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Safety of children is the concern of almost all parents. Never worry a bit; we’re there for your aid. A parental control App for iPads introduced by us will be your favorite one. It’s a purely safe parental control on iPad.

Set Parental Control on iPad

Kids are much more fascinated by games these days. Kids forget their parents, siblings, homework and even themselves sometimes. In such a situation having a parental control on iPad is necessary to protect your child. Kids can be easily drawn by seeing wonderful visuals. The situations becoming dangerous day by day force parents to rely on good Apps for their kid’s sake. Surfing the internet is new hobby for kids in this technology era but making sure that they’re safe is what all parents are worried about.

Now the question of parents is that who would do this all for us in our place? We can’t run behind our children and not everyone reliable to take care of them. Well, now FamiSafe is there at your service.

FamiSafe - the Best iPad Parental Control

FamiSafe is an iPad parental control app used for both Android and IOS. The function is mostly similar and the procedure too is similar in both. It’s easy to install and use in both the kid’s and parent’s phones or iPads. An easy and safe parental control app for iPads is at your doorstep.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

famisafe iphone parental control famisafe android parental control
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

There’re so many important features you need to know about this parental control app like real-time GPS locating, App blocking etc., probing further, all the features of this iPad parental control app are amazing.

Best parental control App for iPad

Real-time locating and Geo-fencing:

The location of the kid can be tracked like where he spends most of his time and if the kid gets into an unusual location unfamiliar to the parents it can also be tracked through the parents mobile. It’s easy for parents and kids as kids won’t be need to inform parents every time they go out and parents needn’t bug their children.

Best parental control App for iPad

It also reminds the parents the battery level of the child along with his location. When the app is opened each time the location of the kid is automatically updated or it could be manually updated and even the location history if the child could be monitored. FamiSafe could be installed as a iPad parental control app of all children in a home and all their locations could be viewed at the same time by choosing the appropriate child’s name as registered in the App. Time when the child enters or leave a place and if the child doesn’t go to the scheduled place at the right time parents would get to know.

Geo-fencing helps to set safe zones for the child like school,park etc.,Whenever the child enters an unknown place parents could know it through the app and incase the child gets into trouble in an unknown location parents could easily be available there.

Location history helps to identify the unknown and unusual locations visited by the children previously. Through this the parents will get to know if there’re any dangerous, harmful or inappropriate places visited by the child.

App blocking and usage report:

When kids seem to be distracted by particular apps at all times then it needs to be under control. Parents can block certain gaming apps, social media apps during school hours, study hours and bedtime. The usage of addictive apps could be blocked even at certain locations at certain times. By combining App blocking with Geo-fencing the usage of certain apps can be blocked at certain spots during particular hours. Distractive apps could be blocked during study hours and if the child tends to access the particular app during restricted hours the parent would get notifications regarding it.

Usage report gives complete information about the usage of each app during the day along with the period of usage. The time of usage of an app and most frequently used app can be known using FamiSafe parental control app for iPad. The previously used app time can also be seen using FamiSafe. When a kid uses an app more frequently and if the parent feels that he’s addicted to it the usage time of the particular app can be restricted.

Best parental control App for iPad

Blocking of harmful websites:

Children are very much prone to the attack of unwanted websites through advertisements and videos this could be stopped using FamiSafe. Pre-filtering could be set and unwanted porn websites, gaming sites could be blocked automatically. Some website don’t seem to be dangerous from outside they seem to display some normal content when the child clicks and probes further they’d display porn content and advertisements. Kids could be easily influenced by these contents and drawn away so, it’s necessary to block all unwanted sites and only allow certain required and useful sites.

Best parental control App for iPad

Screen control:

Access to all third-party apps similar to social media could be blocked in the kid’s iPad using parents’ mobile phones. Time limit for the child’s iPad could be set based upon the need. Time of usage of iPads by kids will be available on parent’s phone as a report. It will be updated each time you login to the app or it can also be manually updated.

Best parental control App for iPad

How to use FamiSafe - iPad parental controls app?

The steps are simple and easy to use.

  • Search for the app FamiSafe in Apple store in the iPads and in the parent’s phone. It’s also available in play store in case of android phones for parents
  • Install the app
  • Continue by clicking “Parent” in your phone
  • Register an account in the app and give the required permissions
  • Now install the app in your kid’s iPad and download mobile device management file along with that to give necessary permissions
  • Login with the identity “kid” and continue.
  • If you’re using an iPhone then you too have to download mobile device management file along with it to allow the necessary permissions.

Apart from these technical stuff the child needs to understand the parents concern and care for him and allow it in his iPad. Once after registering in the app the parent could control the necessary things in the kid’s iPad.

Best parental control App for iPad

In plotted era, we live so, it’s mandatory to be careful in all aspects as when it comes to the safety of our children we must be doubly cautious and careful in all possible ways. Some apps may come in the name of safety apps but truly aren’t safe and don’t fulfill the required conditions but FamiSafe being safe and gives you all the control you need over your child’s iPad. It’s the best ever app you could get for your child’s safety and discipline.

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