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How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

Ad blockers and Website blockers have been the most useful and essential tools when it comes to ad blocking or content blocking on the internet. From our daily activities on the internet, we have been continuously fighting malicious materials that seem to affect our internet environment. Especially, Kids fall for all kinds of inappropriate content, lead to unknown sources, and pop-ups that give them access to intrusive material on the internet. Children usually have less clue most of the time to handle such confusion because they spend most of their time on the internet these days. Most of us who are studying or working browse the web for essential purposes and official work. It can be very annoying to have to come across random pop-up websites and ads that are useless and a waste of time to go through regularly. If you are a regular user of the internet, you must be aware of website blockers that work as watchdogs of your activities and help you filter out the unimportant and the unnecessary contents and show you what you want to see.

Taking about the browser and their compatibility for these extensions one can have a list of website blockers to do the job and it can be challenging to pick the best. Famisafe is the best app to do the website-blocking job for you on any browser and performs significantly on Internet Explorer. The most critical role that this child safety internet blocker does is to keep you safe and secure and protect your children for you.

How does the internet influence our children?

Children are very easily attracted to internet activities, and parents cannot stop their kids from this addiction. Now, we highly depend on the internet for work, play and study. There are advantages, and disadvantages of using the internet. These days children spend most of their times on their computer, phones and devices. The Internet has the power to influence the kids negatively and also positively. Children can easily get carried away with the prevalent contents on the internet which can be harmful to them. They do not know the detrimental effects of the internet; hence they do not know the importance of blocking specific harmful contents and websites.

There are pros and cons of the internet that are applicable for children, and one must have the knowledge of it. It is essential that each parent take the initiative to help their kids in understanding the right ways of Internet use and teach them how to block unwanted websites to stay safe.

The pros –

1. The Child can have access to free Information, and there is no doubt that they can Search anything through Google. The results have shown that Google always provides you with accurate information and so it is beneficial for them to research and study with the help of the Internet.

2. Learning and taking an interest – The internet can be a great space for learning and cultivating yourself. There is essential information available on the internet. One can gain a lot of knowledge from browsing and absorbing information from the Internet, and so it is useful for your child.

The Cons-

1. There are just more disadvantages that children experience every day due to catering too much on inappropriate activities on the internet. Here comes a question of learning how to block websites on Internet Explorer.

2. There is an immense amount of distractions on the internet for children, and they are easily carried away with such content. It has become necessary for the parents to install child safety internet blocker to prevent children from accessing negative material on the browsers.

3. Suspicious texts and cyber-bullying have radically increased, and it is harming kids more than ever.

What can Parents do for their child’s safety?

It becomes quite difficult for any parent to keep a check on their children continually. Though the homemaker moms and dads do a significant job spending most of their time with their kids, they still fail to monitor their kid’s online activities. Consequently, these kids fall victim to inappropriate, malicious and explicit contents on the internet. Parents can consider blocking inappropriate websites and materials from their kids’ devices. But it is a matter of concern on how to block websites on Internet Explorer and the other browsers.

Children’s safety and security are the utmost priority for the parents. Thus, parents must take the respective measures to install child safety internet blocker on their browsers to help them monitor their kids. Setting rules for your children’s safety is a great way to restrict them from using and entering harmful and inappropriate websites. Make sure that you teach your child how to use the internet wisely and how to keep maintaining your privacy. Children fail to understand the use of their phones, and their computers and they are not aware of the ways of keeping their attention away from harmful websites and unnecessary contents.

Parents must learn how to protect the privacy of themselves and their kids, from online web content and pages. They must not give opportunities to the bad sites to invade their internet environment. With the help of certain blockers, one can make sure that their children stay in a safe zone on the internet. There must be a discipline that one must maintain. Continuous access to inappropriate material can make your children go astray from their normalcy and their focus. Being a parent, one must carefully monitor their children’s activities with child safety internet blocker.

How to block websites on internet explorer:

Child safety internet blocker - Famisafe

Famisafe is a very efficient internet blocker that one can use to monitor their child’s activities and detect suspicions content on the internet to protect their children. The app comes with many features and is one of the most popular Websites blocking apps in the online market. Famisafe is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, and that is why anyone can install the app on their phones, tablets and ipads to control the website blocking. Famisafe has gained its popularity and made an essential mark in the market because of its user-friendly service and an easier way of use.

It is an important matter of concern for all the parents to monitor their kids’ activities to protect them from content and dangerous website that threaten yours and your child’s privacy. To control these activities for your child security, Famisafe has the best Child safety internet blocker to do the job for you. You can install the app on your child’s phone and check on their history of web pages that they have visited. If you are looking forward to detecting the suspicious and malicious material that you desire to have, you can use this app and detect all the malicious content that has been troubling your kid. The app is the protector for your kids, and you can be relieved by its functions and quick results and easy ways to operate.

How Famisafe can protect your kids-

  • It blocks unwanted websites for your searches
  • The detects harmful malicious content
  • Block social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so on.
  • It helps to detect suspicious materials and texts and give notifications if any offensive words are used.
  • Prevents cyber-bullying through proper monitoring internet activities.

The main features of Famisafe are –

The app is the ultimate tool for monitoring and filtering content –

  1. Parents can easily get access to the internet history of their kid.
  2. One can view the date and time of any specific website if visited
  3. The app records many times that the site is visited.
  4. With the assistance of this app, one can choose between the websites to block and the ones that they have to filter out
  5. The web filter in the app has options regarding the content that one wants to block and they are – Arts & Entertainment, Automotive, Business, Careers, Education, Family and Parenting, Health & Fitness, Food and drink.

How to use other tools to block websites on internet explorer

Website blocking apps have been handy apps for any individuals, especially kids who are daily users of the internet. One need to learn how to sort out productive content from the harmful ones by learning how to block websites on internet explorer. Let us see how we can block certain websites using other tools–

Step 1: Go to control panel in your computer

How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

Step2: Click “User Accounts”, create/add an account

How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

Step 3: After creating a new account, sign in with your email id

How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

Step 4: Post signing in, Click “Web-filtering”/ “Content Restrictions”.

How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

Step 5: In this step, add the URL you want to block

How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

Step 6: You can now launch Internet Explorer

How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

Step 7: Select Internet options from the menu bar

How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

Step 8: You have to enable the content advisor from the Content tab. Now, one more dialogue box will appear, click the “Approved sites” and block sites by typing the URL of the websites. Then you must select the option “Never” and add the password and then ‘OK’ to save it.

How to block websites on internet explorer with FamiSafe

If you have been confused about ways to prevent and avoid harmful websites on Internet Explorer, you must try Famisafe to take care of each issue. This way you can protect your kids from the harmful impact of the internet.

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