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Easy Steps to Help Parents Use iPhone to Controls Kids iPad

Parents Use iPhone controls kids iPad

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: iOS Parental Control Proven solutions

The digital technology is overcoming the other physical activities. Playtime for kids is now limited to their screen time. They love to spend their time while playing x-box or watching their favorite cartoons. However, this situation is very unhealthy and pathetic for growing kids, and parents should play their part to control kids iPad by implementing some rules and regulations at home.

Playtime for kids

If a kid gets quality time from parents, then screen time becomes automatically limited. Do you know? iPhone controls the iPad and this is very helpful for parents in monitoring the kid's screen time.

Is your child addicted to playing an iPad?

The question sounds familiar. Most kids are obsessed with the iPad and tablets because they don't want any interruption. The circumstances are getting severe with time so, parents should monitor the kid's activities as well. The iPads are limiting the playtime of kids, and they get deeply involved in watching cartoons. The children become lazy, and they can't perform their functions actively. That's why parents should play their role to control kids iPad by limiting the screen time for specific hours. That could be beneficial for kids and parents equally.

Is screen time is beneficial for kids?

Kids are very active creatures naturally; thus, it's very difficult and tricky to engage them in healthy activities. Parents should take active participation in all their actions, whether its screen time or play outside. Do you want to make them realize the importance of physical games? Then, you should control kids iPad and let them become busy in physical games. Excess of everything is bad, so if you want to make your kids active and healthy then, specify the screen time and make them aware of the importance of games by playing with them.

kids' screen time

How can you control your kid's iPad?

While kids are addicted to iPads, it's becoming apprehensive for parents to maintain their children's balance and a healthy lifestyle. They want their iPad and forget about everything while getting busy with them. With a new expansion in technology, it's feasible for parents to access the iPad by a parental lock or watch the iPhone's detail. The iPhone controls IPad, and You heard that right. Besides, there are many more ways to protect the kid's screen time. You must be thinking about how it could be possible? Let me explain it to you.

How can you use parental controls on your child's iPad?

Although all IOS devices have a parental lock and you can block the content on your children's IPad by setting your iPhone with your kid's iPad. This method is highly secured and protective, and you can easily manage your profile to set the criteria. If you have your Apple id then, you have to make a password for your kid's device to monitor the screen time. Hence, This will be a very useful and reliable technology to check on kid's activities.

control kids ipad

To control your kid's iPad, you can lock certain options by setting the content and privacy restrictions. Thus, this will be very convenient for you to monitor the kid's screen time while doing your house chores. You can also set the timer to lock the iPad automatically. Let me guide you on how you can select the privacy settings.

  • You can get two options; this is my device, or this is my kid's device by going on the setting page and tapping the screen time.
  • If you want to keep it private then, tap the screen time passcode to keep your password, and the device will automatically confirm your passcode by asking you about your Apple's Id and password.
  • The same criteria go for your kid's device. If you want to save the passcode, then confirm it on ISO 13.4 and later. The most incredible software can give you the quality service for sharing the screen time with your kids.
  • Finally, turn on the content and privacy restrictions and let the iPhone control IPad.

FamiSafe Web Filter

For high-end security, never keep you unlock and screen time password the same. So, by clicking on the screen time, you will get the option of your kid's name, and you are allowed to turn it on/off. If you want to change the password, you can change it by tapping the screen time and password. Furthermore, you can protect this by face id, touch id, or your child's device password.

Control your kid's screen time by using FamiSafe

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Other than IOS applications, there is another incredible application known as FamiSafe. The excellent tool that can control your kid's screen time more efficiently, and you can check their every movement while watching IPad on your iPhone. The FamiSafe is easily available on the app store, and you can download the application for further assistance. However, if you open the app, there is a complete and comprehensive guide to enlighten the content blocking and limiting the screen time.

Effects of FamiSafe on multiple devices

If you want to limit the screen time for your kids and monitor their activities, FamiSafe is an incredible application to comprehend. You only have to make an account on the FamiSafe by downloading the application in your device. Then, set the privacy settings and location tracker according to your need and attach your mobile to your kid's device by creating a highly secured id and password. Moreover, you can link multiple devices on your mobile to check the screen time and kids' browsing history.

browsing history list

How to use the iPhone to control your kids' iPad by FamiSafe

The fact is not like that only iPhone control iPad because you can control kid's iPad using other applications, and one of them is FamiSafe. The FamiSafe is a very reliable and authentic application to cover the multimedia effects on all devices. Here I'm going to mention some points to control kids' iPad by using the FamiSafe app on your android phone. Let's follow the simple steps.

  • First of all, you have to download the FamiSafe application on your kid's iPad.
  • If you have your FamiSafe account then, sign in your id.
  • There will be two options, named as your kid's name and age.
  • Now, you have to install a profile by granting access to FamiSafe.
  • Well, you can track the kid's location by turning on the location tracker.
  • By activating the rules, you have to install a profile.
  • By tapping the IOS profile, you can upload the profile in the FamiSafe, which will automatically come in your mobile settings.
  • So, by installing the profile successfully, you can block the website content.
  • For best results, turn on the toggle for FamiSafe.

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  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

The guide is very simple and easy for you to get the maximum benefits of using the FamiSafe application on your mobile. You can control kids iPad by using this easy to handle application. The FamiSafe is not only for IOS devices but can manage the screen time on other devices.

Can you set the screen time limit?

Yes, this is possible by using the FamiSafe application. This amazing application allows you to preset the screen time for your kids, and if the time is up, their device will be disabled. What an awesome app to monitor the kids browsing history and locking certain unwanted websites? Download the app and make your account on FamiSafe. Moreover, set this account as a parent and attach your kid's device to check the browsing history.

FamiSafe set screen time schedule

Hence, you can make weekly or monthly settings to get history. Moreover, you can set the tracker to track the location, and the device will be disabled if your kids change their location.

Filter suspicious content & photo

Nothing is more alarming than leaving your kids with IPad. Parents become panic when kids spend more time on iPad instead of playing or studying. Now, porn websites and pornographic material are easily accessible, and this the worst nightmare for parents if kids have access to these sites. Here I will discuss FamiSafe and its powerful impact on locking certain unwanted material by using your parental control. Using FamiSafe in your device, you will be thankful to have such an amazing app to monitor your kid's activities.

set screen time limit

Kids are more prone to watch TV and use IPad to spend their time. The whole responsibility is on the parent's shoulders to get them to engage in different physical activities rather than using iPad and mobiles. FamiSafe is a very famous application in providing parental services to control kids iPad. Your iPhone controls the iPad by simply downloading the IOS application for parents. Thus, you never bother about your kids' screen time if you have FamiSafe, a trustworthy and comprehensive tool to observe the screen time and get a detailed history after a week or month. So, stop worrying now and download the FamiSafe for monitoring your kid's screen time.

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