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Tracking Your Kids' Location with FamiSafe Geofence Alerts

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The internet world is immense and dangerous at the same time. You never know when it engulfs your child in it. During the teenage, your children often demand tabs or Smartphone. And, since our lives revolve around the internet in today’s world, it becomes a necessity to provide your teenager with a device like mobile, tabs, or laptops.

Tracking Your Kids' Location with Geofence Alerts!

Along with it, there comes a sense of insecurity in parents about giving their child a Smartphone. In such situations, geofence alerts are of great help to you. This is because parents need to keep a check on their kids’ devices without letting them know? Thanks to geofencing!

Understand the Significance of Geofencing in Real World!

Basically, Geofencing is a technology that comes in a form of an app, according to which there exists a virtual boundary in the geographical area of the real world. It works as a GPS tracker in a device. That is why being a parent; having geofencing software like FamiSafe in your device is a must for you. Parents often remain concerned about their kids, especially when their kids are teens. Such concerns are many and few of them include:

  • You never know when you are busy in work and your children go to a club or bar without your permission.
  • Providing kids with Smartphone at an early age could become worse as your kid might end up approaching the websites not suitable to his age group.

So, there are many concerns that parents undergo as every parent wants their child to grow safely and beautifully. And in order to do so, parents should be aware of the geofencing meaning completely.

Geofencing is a smart technology that tracks the user location. FamiSafe with geofencing feature notify parents when their kids enter the non-permissible areas. This is what geofence alerts signify! No matter, how busy are parents, they can easily keep an eye on their kids through a parental control app.

What are Geofence Alerts?

Know about your kids’ whereabouts by getting geofence alerts. For instance, you have marked an area say a club as the restricted area. So, the next time your child go there, you will receive the alerts on your device automatically. Only the specific place, say, a bar is considered as a restricted area but not its surrounding places like restaurants and houses if any. You will receive these alerts whenever your child enters or leaves the geofences zones.

Tracking Your Kids' Location with Geofence Alerts!

Such geofence alerts for Android is easy to check. All you have to do is to install the best application like FamiSafe in your phone and in your child’s phone as well with a mutual understanding.

Parents should always give freedom to their children that they need especially in the teenage and should talk with them openly regarding this. Tell your kids thoroughly about what geofence alerts are and why they are significant.

How to Track Your Kids' Location with Geofence Alerts?

If your child has an iPhone, then parents can track kids’ iPhone easily. You can take advantage of Apple's own application named Find My Friends. This way you will receive notifications on your linked devices regarding your kids’ activities and locations. However, you can use FamiSafe for this purpose as well.


FamiSafe is one of the most reliable parental control applications. Parents can use it for tracking the location info, app blocking, web filtering, controlling screen time of children, and more.

Tracking Your Kids' Location with Geofence Alerts!

Geofencing Alerts with FamiSafe

For tracking the location of your kid, parents can check the history location. So, you can view the locations where your kids have been to during the whole day.

Whenever your kids enter or leave an unusual place, the app will let you know about it through its alerts and notifications. For instance, you have sent your kid in the school and from there, he plans to bunk his class to enjoy with friends. In such cases, geofencing software like FamiSafe will prove to be a great help to you. Stay updated about your kid’s location by tracking it through this application.

In addition to this, when GPS of your phone is ON, it ends up draining the battery of mobile phones. However, with the geofencing feature of FamiSafe, this is not the story. The app allows you to simply sign in to view the live location of a kid. This application is, therefore, battery efficient as well as lets you accurately track your child’s live location.

How to Set up Geofencing with FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is easy to use. Before you install it, make sure that you clearly tell your children about this parental control app and what geofencing meaning is. So, the steps to set up geofencing app FamiSafe are as follows:

  • This app should be installed in both parents and child’s respective devices.
  • Parents have to register their membership account in the app and the child is required to have a FamiSafe account with his own identity.
  • Parents then have to activate all the services that you need in your child’s device.
  • If the child has a Smartphone, then parents have to allow the various requests that the app requires.
  • If your child has an iPhone, then to track kid’s iPhone, you first need to install a device management file and then register yourself as an admin (parents).
  • The FamiSafe application will then automatically link both parents and kids accounts.

Tracking Your Kids' Location with Geofence Alerts!

After this, you can manage and control geofencing easily. Once you log in with your account to this application, it will automatically track and will show you the live updates of your child’s location.

What Other Things can FamiSafe Do for Parents?

Along with geofencing alerts feature, the FamiSafe is best to use as a parental control app. Below-mentioned is its main features:

Reduce Screen Time:

Tracking Your Kids' Location with Geofence Alerts!

With the help of FamiSafe app, you can get to know about the accurate time your kid spends on the device. You can fix appropriate timings for kids like when to use and when not to use the device.

Fix Sleep Time:

You can set the sleep time for your children during a day and at night with the app. The admin’s device will get an alert if the child is using his mobile even during sleep time.

App Blocker:

Parents can monitor their kids’ usage of social media applications. They can block certain apps like Facebook, Instagram during exam time. This way, children will concentrate more on studies.

Web Content Filtering:

It’s important to keep your kids far away from certain web content including gambling and pornography. So, use FamiSafe app for blocking such unwanted sites online.

Tracking Your Kids' Location with Geofence Alerts!

A parental control app is all that parents need these days for their kids’ safety. Such apps are beneficial in keeping your child on a right track. However, it is imperative for both parents and kids to know completely about the app they are using as geofencing iOS or geofencing Android, they are using.

The purpose of using mobile geofencing should be clear to both. And parents can comfortably put their children under surveillance with an app. So, it’s time to be aware of your kids’ activities before this technology-driven world ruins your child. Use all the features from location banning to data restriction of a geofencing software by installing FamiSafe in your device.

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