Even blocked 18+ websites are accessed by children using fake accounts. Many parents who aren't still aware of this fact, it's time for you to wake up and protect your child from all danger revolving around them on the internet.

Securing your child from porn websites isn't that easy, but with FamiSafe, it's as simple as that. FamiSafe is the best parental control app for blocking and monitoring kid's browsing history.

FamiSafe-The best parental control App for porn blocking

How to protect children from these situations? How to prevent your children from accessing sex websites that are not blocked?

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Here's FamiSafe, your safest companion.

Through this app, parents can control everything in the child's usage of the web and restrict the use of some websites, block porn sites, and set time limit for apps, GPS locating, and Geo-fencing.

Porn blocking and App blocking

Porn sites could be blocked in the child's phone, and their browsing could be monitored. Certain sites showing porn content could be pre-blocked as these sites will be blocked automatically, and based upon the child's browsing history, some other porn sites could be manually blocked by parents. Even apps showing sex content could be blocked, and their usage could be restricted. If the child tries to access the blocked site or app, the parent's mobile will be notified.

How to keep your family safe online?

How to use FamiSafe?

  • Parents first need to create a membership account.
  • Install the parental control app on your kid's cell phone.
  • If you're using an iPhone, then you have to download a mobile device management file to allow the necessary permissions.
  • In the case of Android, you have to install the app and allow the necessary permissions and permit usage access.
  • Choose "kid" in your child's phone and the "parent" identity on your phone.
  • Your phone will be automatically connected to your child's phone.
  • You can now control the necessary things on his phone.

Every move in your child's phone could be seen by you through this app, and necessary changes could be made in the settings through your phone.

More Features of FamiSafe

Apart from blocking porn sites, FamiSafe performs many more such as the setting of screen limit, inappropriate website blocking, and Geo-fencing. This is what makes FamiSafe much more special than other locating or safety Apps.

Screen limit

The usage of iPhones by children could be blocked by the parent at a particular time, and place could be blocked by joining the Screen limit feature with Geo-fencing, and the usage of the iPhone during school hours and bedtime could be blocked. Gaming apps could be blocked during these hours, and getting addicted to them could be reduced. The usage of games and social media could be limited, and time spent in each app could be monitored through FamiSafe. Parents will be notified if the child tries to access the blocked website and phone during blocked hours.

Screen Time Tracking and Control

Website blocking

Pre-blocking could be done for 18+ websites that could take over your child's time. Manual blocking of inappropriate websites is also possible. Parents who fear that their children would become addicted to games and porn could manually block such websites. Gambling websites and even shopping websites could be blocked to avoid addiction using FamiSafe. Certain websites that are permitted by the parent only could be viewed by the child during permitted hours at permitted places. All inappropriate content could be blocked, and if the child tries to access any blocked website, the parent will be notified. Apps containing sex content could also be blocked from usage.

How to keep your family safe online?


A child's location could also be accessed by using FamiSafe. Usage of phones during school times could be blocked, and parents could set up safe zones where kids are scheduled to go or where they're safe to be. The time at which the kid enters or leaves a place is recorded clearly, and parents will receive it every time they open FamiSafe. If the child often goes to an unusual place or dangerous place, parents would be alerted. This feature will be helpful to parents to help their children if they get into trouble at any place. This helps to schedule the child's daily activities accordingly and easy to watch if they deviate from them.


Being Intelligent is Being Safe

A kid in a safe and well-groomed environment tends to become a better individual. The future of them lies in your hands. Take care of them along with FamiSafe. Without spying over them, you could watch over them. It's the best and safe App for children's use. As it's easy to use, many parents prefer it, so many apps in the market have this simplicity and safe usage. Once you experience the features of this app, you'll get to know that your children can have no better protection than FamiSafe.

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