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Best Internet Filters for Your Kid's Phones and Tablets

Best Internet Filters

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The modern-day kids are becoming advanced with technology. They learn to access the internet at such a small age when they don't even know which content is appropriate for them. And that's the reason parents must know how to apply internet filtering on various platforms. In this article, we are going to discuss various internet filters which will help the parents to prevent the kids from watching unethical content online.

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Why we need internet filters?

The internet filter is the best way for you to save your kid's from various internet crimes. If your kid is having full access to smartphones or tablets, then you need to ensure internet safety for your kid. Now, there are a lot of inappropriate websites on the internet such as pornography. If your kid access this type of content accidentally, then it can have a bad impact on your kid's mind. To protect the kid from harmful content, the internet filters are specially made for blocking those websites or content which are not meant for kids.

10 Best Internet Filters

1. Famisafe

The FamiSafe is the best internet filter for Android, iPhone, and tablets. It is a complete monitoring solution for parents to have an eagle eye on their kid's phone. It is the most reliable monitoring tool that you can have to ensure the safety of your kid from cybercrimes. Apart from blocking unwanted content, it can do many other things.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting


  • Location: The FamiSafe software lets you track the real-time location of your kid. To know the whereabouts of your kid is very easy with this software. You can even have deep insight into places where your kid has gone. It will also allow you to set Geo-fences places that are safe for your kid. Whenever your kid exits or enters a Geo-fence place, you will get an instant notification.
  • App Usage: Want to know on which app your kid spends most of his or her time? Then, use FamiSafe to know the app usage of your kid device. If your kid is addicted to some apps like games, then you can easily block those apps during your kid study or sleep time.
  • Web Filter or Internet Filter: It is one of the most useful features for parents. The FamiSafe lets you monitor the browser history of your kid device so that you can know what type of content your kid search. The software database can detect porn sites and block them automatically from your kid device. You can even block manually harmful websites to have surety that your kids use the internet
  • Screen Time: You can remotely monitor your kid's phone activates to know on which activity your kid utilizes most of his or her time. The FamiSafe even lets you set time for which your kid cannot use his or her device.
  • Smart Schedule: This feature of the software is to provide flexibility to use two or more features simultaneously.


2. Qustodio

The Qustodio is the all-in-one parental control software for you to have the safety of your kid online. It is one of the ultimate best internet filters which let you track every internet activity of your kid device remotely. It can track multiple devices.


  • It can track the live location of your kid device on a virtual
  • Track calls and messages of your kid device and even block unlimited calls.
  • It includes a panic button that your kid can use to send emergency alerts.
  • Block apps and websites remotely from your kid device.

Supported Operating System:

  • It supports iOS 9 or above.
  • It supports Android OS 4 or above.


Its Small plan (5 devices) costs $54.95 per year, Medium plan (10 devices) cost $96.65 per year and a large plan (15 devices) cost $137.95 per year.


3. Norton Family Premier

The Norton Family is one of the powerful internet filters for smartphones and tablets. It offers amazing filtering features that help you to easily block harmful content from your kid device. It let you easily manage your kid's time remotely.


  • Know on which internet activity your kid spends time.
  • Track whereabouts of your kid.
  • Restrict the time duration that your kid spends on his or her device.
  • It let you block apps.

Supported Operating System:

  • It works with Android version 4 or later.
  • It is compatible with iOS 9 or later.


Its price starts from $49.99 per year.

Norton Family Premier

4. Net Nanny

The Net Nanny is the software that is specially designed for keeping good and blocking bad content on the kid device. It is the most preferred tool for internet filtering on kid mobile phones and tablets.


  • Block apps and inappropriate websites like porn.
  • It provides complete remote control for kid devices.
  • Get quick alerts whenever your kid tries to access harmful content.
  • It can monitor more than one device.

Supported Operating System:

  • Compatible with Android OS 2.3.3 or later.
  • Support iOS 8 or later.


Its Family pass price for 5 devices is $59.99 and for 10 devices is $89.99.

Net Nanny


OurPact is a next-generation internet filter. It works with both Android and iPhone derives seamlessly. Its web filter feature works efficiently. You can block harmful websites from both Safari and Chrome browser. It let you monitor almost ten devices.


  • It can block apps and websites hassle-free.
  • It can even block text messages.
  • Restrict internet usages of your kid device.
  • Locate the current location of the target

Supported Operating System:

It works with all Android and iOS versions.


It has both a free and paid version. The OurPact app costs $4.99 month.


6. Mobicip

The Mobicip is the best internet filter to block websites that are not meant for your kid. It is the most preferred and advanced monitoring solution for parents to protect their kid smartly's from various internet crimes.


  • It allows you to schedule a time limit on your kid device for internet usage.
  • It can monitor your all kid's devices simultaneously from one single account.
  • It can even monitor app usage.

Supported Operating System:

  • Support iOS 8 and above.
  • Works with Android version 4.0.3 or later.


Its basic version is free and its Premium version costs $39.99 per year for 5 devices each.


7. Kidslox

The Kidslox is the most efficient monitoring software which lets you block apps and content on your kid device. It also offers a free version to experience its amazing features. It is one of the reliable apps for mobile phones and tablets to manage your kid precious time.


  • It let you lock apps on your kid device.
  • You can set limits and schedule time for every activity of your kid.
  • Block harmful content like porn through this app.

Supported Operating System:

  • Supports iOS 9.3 or above.
  • Requires Android OS 5 or above.


Its price starts from $3.99 per month. To get the app for a lifetime, its price is $79.99.


8. PhoneSheriff

For internet filtering on kid's phones or tablets, the PhoneSheriff is another good solution for parents. It is designed with the latest technology to offer all monitoring features for parents to track their kid's phone.


  • Monitor browser history to block harmful websites.
  • Monitor installed apps on the target
  • Track all photos and call history on the target

Supported Operating System:

It works with only Android devices and tablets.


Its price for 6 months is $49.00 and for one year is $89.00.


9. ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental control is one of the best ways to keep your kid safe online. It has a flexible interface that lets you easily monitor all apps and websites that your kid uses regularly.


  • Track live location of the target
  • Its web guard feature lets you protect your kid from harmful content.

Supported Operating System:

It works with Android version 4 or above.


It offers a free version and its paid version price is $29.99.

ESET Parental Control


The mSpy is the ideal parental control software that provides features for blocking unwanted content from your kid device. It is leading parental control software to control your kid's all activates.


  • Block apps and websites.
  • Track Social media apps on the target
  • Monitor internet usage.

Supported Operating System:

  • It works Android version above 4.
  • It supports all iOS versions.


The mSpy prices start at $29.99 for one month.


In this guide, we have mentioned various apps for internet filtering. If you want to have an effective internet filter on your kid's device, then you must opt for FamiSafe. To know its excellent features, you can try its free version. The app is available for both Android and iPhone in their respective store.

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