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How to Set YouTube Parental Controls on iPad?[Updated]

Set YouTube Parental Controls on iPad

YouTube is the place on the Internet where you can find the largest number of videos and the most varied topics you can imagine. Although its content is not allowed certain content such as pornography or drugs, some videos may also be inappropriate for children, especially because they begin to see them using an iPad at younger and earlier ages. Sometimes, they can appear even without really looking for them, and sometimes because children soon learn to look for what they should not. To largely solve this common situation, we should use YouTube parental controls iPad to filter inappropriate content for the little ones.

Using YouTube parental controls iPad

Is YouTube bad for kids?

As YouTube explains in its conditions of use, this platform is aimed at people over 13 years of age. For that same reason, all those with an age below it would not have to have a channel since they can watch videos that are not according to their age or comments and criticism aimed at a more adult audience.

As if this were not enough, minors can give personal information without realizing that they do it. Therefore, whenever children use this platform with an adult who supervises them. Thanks to it we will avoid that the child of any type of data, even the bankers. This will keep cyber-crooks and swindlers away from our children.

Another of the great dangers is inappropriate content. By accessing this platform, children can find content aimed at a larger audience and, of course, it can appeal negatively to the smallest. Although YouTube Kids already exists, parents should also be aware of this new version adapted to the little ones. Setting the parental controls iPad not only ensures that the child only looks at content appropriate for his age, but also puts the device safe from viruses.

How to Setup YouTube Parental Controls on YouTube App for iPad?

How to restrict YouTube content on the iPad? You can use parental controls. SafeSearch is a merely parental control that is accessible on YouTube. Here are the steps how you can set up YouTube parental controls iPad on the YouTube app on your device:

Step 1:

Launch the YouTube app. Then, sign in to your account.

restrict youtube app for ipad

Step 2:

Click the YouTube icon and select the sign of the gear wheel for opening Settings.

set YouTube parental controls iPad

Step 3:

Click "Strict". This is the process of how parental controls iPad can be set on the YouTube App.

Open youtube content filter on iPad

How to Setup Youtube Parental Controls on the iPad web browser?

The iPad can be a great tool to bring children closer to the internet, but it is necessary to set the parental control to decide what they can see and what they cannot see. Here are the ways for setting parental controls on the iPad web browser:

Step 1:

Firstly, type www.youtube.com in the web address bar.

put YouTube parental controls on Safari iPad

Step 2:

Afterward, click the icon of YouTube and select the "Sign in" option.

Using YouTube parental controls iPad

Step 3:

Select the setting gear wheel. You will find out the "Off" option. Just click it.

set up YouTube parental controls iPad

YouTube parental controls iPad can automatically filter website content to limit access to adult content in the Safari web browser and your child's iPad apps. You can also add specific websites to an authorization or blocking list, or restrict browsing only to authorized sites.

Tip: How to Restrict the Time Spent on YouTube on iPad or iPhone iOS 12 and above?

  1. Tap Settings on kids' iPad or iPhone.
  2. Tap Screen Time, then find App Limits and enable it.
  3. Select Add Limit.
  4. Choose Entertainment section and find YouTube.

How to Setup Parental Controls on YouTube with iPad Screen Time?

Apart from the YouTube parental control setting, it is also possible to block the YouTube app entirely on iPad. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Click Settings on iPad and find Screen Time option.
  2. Click Content & Privacy Restrictions and enable it.
  3. Choose Content Restrictions.
  4. Tap Apps and choose 12+.

block YouTube app on ipad

When you choose 12+, all the apps rated for 12+ above will not be accessible. Thus, YouTube will be blocked since its age rating is 17+.

But the above setting only works for the YouTube app. To restrict kids from accessing the YouTube website, follow this way:

  1. Tap Settings and find Screen Time.
  2. Click Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  3. Go to Web Content, then click Limit Adult Websites.
  4. If this option doesn’t work as expected, click Add website under the Never Allow section, then type in https://www.youtube.com to block YouTube completely.

block youtube site on ipad

How to restrict YouTube on iPad using FamiSafe?

YouTube is the most popular video streaming website on the internet, whose overwhelming success seems to have no limits. It has become the largest, most important, and the main channel of communication and promotion of videos, and one of the reference icons of the social web.

But, at the same time, YouTube is a possible source of problems for kids if it accesses inappropriate content. That is why it is important for setting parental controls on an iPad that allows parents to select what and how their minors see on YouTube.

restrict YouTube on ipad  using FamiSafe

  • You can track real-time GPS location.
  • Set geofences location alerts.
  • Block apps and websites on your kid's iPhone/iPad.
  • Detect disturbing YouTube videos.

Can I block YouTube on safari?

Click "Web Filter", parents can add YouTube website and block. Also, they will get alerts when kids try to visit blocked YouTube websites on iPad Safari.

filter YouTube browser on safari ipad block YouTube website on safari ipad

How do I monitor YouTube videos on my child's iPad?

With FamiSafe, you will have all the information to protect your children from the dangers of Youtube, such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying, online predators, and Internet addiction. It is considered as the top among the parental controls iPad. There are many wonderful features on it. Using it you can easily detect disturbing videos with keywords alert on YouTube.

monitor youtube content on ipad track youtube video content on ipad

How do I block YouTube on my child's iPad?

By clicking "App Blocker", parents can directly block the YouTube app on kids' iPad by age categories. Set reasonable screen time for app usage with daily or weekly limitations.

block youtube app on iPad

After setting parental controls on the iPad successfully, parents can see how many times the minors spend on YouTube. You can restrict your child's access to the YouTube app whenever you want. FamiSafe locks inappropriate content and establishes time limits on your teen's device.

Considering teens watch videos on the Internet, it is likely that your child subscribes to YouTube channels. And if YouTube allows you to discover music, web series, the latest sporting achievements, and beauty & hairdressing tutorials, the platform is also full of shocking. Parents need to anticipate that their child may be confronted at some point with inappropriate content. To protect them effectively, the role of parents is essential in their education on the Internet. To discuss potential risks with them, it is advisable for using YouTube parental controls iPad. FamiSafe will help you to see what types of videos are viewed and the digital traces your teens leave. From the App Store or Google Play, we can download it without any charge. Don't ignore applying FamiSafe to protect your kids from the dangers of YouTube.

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