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Halloween Safety Tips: 7 things Parents Cannot Miss for Kids

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Halloween day is a celebration that occurs across the world. Halloween refers to Saint’s eve. Initially, it hails from the Celtic-speaking countries and later majority of the countries globally celebrate this festival with great fun.


On this eve, kids and adults dress like ghosts and frighten one another for enjoyment. It is the eve where people pray for the departed souls. On the other hand, people celebrate it frightfully. Creativity and innovations take a major role in this festival. Unique costumes and horror sounds surround everywhere triggering a thrill feel in every individual. Amidst this busy preparation, do the parents think about Halloween safety?

Do you spare a few minutes in observing what your kids are doing in the name of preparation? Before the situation goes worse, spend some time to surf the possible dangers that might encounter your kids in this Halloween celebration.

 7 Useful Tips to Keep Your Children Safe in Halloween

The safety factors have become a vital part of the fulfilled celebrations of Halloween. In this section, you will learn about the possible dangers that the kids may encounter in the Halloween celebration preparations. Browse the facts carefully and observe your kids without fail to overcome the unfavorable circumstances.

Tip 1A Dangerous Day

Do you know that the fatality rate of kids during the Halloween festive seasons is higher when compared to other days? It is a shocking statistic yet a reliable one that children are twice as likely to die on Halloween than any other day of the year as they trick-or-treat along our streets. That's according to a 2012 State Farm analysis of more than 4 million fatalities between 1990 and 2010.

Parents should do:

  • Careful about all the candles or improvised electronics.
  • Monitor your kids using the FamiSafe parental control applications. Haven't got your FamiSafe for Kid? Check Halloween sale to save 30% now!
  • Enable the Geofence option to prevent your kids from entering the danger zone areas.
Tip 2Injuries

Halloween celebrations do not end without the pumpkin carvings. Kids feel excited and like to try them alone which may lead to injuries. As per the report, 41% of injuries were found in October and November. Parents must accompany the kids during these pumpkin carving tasks to ensure safety. It is the time where the kids handle the sharp equipment to make their favorite carving on the pumpkin. It is difficult to convince the excited kids.

Parents should do:

  • Effective communication with your kid can bring changes in their mindset.
  • Accompany your kids during the pumpkin carvings to overcome injuries.
  • Before commencing the procedure, discuss the carved design expected by your kid as a team.
Tip 3Food Allergies

As you all know that kids are fond of candies and treats. The festive season is filled with these foods. Unhygienic treats may lead to food allergy issues. According to the research, one in 13 kids affects by these food issues in this Halloween season. Moreover, all these kids are below 18 years. 90% of food allergy issues occur due to unhygienic practices. Kids eating treats, candies, and fruits without the supervision of adults may lead to health issues.

Parents should do:

  • Teach your kids to tell the date of manufacture, and to abandon candies with damaged package.
  • Prepare your kid’s favorite snacks and hygienically pack them for this celebration.
  • Form your kids a habit to wash their hands before having their snacks.
Tip 4Get Safe Costumes

To frighten the neighbors, the kids may use fire and other sorts of mischief which may lead to dangers. It is a wise practice to wear fire-resistant clothes to handle such scenarios. It protects the kids from getting burnt due to unexpected fire activities.

Parents should do:

  • Don't buy or make costumes with sharp decoration.
  • Double careful about little accessories, kids may eat them and get choked.
  • Give awareness about the danger of fire and advise the kids to avoid fire tricks in the event.
Tip 5Risky Tricks and Treats

To frighten the friends and neighbors, the kids form a group and try some playful tricks. Sometimes it leads to risky outcomes.

Parents should do:

  • Take away dangerous items before kids leave.
  • Use FamiSafe to monitor the movements of kids, in case they go to far-away or stange streets.
Tip 6Pandemic Environment

Don't want to be the wet blanket here, but the threat of virus has been never ended completely worldwide and we are competing with this pandemic still.

Parents should do:

  • Teach your kids to maintain social distancing and hygiene practices when they step out of your house.
  • Remind them about the return time, don't allow them to stay out too long.
  • Get protection about infectious diseases, better combine with costumes.
Tip 7Engage an adult along with groups

Always ensure your kid plays in a group and celebrate Halloween with fun. Do not let your kids move around alone on the streets.

Parents should do:

  • A group of kids is likely to be targeted by criminals. Worse, one kid alone.
  • Supervised by mature, kids can avoid most of the risk factors just by decision-making

The celebrations are always fun but safety plays a major role. It is the parent’s sole responsibility to observe the kids and protect them from the dangers. The FamiSafe aids the parents to celebrate this Halloween with safety measures. Watch your kid’s every move with effective remote applications. Observe cautiously to prevent the serious dangers ahead in this Halloween celebrations. During the holidays, kids' screen time may skyrocket and that's could hurt kids physically and mentally. See this article to learn How to Prevent Your Child from Tech Addiction.

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Halloween safety is the perfect topic to discuss around the corners of celebrations. Awareness rules out the dangers and prior knowledge about the possible happenings lead to optimal preparations. This article has given insights into the Halloween celebration threats in kids. Connect with your kids using the FamiSafe application and feel safe.

Enjoy this Halloween with great fun and be tuned with FamiSafe to create a safe environment for your kids. Have a great and safe Halloween eve!

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