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Best web filter solutions

web filter solutions

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Jul 25,2019 • Filed to: Internet Filter • Proven solutions


Part 1: Introduction

Best web filter solutions that parents should know

Imagine your kids are getting exposed to explicit and illicit content, which may further and onward influence their lives, what would you as a parent do? Adult content could be music audios and videos that may influence kids in the wrong way and lead to some form of addiction. So, it's high time to consider using parental control apps to monitor their behavior. Parental control apps come as web filter solutions and other helpful functions that we shall discuss in detail below:

Part 2: List 5 web filter solutions in 5 parts

1. FamiSafe

It is a highly recommended software that is very effective. Web filtering for home is well set on this app and can be easily configured. It has many other functions as below. Also, FamiSafe comes with a newly designed feature that helps guardians and parents detect suspicious SMS and get ahead of it all in time. This will help them take care of their child in case it was bullying or any other form of nuisance and distractive SMS.

Key Features

  • Web Content: It supports the ability to block any suspicious and harmful sites. Most of the harmful sites have already been blocked on their database and all you will need to do is block any other suspicious sites that come up.
  • Screen Time: It comes with a Screen Time scheduler function to help manage kids time, especially on phone usage.
  • Flexibility: It is like no other app, offering completeness of portability when it comes to remote control monitoring as parents can still monitor their kids from anywhere on the globe.
  • Blocking App: Similar to blocking sites, the block apps feature is helpful when kids decide to excessively download games or other destructive apps that take away their bedtime, mealtime, playtime, or study time.
  • Location: When it comes to location, the app features Real-Time GPS tracking with the ability to Geo-Fence.


  • There is a free trial period to feel and get to know how the app works
  • It has a very correlative interface
  • Difficult for kids to uninstall
  • New design and layout as compared to other Parental Control Apps
  • Supports multiple devices such as Android and iPhone


  • Tracking call and other apps such as social apps as well as emails are is limited on the app
  • Some features are limited on the demo or free version

Link- https://famisafe.wondershare.com/

Best web filter solutions that parents should know

2. Qustodio App

A registered trademark of Qustodio LLC, the Qustodio App comes with some other unique features such as panic alerts function. This one will help kids wherever they are, and in case of any issue, kids can reach out to their parents to get assistance. It is a great web filter solution that has the ability to block any inappropriate content.

Key Features

  • A multi-platform app that can be used on Android, iOS, Kindle, Mac, and Windows
  • It has got a smart web filter to provide select content to kids
  • Extended Reporting: a feature that provides detailed stats on how the device is being used.
  • Monitor social apps, calls and SMS
  • Balance kids Screen Time


  • Legit and well acknowledge app
  • Supports Location Tracking
  • Multi-Platform app
  • The app has a browser independent content filter
  • Effective screen time scheduler


  • There are some limitations to some features on iOS
  • The app is a bit expensive
  • Only tracks Facebook using the Social Apps feature

Link- https://www.qustodio.com/en/premium-special-promo/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=bng_ww_web_brand___brand_ww&utm_term=brand&utm_content=ad1&msclkid=fe4c94a952491f9066d1c8cbcf782958

Best web filter solutions that parents should know

3. Net Nanny App

Designed to precisely block apps and filter web content, Net Nanny is a very useful app that focuses on providing the best web filtering solutions for the home. The app is not free, though it is very reliable. It has got some other effective Parental Control Features that make it even more functional.

Key Features

  • Mask Profanity: With Net Nanny, kids will be able to view web pages without being presented with too vulgar content
  • It supports the connection and monitoring of unlimited user profiles via one admin
  • Remote Admin: With the app, guardians and parents will be able to monitor their child even if the child is not around or within their vicinity.
  • Timely Notification: The App will provide the admin with notifications of the child's activities, whether online or even if the location they have visited
  • Easy Time Management: The app comes with a time management feature to help parents get a grip on their kids' phones to curtail over usage of the phone.


  • The app has a very sturdy web filtering function
  • Can be used on different devices too
  • 2-Way monitoring, that is either through the web-based configuration or the app
  • Supports multiple user profiles for monitoring
  • Easy installation process


  • The app lacks regular new updates
  • Lacks the ability to monitor calls, texts, and social apps.

Link- https://www.netnanny.com/

Best web filter solutions that parents should know

4. Norton App

In association with the Norton Antivirus and Security Software comes the Norton Parental Control App. It is featured under the Norton Premium Security Package. That is the Norton Family Premier which will not only help with web filter solutions but also some other parenting endeavors. Some of them will include those listed under the key features below

Key Features

  • Balancing time spent online
  • With the security functions, it helps kids from oversharing online
  • Teaches on ways to maintain privacy and uphold security, whether online or offline
  • Helps to make the web safer for kids
  • Track Activity History too


  • In collaboration with the Anti-Virus and Security Software, guardians and parents will be able to heighten security on their kids' devices.
  • It is an affordable software
  • It teaches kids about online safety habits
  • With the app, personal information is protected
  • Has got automatic back up of data collected as well as a secure and superbly web-based platform


  • Does not have a free version
  • Has got some platform-dependent features

Link- https://family.norton.com/web/

Best web filter solutions that parents should know

5. Kaspersky App

The Kaspersky App has very many features to help with web filtering for a home among many others that make it easy to monitor kids all through. Moreover, the app is affordable and very easy to get started with.

Key Features

  • Supports location tracking and setting restrictive geographical bounds
  • Easy connection and installation to other devices
  • Monitor social accounts and block explicit web content
  • Advice from child psychologists on online safety and over phone usage
  • Battery tracker and also view mobile contacts


  • Flexible Parental Control
  • It is quite affordable
  • Reliable web filtering
  • Reliable alert system
  • Supports many different Operating Systems


  • A bit slow browser interface
  • Limitations on different Operating Systems such as iOS

Link- https://www.kaspersky.co.za/safe-kids

Best web filter solutions that parents should know

Part 3: What can kids get from web filter solutions

1. Curated and Safe Content

Kids may at times stumble upon websites randomly. It would be shrewd for a guardian or parent to make sure that the sites they come across are not littered with vile content. Hence, it would be best if they instead get healthy and educative content to make them grow up better people by setting up effective web filter solutions.

2. Security from Online Predators

Online predators may come in many forms. There are those who will prey on children with very enticing content, especially through games or social sites, and eventually trapping them to a certain form of addiction or even taking money away from kids. It would be best to set up web filtering for a home to keep kids safe and secure.

3. Peace of Mind

With web filter solutions set, for instance with an app that has got advice from child psychologists it would be helpful to a growing child, predisposing them to very helpful content and advice. As they grow they end up better people.

4. Balance on Time Spent Online

While kids may not keep track of the amount of time they spend online, tools such as those of web filtering for a home may come in handy, since they have also got other collaborative tools to not only teach but also limit the time they spend online.

5. Informative and Beneficial Content

Curated content may come in form of entertainment, such as cartoons, though kids may also have a chance to get educated and informed via the content exposed to them, and it is all thanks to superb web filter solutions.

Part 4: Conclusion

Online predators and bullies always find new ways to prey on their victims, more easily in the digital world. It is for this reason parenting has also taken a new turn due to contemporary living and lifestyles. Web filter solutions are one of the ways to keep kids safe and secure and ultimately undertake a better parenting goal.

Finally, we hope that the listed web filter solutions will help you and your family keep the kids of the house safe.

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