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How to Block Certain Websites on iPhone

block websites on iphone

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

Modern parents fret over their children surfing illicit websites. More worrying than this is that children have endless ways and means to access them using iPhones and other mobile devices.

How does a troubled parent block a website his child uses? FamiSafe, today's top Parental Control, Website Blocker, and Content Filter, is the solution. We discuss its features and how to block websites on iPhone in this post.

Block Websites on Kid's iPhone

Modern technology has its draws and flaws. You may want to consider them before giving an iPhone to your child.

The internet has its advantages, and parents should harness them for the benefit of their children.

1. Unlimited access to information

First of all, a wealth of information exists on the internet. Search Google and find out what you need to know in a matter of seconds. Many websites teach children about world affairs, history, pets - the list is endless. They can tour the Globe with just a click.

2. Makes studying easier

The internet makes studying less of a chore. Wikipedia and other websites give information and lots of examples. They also provide related images and presentations for reference.

3. Interesting

Children take more interest in their homework when they conduct their research using the internet. It also makes them feel mature and capable of understanding material.

However, if you are not internet savvy, you may wonder why there is a need to block websites on iPhone. The truth is that your child exposes himself to countless dangers every time he or she goes online. They are the reason you need a reliable website blocker and content filter.

1. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying takes many forms. It includes sending victims hate messages, spreading false rumors about them or even sending them threats.

It differs from the bullying that takes place in school. For one thing, it is hard to filter online. Cyberbullies do not witness the impact their actions have on victims, which encourages them to continue with their behavior. Therefore, parents need an app that filters out unsavory online bullies.

2. Child Explioitation

Young children can be too trusting. They interact with virtual strangers and find themselves compromised online. Many become victims of exploitation. The problem exists no matter what apps a child uses. Many child predators are now scouring social media sites, which is a reason to use FamiSafe to block them.

3. Pornography

Pornography can turn up anywhere and surprise children. Furthermore, parents may not realize that their children may be searching for porn online. You may worry that using a website-filtering app like FamiSafe means that you are crossing your child's boundaries, but keeping him safe is enough reason to install it.

4. Destroyed Reputations

Cameras abound these days, and children are victims because of inexperience. Some of them may post compromising photographs which they will regret doing later.

5. Distractions

The internet can cause children to lose track of time and lose focus on their homework. They may become so attached to it that they refuse to engage in other activities.

6. Bad Health Habits

Children adopt unhealthy posture while surfing the internet. They develop headaches as well. Sitting in front of computers the whole day may also affect their growth.

Block a website on iPhone with FamiSafe

What do all these pluses and minuses mean? Preventing your child from using the internet will deprive him of a wealth of learning. However, you should stop him from accessing those that are unsafe or too distracting. You need a reliable Website Blocker and Content Filter like FamiSafe.

The FamiSafe content filtering feature is a plus for parents who have rebellious, argumentative teens. They can program this app to block gambling or pornographic websites. FamiSafe allows them to create filtering lists to screen them. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad 9x, 10x, and 11x operating systems.

How to block a website using FamiSafe?

Before installing FamiSafe, communicate the need for it to your child first. Both children and parents should understand the need for a content-filtering application.

1. Register an account within the FamiSafe app on your device.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

2. Install FamiSafe on your child's iPhone. Then, access it on your child's iPhone using the 'kid' identity.

How to Block Certain Websites on iPhone

3. Activate FamiSafe on your child's iPhone. You will need to allow permissions so that it can function well. Make sure that you install the device management file to enable them.

How to Block Certain Websites on iPhone

4. Finally, access the FamiSafe account using the identity 'Parent.' Your device will sync with your child's. You will now be able to use FamiSafe to block harmful websites.

Block websites on iPhone: FamiSafe Website Blocker and Content Filter Features

Browser History

The FamiSafe Website Blocker and Content Filter manages your child's internet activities. Once set up, he will not be able to access restricted content. Here are some of its features.

1. Website History

This feature allows you to access the websites which your child visited and hence get an idea of which ones to block.

2. Date and Time

You can view the date and time your child visited particular websites, along with their URL addresses. These allow you to access the sites yourself to see their content. You will also know if your child has visited sites at inappropriate times, e.g., during school hours or at bedtime.

3. Recording

The Website Blocker also records the number of times your child views a particular website. You will be able to tell if he has visited it too often, or for the wrong reasons.

4. Automatic Blocking

Pre-set filtering to block websites automatically. You can do so according to categories such as pornography, shopping, gambling or video games. You may also create filtering lists to screen inappropriate sites at different times.

Block Websites on iPhone: FAQs about FamiSafe

1. Can I use FamiSafe to block any websites on my child's iPhone?

Yes. FamiSafe enables you to view the browsing history on your child's phone. You can quickly screen the websites he visits. Block the harmful ones, such as those related to pornography and gambling.

2. Must I have my child's iPhone to block a website?

It's not necessary to have your child's phone with you. You can access websites remotely by accessing your account and using the parental control panel.

3. Can I block only certain websites on iPhone?

You certainly can. FamiSafe identifies the websites that contain restricted content, e.g., pornographic or gambling material. You can also limit access to the ones that you believe your child is visiting too often.

In all, the FamiSafe Website Blocker and Content Filtering feature makes sure that your child surfs the internet safely. This app is downloadable from the App Store on your iPhone or Google Play if you are using an Android phone. Try it today.

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