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Driving Safety Facts: What We Can Learn From Them

Noteworthy Driving Safety Facts

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Teen Driving Tips Proven solutions

driving safety facts

Distraction during driving is one of the significant threats to road safety. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 3400 people lost their lives because of a road collision. Even if drivers are always requested to pay attention while driving and avoid any sorts of distractions. Still, too many drivers do not understand the repercussions of such dangers. One of the most common distractions is undoubtedly your cell phone. Even if you are a good driver, no one can guarantee that you won't get affected by distractions.

Let's check some driving safety facts and try and learn from them.

teenage driving safety facts

Fact 1: Every year, over 2.5 million people get involved in a car crash, and that mostly happens because of some form of distraction. Not just this, per day, at least 1000 people are injured because of the same reasons.

Fact 2: As per some data, maximum road crashes lead to death caused by distraction. Another crucial piece of information that you should pay attention to. There could be tons of distractions that a person might be dealing with, such as GPS tracker, social media updates, calls, messages, etc.

Fact 3: People also do multitask while they are driving. And if someone has told you that multitasking is possible when you are driving, then it should be stopped right away. When you multitask, your brain shifts from one task to another, which means you will be paying less attention while driving, which is another way you will feel distracted. No matter how important the job is, when you do it, you increase the chances of distraction, which will lead to a collision.

driving safety facts - multitask

Fact 4: Readers may note that your brain will take at least 13 seconds to properly focus on the surroundings when you get distracted. Even if you taking just a glance at the mobile phone, your brain will still take 13 seconds to get back to normal. If you are refocusing, again and again, your driving skills are getting hampered.

Fact 5: People who often multitask, their eye activity gets slowed down. Meaning, you will feel a challenge when it comes to problem skills. Your brain needs to stay sharp and alert when you are driving to quickly understand what needs to be done if there is massive traffic approaching or in similar circumstances.

Fact 6: Another critical point to know is that around 77% of the vehicle happens to occur when you are just 15 miles away from your destination. The moment when you reach a surrounding which is familiar to you, it is quite apparent that you will feel guard down and relaxed. Because of this, you are more prone to feel distracted.

driving safety facts - the danger of distracted driving

Fact 7: A person who drives and texts are more prone to get into an accident, and as per data, he or she is six times more inclined to get into a car crash.

Fact 8: One study has been conducted where it was found that more than 80% of car crash cases were based on a driver's inattention for the last three seconds before the crash happened. Inattention can happen for many reasons, but it's high time we pay attention to these facts.

Driving Safety is quite a challenge for teens

Learning to drive could be a new achievement for the teens; they wait till they reach the eligible age to get their driving license and start driving. However, as much as exciting it may sound, it has some downsides as well. Do you know teenagers are more susceptible, to be precise, three times susceptible to get into a car crash than any adults? Now, the real question here is, why do teenagers get into a car crash more than any adults? Why are they so vulnerable, and what can be done to reduce the mortality rate among teenagers?

Do you know that the first six months after a teen receives their driving license is considered the most crucial time of their lives? Risks undoubtedly remain with them until they grow up to become adults. Teens are young, they still need to understand what maturity is, and when it comes to decision making, their brain is not fully mature yet. To ensure that your child is driving the car safely, it becomes the parents' responsibility to make sure that their child is safe even when you are not around.

Fortunately, some reliable parental apps will let you keep an eye on your child's whereabouts. Through these apps, you will get to know whether your child is safe or not, where they are driving, how far they have gone, and these apps send automatic information to your device to properly track the child.

Teenagers are not yet adults, and they may indulge in reckless driving, which is a big concern for them. You might hand over the keys to your child, thinking that they will drive safely, but you never know what they are actually up to. These are some reasons why these apps become a lifesaver. The good thing about these apps is that they let you know your child's speed limit.

Now, let's take a look at what these apps are and why they are the best. Here you will find the three best apps in the industry. Read about them in detail, and choose the best one for your child's driving safety.


driving safety facts - cellcontrol

This teen safe driving app comes along with some robust features. In fact, most of the Fortune 500 companies are already using it because it gives detailed information about your child's whereabouts. This app gives you an instant report about the driver's performance. Meaning, you will get to know the child's speed limit, where the child went with your car, and more. This app is a must for every family member who has a young kid and has started driving recently.

Drive Smart

driving safety facts - Drive Smart

Another useful app that will let you know how careful your teenager is while driving their car is Drive smart. You can use this app to monitor your child's driving behavior. This app gives you metrics on your driving, and you will also get to know your fuel consumption while driving. There are many other features available, too, which will let you enhance your driving skills. This driving app lets your child knows why it is essential to think about other Safety as well while driving.


driving safety facts - famisafe

The last one that we have for you is FamiSafe, a potent parental control app that helps parents understand their child's driving behavior. Not just this, the features that this app brings along with it allow your child to learn better driving behavior. If your child has taken your car, and you have installed the FamiSafe app into their mobile phone, you will get to know who they are visiting using your vehicle. Not just this, this app also lets you fetch their location as well. You can set geofencing to know when they cross the known area. You will get to know everything about your child's driving behavior; this way, you can always keep an eye on their driving behavior.

Some of the features of FamiSafe

GPS location tracking: Just enable GPS tracking on your child's mobile phone and know where they are moving in the car. The monitoring will be done in real-time.

Location history: You would certainly want to know where your child went without telling you. Now, with the location history feature, you will get the complete travel history of your child.

Geofencing: Geofencing is one of the most prominent features of this app. With geofencing, you can set a restricted area of travel for your child. If they cross it, you will receive an alert right away.

Driving Report: You will be able to check the driving report of each your teen's drive or get a weekly report for more details. You can check the high speed, average speed, number of a hard break, overspeeding, and more with these features.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

With the growing number of accidents among teenagers, it has become essential for all parents to get all the information regarding their child's driving behavior. Also, driving safety facts are a big eye-opener. Among all the driving safety apps, FamiSafe comes across as a good and reliable parental app that lets you track your child's car whenever they go for driving. To make sure that your child is completely safe while they are driving, investing in teen driving apps makes sense.

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