How to Set Parental Controls on iPad

how to set parental controls on ipad

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With the rate of technological advancement and its continuous and successful integration into our lives, it has made us quite dependent. Now, it is also an imminent fact that everybody makes use of their digital medium like iPad, iPhone etc more often than it was a few years ago. Hence, users, especially kids get addicted to their smart devices which can, in turn, be harmful as well. Therefore, parental control becomes a point of optimum attention to curb the tendency of sitting for long hours on the device.

Hence, in this article, we will talk about how to set parental controls on iPad by making use of a reliable third party application or by taking the help of already inbuilt iPad parental controls settings.

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Set Parental Control on iPad - Why?

Detailed research has brought to light the bewildering and alarming sudden jack in how much children makes use of iPad now, compared to a couple of years back. With the number been a just 15 minutes a day in 2013 to many folds a time in a day in 2017. Also, just to further exacerbate the situation, most children, at least about 42% from 8 years upwards now possess the iPad or tablet.

Let us read some of the ill-effects of over usage of iPad or any other smart device.

  • Kids often just retreat to the comfort of their iPad devices when they hit the skid at any point in life hereby increasing the rate of depression in the younger generation.
  • It further causes an elevated level of distraction from school work, activities and academic excellence.
  • Sometimes it does reduce the amount of sleep and rest time of the children exposed to this level of innovative distraction.
  • It affects their eyesight and overall health stability and mental alertness.

This situation gives the necessity for an active parental control setting, a front row on the list of what parents ought to do to keep their kids safe.

Part 3: How to set parental controls on iPad using FamiSafe?

ipad parental controls

FamiSafe - The Best iPad Parental Control

To help inaugurate the act of introducing adequate parental control for children, one of the best apps to turn to is Wondershare's FamiSafe app. It is an all in one and fully legal overall parental control app with all the necessary features required for parents to keep an eye on their kids as closely and detailed as possible on both Android and iOS platforms. It has a lot of interesting and useful features that can be used to initiate iPad Parental Control in the easiest possible way.

Some of its key features include

REAL-TIME LOCATION TRACKING & GEO-FENCING: This feature is one of the most used and arguably the most important for effective iPad Parental Control. Once enabled, it gives parents the ability to monitor their kids' location at any time and keep them off danger.

APP BLOCKER & ACTIVITY MONITOR: The app can serve as a monitoring app for all apps being used on children's iPad including knowing all their activities and apps that were opened on it.

WEB BROWSER MONITORING & CONTENT FILTERING: In case you do not trust and wish to control what your kids do while on their iPad or iPad's web browser, you've got the best app for the job right here

SCREEN TIME TRACKING & CONTROL: FamiSafe can also be used as a screen time tracking tool and control knowing what is being displayed on the screen of your kids' iPad per time.

FLEXIBLE REMOTE CONTROL & PERSONALIZATION SETTINGS: You can also use the app to monitor your

kids' iPad sitting miles apart and use personalized settings.

ipad parental controls

Making use of FamiSafe is an easy step by step process and below are the steps required to know how to set parental controls on iPad using Famisafe.

Step 1: Download and Install Famisafe

The first step would be to head over to App Store in order to download FamiSafe of both your kid's iPad and your iPad that is to be used for monitoring. Simply search on the App store for “FamiSafe” and click on download and Install.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

famisafe iphone parental control famisafe android parental control
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

ipad parental controls

Step 2: Register Famisafe Account

Launch the already downloaded app on either the kid or Parent's iPad or tab and click on the “register” button to open an account that will be used and active on both devices.

Step 3: Log in on Kid's iPad

Once you have successfully completed the registration process, pick up your kid's iPad and log in with the just created account details. You will be prompted to choose the iPad's identity as “Kid” and fill in your kid's name and age in the provided field. You need to grant the FamiSafe app the necessary permissions on the iPad like accessing location and to install “Mobile Device Management” File.

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Step 4: Log in on your iPad or tablet (Parent)

After setting up your kid's iPad for monitoring, log in to your iPad that is to be used for monitoring with your registered account details. You can now connect to your kid's already registered device for effective monitoring.

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And just like that, in a few easy and simple steps, you can set up FamiSafe and it can now be used to set parental controls on iPad to keep them safe and restrict their iPad usage at any particular time or place.

Part 4: How to set a parental control on iPad without a third-party app?

iPad as a widely used product produced by Apple has its own parental control settings in-built within the tab itself. Although not as detailed in features like an app as Famisafe, it does work just fine as well. iOS restrictions feature on iPad can be used by parents to restrict the use of built-in apps, prevent access to certain contents and websites amongst other settings.

Here is how to set parental control settings on the iPad without making use of any third party app.

Step 1: Turn Parental Control On

You need to switch on parental control on your kid's iPad by simply going to “Restrictions” under “General” Settings option on the iPad settings. Click on the “Restrictions” settings to ensure that it is enabled and “On”. You will be then prompted to create a restriction passcode so that the restriction settings cannot be changed without the passcode.

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Step 2: Make Restriction Settings

Once the passcode has been set up, you can now make restriction settings on the iPad. You can turn off an inbuilt app such as Camera, FaceTime, Safari etc. from the restriction settings. This would disable the app and your kid will be unable to use the restricted in-built app since it would become temporarily hidden from the home screen.

You can also restrict your kid's iPad from installing or deleting an app or even making any in-App Purchases.

ipad parental controls

Another setting possible is the restriction of access to explicit contents like Music, TV Shows, Apps, Books, Movies and many more.

ipad parental controls


It is the duty of every parent to ensure that their kids are prevented from being victims of bad influence the iPads can have on children. Parents should make use of Parental Control Settings on iPad and it is recommended to make use of FamiSafe for extended monitoring features that can help keep kids safe, morally sound, academically undistracted and free from all sort of iPad addiction. So, just visit the App Store or Google Play to download it and get access to its various services.

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