How to Block Websites on Firefox

How to Block Websites on Firefox


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How to Block Websites on Firefox

The internet can be a dangerous place for children if parents are unaware of what’s out there and what websites their children are accessing. Whether you’re referring to pornography, gambling websites, violent games or unsuitable films, movies, and videos, this is all content that can harm your child’s mental state.

Thankfully, if you’re using the Firefox browser, there are plenty of options out there that can help you to take back control of what content your child is accessing, helping them only to access the content that’s suitable for their age.

Why Would You Want to Block A Website at All?

As we mentioned in the introduction, there’s plenty of content out there that can harm your child’s well-being. For example, if your child is accessing pornography, this can damage their mental state from a young age, causing them to have sex earlier, along with all the dangers that come with this.

If your child is watching violent or aggressive content, this can damage them psychologically, perhaps even disturbing your child later in life. If your child is accessing certain websites, they may become subject to trolls who cyberbully them, which can trigger anxiety and certainly depression.

By taking control and to block websites Firefox browser until your child is of a suitable age, you can protect your child from these dangers, ultimately helping them to live a happier, healthier life.

How to Block A Website in Firefox Using Windows Parental Controls

The most common way to learn how to block websites on Firefox is using the built-in parental controls that are designed for this purpose. While these settings are powerful, they may not have all the websites block if you don’t keep it updated, but it should cover the vast majority of content.

Step #1

Click the Start menu and search ‘Family Options’. Click the first option to come up.

How to Block Websites on Firefox

Step #2

Click the ‘View Family Settings’ option. Firefox will open, and you’ll need to sign into your Microsoft account.

Step #3

How to Block Websites on Firefox

Click the Add a Family Member option and follow the onscreen instructions to create a profile for your child. Afterward, you’ll need to accept an email invitation for the account to be accepted.

How to Block Websites on Firefox

Step #4

Once the account has been set up, you’ll be able to set all the options you want when it comes to blocking websites and applying web filters. You will need to make sure your child has a Microsoft account, and then this account is signed into while they’re using the Firefox browser.

Note: This is an extremely long-winded process where everybody will need a Microsoft account for both you and your child, and you will need to change users in order for the effects to take place.

How to Block Websites on Firefox Using Add-ons

One of the most effective methods you can use is installing a website-blocking plugin that can accurately block websites as you please. With many of these plugins, you can simply access the website and block is using a single click, or type in the names of the websites you want to block for instant blocking.

Below, we’re going to explore five of the best block websites Firefox plugins you need to know about;

#1 - uBlock Origin

How to Block Websites on Firefox

Perhaps the most powerful blocking plugin, uBlock allows you to block all advertisements from a website, and ultimately the websites themselves. There are so many features to explore, including web content filters, website and ad blocking, custom blockers and Firefox element blockers.

Download URL

#2 - BlockSite

How to Block Websites on Firefox

BlockSite is another powerful website blocker that is easily one of the simplest. You can easily open a website and click the ‘Block this Website’ option to instantly block the website, which also blocks all hyperlinks to said website, block all adult websites with a click of a button, and list individual websites you want to block.

Download URL

#3 - µBlock

How to Block Websites on Firefox

Marketed as one of the most efficient website blockers for Firefox, this plugin blocks all advertisements, all tracking requests, and can even help you load your website pages much faster than usual. You’ll also be able to add your own website blocking list, enable content filters, and block hyperlinks.

Download Link

#4 - LeechBlock NG

How to Block Websites on Firefox

Originally designed as a productivity tool, LeechBlock is an effective solution when it comes to blocking access to websites that you want your children to avoid. This is one of the highest rated apps which simply allows you to type the website you want to block, and it’s blocked!

Download URL

#5 - Block Site

How to Block Websites on Firefox

Different to the other BlockSite listed above, this plugin means you can easily block websites of your choice but simply accessing them and clicking a button, or by typing the name of the website into the filter list. When the URL is accessed, it will simply redirect you to a desired URL.

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How to Block Websites in Firefox Using Your Hosts File

The final way to block websites Firexfox using the Hosts file method. This is where you’re adding the blocked website into the actual internet connection file of your computer, ultimately blocking access through every browser. Here’s how to block websites on Firefox;

Step #1

On your Windows computer, click the Windows Key + R and type;


How to Block Websites on Firefox

Step #2

This will open a Windows Explorer folder with a few files. Select the Hosts file and open it in Notepad or another text editor.

How to Block Websites on Firefox

Step #3

In the text document, all the information you need is listed here. To add a blocked website, type the localhost name, in this case, ‘’ followed by the name of the address you want to block.

Here, you can simply copy the line above, and then replace the URL with the URL you want to block. Save the file when you’re happy with your changes, and you won’t be able to access the blocked website.

How to Block Websites on Firefox

For a step-by-step Mac guide, click here.

Recommend FamiSafe - The Best Website Blocker for Android And iPhone

While it’s all well and good learning how to block websites on Firefox, that won’t stop your children from accessing these websites on their mobile devices or tablets. For this, you can install a parental control app known as FamiSafe.

FamiSafe is the latest addition to the parental control market and comes with a full range of features to help you control the content your children are accessing, as well as a range of other powerful and essential features. These include;

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

famisafe iphone parental control famisafe android parental control
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting
  • Web Content Management & Web Filtering

One of the primary features of the FamiSafe app is the web blocking features. Here, you’ll be able to toggle certain types of content that you want to block or block individual websites by simply typing them in. You can even block websites for a certain amount of time on a scheduled basis.

web filter

  • App Usage Tracking & Scheduling

You can use this feature to track how often your children are using the apps on their phone, see what apps they’re installing and uninstalling, and ultimately block access to these apps. You can block them completely or set up a schedule, so they can only be accessed during certain hours of the day.

Smart Scheduling

  • Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

Based on the GPS information of your child’s device, you’ll be able to track your child’s real-time location at all hours of the day. You’ll be able to see where they are, where they’ve been, and even set up geo-fences which notify you if your child leaves an area that you designate.

FamiSafe Parental Control

  • Device Usage Tracking

All in all, you can also use FamiSafe to see how often and for how long your child is using their mobile or tablet. You can restrict access to the entire device, meaning that if your child is in school, spending time with the family, studying, or going to sleep, you can restrict access to keep your child focused and living a balanced life.

phone activate


As you can see, there are plenty of solutions out there when it comes to making sure your children are accessing suitable content while they are using the internet, regardless of whether they’re using a computer or mobile device.

FamiSafe is easily one of the most powerful parental control apps in the business, and compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app can be downloaded and installed for free, and even comes with a three-day free trial so you can see whether it’s the app for you!

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