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Parent's Review: Full Guide to Reddit Chat

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Have you ever heard of Reddit Chat? What about Reddit messages?

Both are messaging services from provider Reddit and allow you to communicate with other platform users. They are available on the official app and web service and are easy to grasp. However, most users keep asking about the difference between the two features.

You will discover the difference and why the platform makes both services available as you keep reading. In addition, you will find out if the platform is safe for your kids and how you can ensure their safety when online.

Part1. What are Reddit chat and subreddit chat?


Reddit Chat is a one-to-one messaging system that allows you to connect and communicate with other users in real-time. Conversely, Sub Redditt Chat is a feature within Reddit communities that allows moderators to engage with their audiences live. Unlike Reddit chat, subreddit chat allows multiple people to communicate simultaneously on common topics.

For example, you can start a subreddit chat with members of your community to discuss news topics and find out their opinions on the same. In addition, you can activate multiple chatrooms within the community to engage different audiences in one go.

Both features were introduced in early 2020 as a collaboration between Reddit developers and Send Bird, who control the Reddit chat ecosystem. In addition, the features came about from consultations with users and understanding their unique needs.

You can access both services via the mobile app or your web browser. Below is an overview of how to access the services.

1. Log in to your account using your unique username and password. Alternatively, you can also sign in with an existing google or apple account. The platform will pick up your details automatically and populate your profile.

2. Once you log in, identify the Reddit user you want to chat with by browsing the different usernames. Then, hover over their name and click the start chat button. Kindly note that each user can choose to accept or decline the chat depending on your relationship with them.

3. To use the subreddit on your computer's browser, proceed to the subreddit sidebar and select Chat Rooms. Alternatively, you can access the same through the mobile app by proceeding to the menu option Room, under the subreddit of your interest.

Part2. What's the difference between Reddit chat and Reddit message?

Most users find it challenging to differentiate between Reddit chat and Reddit message. Despite both allowing you to communicate with other users, their function differs substantially. Here is an overview of the differences:

• The length of your interactions.

Reddit chat allows you to communicate with other users for longer. It offers instant feedback, including when the other person is typing a message and if they have read your message. On the other hand, Reddit messaging is similar to sending an email. You do not have a guarantee if the other person has read or is responding to your message.

• Different User Interfaces

Reddit Chat's user interface differs significantly from Reddit messaging. For example, your chats appear in a detachable window on the platform. As such, you can engage multiple people simultaneously and communicate in real-time. Alternatively, Reddit messages are more intuitive in terms of available text formatting options. For example, you can include lists, bold characters, and insert pictures directly into the message body. Furthermore, the features are accessible on different tabs on the platform.

• Number of Participants

Reddit chat allows you to engage one-to-one or with multiple users in a single chat room. You also get to invite up to five Redditors in a single chat. Alternatively, Reddit messages only allow you to communicate with a single individual at a time. In addition, you cannot participate in group discussions from the messaging as the feature is only available via community posts.

• Subreddit chats

Subreddit chats are an exclusive feature for Reddit chat, allowing you to participate in live discussions within a specific Reddit community. For example, if you follow football, you can participate in a subreddit chat concerning a specific team. In addition, you will find multiple chats going on simultaneously under a common interest.

Unfortunately, Reddit messaging does not include the feature, making it less interactive. Furthermore, conversations through the messages feature are often passive. Unless the other user decides to respond to your message, you are in the dark.

Part3. Is it safe for kids to chat on Reddit?


Reddit is an online social platform available on computers and mobile. In addition, you can access any content provided you have an active account. As such, there is increasing concern among parents on whether the platform is safe for their kids.

According to the platform's pages on Google PlayStore and the AppStore, you need to be over thirteen to use Reddit. However, the lack of an age verification system means anyone with internet access can use the platform. So, what other concerns do parents have about their kids chatting on Reddit?

Like any other social media platform, Reddit is prone to data breaches. Without the necessary safeguards, your information can leak to online hackers that may use it to extort you. Children can be very trusting to strangers and provide too much information online.

In addition, there are cases of spyware installing on your device if you click on certain unverified links. For example, hackers can access your location or listen to your conversations when clicking on these links. Therefore, avoid messages or chats requiring you to click on third-party links to remain safe.

1. Sexting

Sexting involves the exchange of mature content between users of a messaging service. It can either be through audio, video, or text, which can be disastrous for a child. For example, other users can entice them to send inappropriate photos of themselves, which they can use to exploit them online.

In addition, exposure to lewd messages can lead to behavioral problems among children. For example, they can decide to be socially distant due to continuous engagement or immoral behavior such as underage sex. Therefore, ensure you educate your children on responsible online behavior before allowing them to use Reddit.

2. Fraud

Fraud is also a concern for Reddit users. Plenty of people with fake user profiles often solicit others for money and personal information. In addition, there are reports of the site spreading misinformation concerning social topics. For example, the platform featured fake medical statistics and reports on the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Typically, the criminals will use deep fakes, photos, and unverified studies to spread their lies. Despite having a reporting mechanism for fake accounts, hackers are adapting their ways daily and are becoming harder to spot. As such, the platform moderators are finding it challenging to keep up.

Part4. How to protect kids' cyber life?


There are several ways to protect your kids' cyber life, such as educating them to spot online threats early and limiting their online time. In addition, you can install parental control apps like Wondershare's Famisafe to monitor your kids' online activity.

The app is free to try on most online devices, including mobile, Windows PC, iOS, and Amazon devices. In addition, it features the following tools to protect your children's online activity.

Protect your kids from excess social media usage by pressing this video.


What is the Appropriate Age for using Reddit?

According to the developers, you need to be thirteen and over to use Reddit. However, the app lacks an age-verification system at present. Therefore, using third-party parental control apps is the only way to guarantee your kids' safety.

Is Famisafe Available for Video Game Consoles?

Unfortunately, the app does not support consoles at present. You will need to use each console's in-built parental controls to monitor usage.

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