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What Is Defensive Driving Course and How Does It Help Drivers?

What is defensive driving course?

There is a clear distinction between defensive driving and driving for convenience. It is senseless to always assume that other motorists are observant or cautious while driving on the road. The road is a killer if you approach it with the "I have the right of way" kind of attitude. So what is a defensive driving course? Hypothetically, defensive driving prepares a driver to have that sixth sense in all aspects of traffic rules and regulations. In turn, this reduces the chances of being involved in any kind of mishaps on the road.

what is defensive driving course

Get the Facts About Driving

Everyone has that urge to be on the steering wheel at least once in their childhood. However, many people enter the roads oblivious to the carnage that awaits them. Defensive driving is the ability to steer your vehicle with an informed idea. Hitting the gas and steering your car is not difficult. The hard part is controlling it to the desired momentum. Driving tests often come after training, with a test view to ascertain credibility to drive.

There is a misconceived perception that everyone on the road is a driver who understands the Traffic Act's rules and regulations. Road carnages contribute to a larger percentage of deaths worldwide. Drivers often have one common agenda, which is reaching their destination, heedless of the carelessness exhibited by other drivers on the road. The next time you are on the road, always doubt whatever the oncoming motorist is doing to protect your life.

What Is Defensive Driving Course?

The word defensive course was derived from defending, which means to protect from harm or looming danger. The understanding of keenness and alertness when driving and veering off from on-coming reckless driver requires tutelage. Understanding all aspects of road safety concerning the proper and responsible use of the road begs the question, "What is a defensive driving course?”It is a course that enables your state of mind to stay alert while focusing on a 360-degree coverage, with over a 100-meter front and rearview instinct driving.

Defensive driving means having command of the sixth sense when it comes to studying and analyzing what other drivers around you are about to do. The inception of driving schools to provide this course in a safe driving atmosphere was a good idea. You can take a defensive course when you are ready for your driver's license. You can take the course when you are between 16 and 18 years old, depending on your residence country. The course is subdivided into categories or segments that expound a clear overview of the unit involved.

Every unit contains a pass mark that you need to attain to qualify before engaging in the final test. This brings about the credibility of the instructor delegated with this kind of duty. Many accredited colleges have special training for this course to ascertain the credibility of a qualified instructor. It suffices to say that the best results of teaching are attained from the zeal to teach and passion for knowledge, considering all that it is your prerogative to shop around for the best institution to get started.

What Lessons Will You Learn From Defensive Driving Course?

Staying away from trouble is always a good thing. Defensive driving teaches you how to predict a fatal accident that is about to occur and how to avoid it by honing your reactions to these situations. You will learn how to improve your control skills while on the wheel. Many packages often follow a set formula when it comes to the topics and structure of the day. The course can last approximately four hours if it's a heavy vehicle course and seven-hour if it's a normal car course.

General principles of defensive driving dictate that you assume all other drivers are lunatics except for yourself. Having all these in mind, you have a clear picture of what to expect when approaching bends, crossroads, or blind spots. You can achieve by driving at a reasonable speed, taking notice of all the warning signs and informative signs, and the dangers around you. You will also learn about the best sitting position, vehicle maintenance, braking management, fatigue management, scanning techniques, etc.

When you finish your course, you will have learned how to avoid dangers at a visible distance. This is important since there is no mercy from the perpetrators of traffic crimes when you understand what is expected of you. You never know when a highway rage, police chase, or emergency of any kind is approaching. Regard yourself as a highly-skilled driver if you want to make the road safer.

The Benefits of Taking a Defensive Driving Course

There are lots of benefits that this course offer. They include:

Helps You to Stay Safe

The course helps you to stay away from road accidents. It's the best tool that ensures you will stay away from hospitals, which can be costly and depressing, with death as an ultimate price to pay. Keep in mind that your body doesn't come with spares. As such, it's always a good idea to take this course.

Helps You to Stay Away from Court

Court corridors can be stressful, tedious, and time-consuming. Additionally, no one likes it when they get hefty traffic tickets slapped on them. Extra hidden costs that pop out unwittingly disturb your peace, terrorize your budget, and leave you broke are no joke. Ever wondered why smart drivers stay away from legal battles? It is not pocket friendly. Moreover, learning this course can exonerate you from the wrong side of the law in an accident. What could be better than life from irregularities in a world where insurance companies deem everyone liable?

what is defensive driving course - stay away from court

Saves Your Time

The hustle and bustles of life are increasing in a fast and shifting world like a roller coaster. How do you manage life without a car just because your license has been suspended? It could be a big hitch in terms of service delivery and convenience as well. Anything that saves you that precious time - while leaving no room for setbacks - is worth putting into consideration. Also, the values of life concerning time wasted don't add up as the saying goes: time is of the essence.

benefit of a defensive driving course - save your time

Helps You to be Prepared

Weather, state of roads, activities unfolding in your way, and motels are a concern when making itineraries. Defensive driving gives you the ability to prepare for such eventualities. This is especially important when you consider the major hiccups of long-distance road trips while making decisions to always be on the positive side of the plan is what this is all about. You do not want to be found flat-footed, unaware of what is ahead of you.

benefit of a defensive driving course - get you prepared for accident

You'll Learn How to Regulate Your Confidence

The course teaches you how to avoid being excessively confident when driving. People always think they are professional drivers until they make an avoidable mistake, which they could have prevented by not being overconfident while driving. Being overconfident on the road is the cause of many accidents that happen on the road. It can also cause you to commit traffic offenses. Defensive driving, on the other hand, allows you to regulate your confidence when driving. You need trust when on the road.

Helps Reduce Your Car Insurance Cost

Lastly, for giving you the benefit of the doubt, you are in charge of your state of mind. Renewal of insurance policy might attract a percentage of waivers, owing to the clean record of driving. There is no other way to enjoy your responsible driving than having this kind of discount offer as a favor. Never let this opportunity slip from you. The most important thing is that it allows you to avoid fatalities while protecting other motorists' lives.  If you are a driver by profession, it will upgrade your resume as well as get you more plaudits with insurance companies.

defensive driving course - reduce car insurance cost

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The thought of undergoing a defensive driving course is a thumbs-up for you. It is internationally recognized and a must-undergo course to be always on the safe side of a traffic crime. Are you a teenager or adult still pondering, "what is defensive driving course, and should I take it?" Be wise and enroll for the course: it's worth it!

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