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Geofence Alert: Pay More Attention to Kids' Safety!

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Growing teens are indeed curious! They want to explore every bit of the unexplored world, be it good or bad. And, the responsibility of putting them on the right path, falls on the shoulders of adults, especially the parents! In this technology-driven world where technology has its own pros and cons, you want “the apple of your eye” to be safe and secure from the internet threats. Parenting is undoubtedly a tough job.

Geofence Alert: Help You Pay More Attention to Kids' Safety!

Sometimes, while we safeguard our kids, we end up breaching their privacy concerns. Also, we can’t always practically keep an eye on them. So, now the question arises, how can you do that? How you can keep an eye on your kids’ activities?

Well, the answer is by using parental control app, which has a feature of “geofence alert!” These terms might have left you wondering what exactly is geofencing and what is geofence alert?

Here’s the complete illustration of both the terms.

What does geofencing mean?

Geofencing make the use of GPS or RFID technology which creates a virtual boundary geographically. It further enables the software to activate a response whenever a mobile device leaves or enters that virtual boundary.

Geofence Alert: Help You Pay More Attention to Kids' Safety!

So, how would this technology help you as a parent?

If your kid is old enough to use a smart device which runs on iOS or Android platform then, you install parental control apps like FamiSafe which would let you keep an eye on your kids’ regular activities.

All you got to do is, install the apps in your and your kid’s device, change the settings, and you are done!

What is Geofence Alert?

Once you are done configuring the devices, the factor how the device is configured, it can prompt push notifications on the device in the form of text messages/alerts, vehicle tracking, disabling or filtering certain web-based technologies or delivering location-based data of markets.

Also, some geofence set out to monitor the activities in safe areas, which allow management to get notified whenever anyone leaves or enters the specific area. This push notification is going to help to keep your kids under close observation.

What can Geofence Alert Do for Parents?

Geofences are the imaginary/virtual boundaries that can be configured in an application which serves you the location awareness. This feature allows the user to trigger or activate the actions or the notifications when your kid or any other loved-one, leaves or enters the boundary.

Let’s understand this concept more closely!

FamiSafe is a parental control app which uses the geofence feature for keeping-in-check the activities of the kids.

Geofence Alert: Help You Pay More Attention to Kids' Safety!

How is FamiSafe Helpful in Such Concerns?

a) Tracks Location: This feature enables you to check whether your kid is safe and not gone to a forbidden place. If the kid tries to break this rule by entering the prohibited area then, you will get notified by a geofence alert, a push notification sent by the app to make you aware.

b) Blocks Certain Apps: If your kid is a cell-phone user and being a parent you don’t want him to operate some misleading app then you can totally control the app access on his phone.

c) Filters Web-based Content: Use this app to block the websites that you don’t want your kids to browse or even lay their eyes on!

*Another important and daily life example is:

Apple’s cellphones use an assistant Siri for day-to-day assistance. That iOS feature also uses geofencing to send you reminders based on location. You can ask Siri to prompt you to let the dogs out, and when you are back home, she will use your location and the area surrounding your home as the geofence boundary. You will get notified when your dog crosses the geofence.

The security and privacy implications of geofence application are potentially huge. But, being a parent, you don’t care, you just want to keep your kid safe. And, how ironic is that, while parental control apps are bliss to the parents, they are kids’ worst nightmare.

Besides, this geofencing alert feature offers beneficial prospects which kids might not understand right now. They might feel a little offended and disappointed for they are not allowed to have the freedom they deserve but this really is for their sake!

What Can Geofence Alert Do for Kids?

While geofencing is a great way to protect your kids, surely it is a way to violate your children’s privacy. Anyway, keeping the positive aspects in mind, geofence alert is a great way to keep in check the fickleness of kids’ mind.

Life, in this contemporary world, is busy & diligent. For parents, it has now really become daunting to protect the kids from kind of potential threats, be it from the real world or from the virtual world of global internet linking. Threats are everywhere! Cyberbullying, pornography, excessive social media usage, these are certain criteria which can lay bad impacts on your kids. Hence, the parental control app with geofencing alert!

Geofence Alert: Help You Pay More Attention to Kids' Safety!

In order to keep them safe and sound, parents need to keep them under not-so-strict watch. Try to convince your kids that this forbidding of certain things is just for their own benefits. Such apps are important for letting them know that danger can’t touch them, not until their parents are alive, aware & attentive.

Getting Started with FamiSafe Geofence Alert!

If your kid uses an iPhone then, install FamiSafe then, here are the steps that you should keep in mind.

Geofence Alert: Help You Pay More Attention to Kids' Safety!

  • Install FamiSafe app on your iOS device and also on your kid’s device from your apple app store.
  • Make accounts on both the devices.
  • Personalize the settings on both the devices.

Customizing your kid’s iPhone:

  1. Log into the FamiSafe account; choose the identity as kid; fill-in the name & age.
  2. Give the necessary permissions.
  3. Allow the app to use location.
  4. Get installed with Install “Mobile Management File.”

Customizing your kid’s Android device:

  1. Log into FamiSafe account by choosing the identity as kid and fill the required details like name & age.
  2. Enable permission to app usage.
  3. Grant the app permissions to the administrator.
  4. Allow access to the locations.

Customizing the Parental Device:

  1. Log into the account and set your identity as parent.
  2. Connect your device with kid’s device, iOS/Android.

Geofence Alert: Help You Pay More Attention to Kids' Safety!

Safeguard your children from the internet related threats and potential real-world threats with geofencing alert feature of the parental control app- FamiSafe. These types of apps use geofencing feature to keep-in-check your kids daily activities. For example, if they try to cross the territory, they are not allowed to enter then, with the help of this geofencing alert you will get notified, and you can take further actions. Hope this piece of writing has facilitated the concerns of your kids’ security.

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