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How to Put Spoiler on Discord Text, Image, and Video?

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Discord allows you to connect with other gamers and people who share your same interest. However, as servers become even more crowded, there are chances of some people sending texts, videos, or images that you don’t want to know or read. The possibilities are that they are spoilers for games, movies, or a music record. The problem is that avoiding spoilers is not so easy. As you scroll through texts, your eyes could easily catch a hint, ruining the suspense for you. Luckily, this article explains how to put a spoiler on Discord.

We’ll also provide steps to put a spoiler on discord mobile if you prefer using mobile devices. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

how to put spoiler on discord

How to Put Spoiler Text on Discord?

Discord developers understand the need to avoid having someone ruing the suspense of something important to you. Therefore, they’ve created spoiler tags that’ll block out any content that involves spoilers for movies, games, and other stuff. For texts, there are two varying ways to add a spoiler tag. Take a look at the two different methods below and pick the easiest method.

Method 1: Use Markdowns to Add Spoiler Tag

One viable option to add spoiler tags to your Discord texts is to use markdown codes. We love this method because you can add it in the middle of writing out the text without the need to leave the keyboard. Keep reading to learn how to put spoiler text in Discord.

Step 1.To begin sending your spoiler text, type two vertical bars before the text (shift + black slash key).

add two vertical lines before text

Step 2. Continue by typing your text; don’t add a space between the vertical bars and your text.

Step 3. After typing out all your texts, type the two vertical bars again at the end.

add two vertical lines after text

Step 4. Now, hit the ‘enter’ key to send your message, displaying the spoiler tag.

text will be blurred out

Method 2: Mark as Spoiler with the Spoiler Tag

When wondering how to put a spoiler on Discord text apart from the first method, you can mark it as a spoiler. This method is relatively easy, and below are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1. Type your text in the Discord chatbox.

Step 2. Next, use the mouse to highlight your message.

highlight the text

Step 3. A small pop-up window will appear; click the eye icon to continue.

pick the spoiler tag icon

Step 4. Doing this will add two vertical bars to either side of your text

it will add vertical bars

Step 5. Now, hit the enter key to send the message, and it will show the spoiler tag.

Everyone on the server will see your text, but the spoiler tag will block out the text until people click on it to reveal the content.

How to Put Spoiler on Discord Images and Videos?

You can also add a spoiler tag to your images and videos like Discord texts. However, adding a spoiler to pictures and videos differs from texts. You can add the spoiler tag to your image and videos before uploading them to the server. If you’re wondering how to put a spoiler on a Discord image and video, follow the below steps.

Step 1. Open the Discord desktop app or Discord web.

Step 2. Pick the video or image you would like to send to the server. Alternatively, you can drag it into the server chat and drop it there.

Step 3. Now, click on the + symbol and choose ‘mark as spoiler’ from the options displayed.

Step 4. Now, hit the upload button to upload it to the server.

add the mark as spoiler tag to images

Step 5. The image will be blurred on the server. Anyone who wants to view the image will have to tap on it to make it visible.

Is it Possible to Put Spoiler on Discord Mobile?

When chatting on the Discord app, you won’t always be at your computer. Therefore, you might be wondering if it is possible to put a spoiler on Discord mobile. Discord mobile offers similar functionalities to the desktop version. Below, we’ll cover the methods to add spoiler tags on Android or iOS devices. Keep reading if you want to learn how to put a spoiler on Discord mobile.


Android users might find adding the spoiler tag to their texts more complex than iOS users. However, if you have the vertical bars on your keyboard, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch the Discord app on your smartphone and click the chatbox you would like to send the spoiler text.

Step 2. Once your keyboard appears, search for the two vertical bars and add them at the beginning and end of your text.

add vertical lines before and after text

Step 3. Next, click the ‘send’ icon next to the text box to send your message.

This would blur out your text, and everyone would have to tap it to reveal the blurred content.

Images and Videos

Step 1. To add an image or video, click the + in the bottom left corner to open your gallery.

Step 2. Next, locate the image or video you would like to upload, and when it appears, a small checkmark will appear above the video or image.

Step 3. Instead of the paper airplane button, tap the darkened space above the gallery; click the ‘mark as spoiler.’

add spoiler tag to video on android

That’s it; now, the spoiler tag will appear over your image or video. Everyone on the Discord server will have to click the image before it becomes visible.


Apple users can use the markdown code to add spoiler tags to their texts, images, and videos or use the in-chat menu. So if you’re looking to find out how to put spoiler on Discord mobile, keep reading.

Step 1. For the Discord markdown, tap the chatbox and when your iPhone keyboard appears, click the ‘123’ key and locate the vertical bar on your keypad.

click the 123 option

Step 2. Next, input it twice at the beginning and end of your text without spacing them.

add text and vertical lines

Step 3. Now, click the send arrow to submit your message to the server.

While this message might seem like the easiest option, below is another method to add the spoiler tag to messages on the Discord app.

Step 1. Launch the Discord chat and open your message

Step 2. Next, highlight your text by dragging the cursor to cover all the messages.

Step 3. Next, tap ‘mark as spoiler’ in the menu that appears.

choose the mark as spoiler option

You can now tap the send icon to send the spoiler to the message.

Can i Put a Spoiler on a Hyperlink?

You can add a spoiler if you’re sharing a link to a cut scene from your game, the end of your favorite TV show, or any other spoiler information. Below are the steps to mark a hyperlink as a spoiler. First, you can add the vertical lines at the beginning and end of the link without spaces before sending. Alternatively, highlight the text and choose the spoiler tag before sending it to the server. The result is the same; anyone who wants to see the link would have to click on it to access it.

How to Disable Spoiler Tags?

Now that you know how to put spoiler on Discord. You’re probably wondering how you can disable them on your account. You can easily deactivate spoiler tags on your Discord account. Both admins and users can control how spoilers appear on their server. Instead of visiting the server you would like to disable the spoiler tags for, you can go through user settings to turn the spoiler effect off with one click. Below are the steps to effectively disable spoiler tags.

Step 1. Open your Discord app and tap on the Settings icon close to your username; you usually find it in the lower-left corner.

choose the settings icon

Step 2. Now, select 'text & images' on the menu that appears.

choose the text and images option

Step 3. Scroll to the end of the new page, and you’ll find options for the spoiler tag.

Step 4. There will be three varying options to select from. If you choose ‘on click,’ it hides spoilers on all channels. The ‘on servers I moderate’ option turns off the tag on servers you own or moderate. Finally, you can choose the ‘always’ option to disable spoiler tags on your account.

choose the option

Once you select any of these options, it will automatically turn off the spoiler tag on your account. However, only disable spoiler tags if you’re sure you no longer want suspense in your favorite games, music, and movies.

Other Useful Markdowns on Discord

Now that you know how to put spoiler on Discord, there are other markdown tags you can explore on the app. These markdowns can help you format your text in unique ways. Below are the popular markdowns you can use.

  • Bold Italics: ***text***
  • Italics: _text_ or *text*
  • Bold: **text**
  • Underline: _text_
  • Underline italics: _*text*_
  • Underline Bold: _**text**_
  • Underline Bold Italics: _***text***_
  • Strikethrough: ~~text~~

Additionally, if you don’t want to use the markdown effect but instead use the symbols, you will have to add a backslash to the beginning of your texts. That way, you can use the symbols above with the markdown effects.

Watch out for the Explicit Content on Discord

If your kid uses Discord, you might be concerned about their exposure to explicit content. Sometimes, the spoiler tag might make your kid curious about it, and when they click on it, they would be exposed to inappropriate content. You can help protect them with the use of Wondershare FamiSafe. This parental control tool offers an explicit content detection feature to notify you when inappropriate content appears on your kid’s Discord account. To use this unique feature, follow the steps below.

wondershare famisafe

Step 1. First, download Wondershare FamiSafe, install and launch the app to begin.

Step 2. Next, create an account on your device, signing up as a parent to generate a pairing code.

Step 3. Now, download the Jr app on your kid’s device and register as a kid.

Step 4. Fill in the pairing code received from your device and enter a nickname for your kid and their age.

Step 5. Grant permissions to prove Wondershare FamiSafe access to your kid’s device.

Step 6. Now, return to the FamiSafe app on your device and from the list of features available, choose ‘Explicit Content Detection.’

Step 7. Connect their Discord account by clicking ‘Connect Account’ next to Discord.

Step 8. Once it connects, a potential issues section will pop up, and you can view the issues in this section..

Step 9. For suspicious text base, click the vertical 3-dot icon at the top of the screen and choose Suspicious Text Base from the options. From the categories, enable the type of suspicious texts you’re concerned about.

Step 10. You can also select a category and tap the ‘add’ button to add keywords to a category.

Step 11. The FamiSafe app also allows you to add suspicious words. You can delete added words by clicking the ‘X’ icon next to the word.

Below is the video that will show you how to detect explicit content on Discord.

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You can sit back assured that you will receive a notification when inappropriate content appears on your kid’s Discord account. In addition, there are other features you can utilize on this parental software for your kid’s safety, and some of them are:

Screen Time

You can prevent addiction to Discord by setting screen time for the app. The screen time feature provides information about how much time a kid spends on each app. You can then create a schedule for them to prevent addiction and promote healthy online habits.

App Blocker

This FamiSafe feature allows you to block any app you deem harmful to your kid. With this feature, you can deny them access to Discord entirely or for a specific time. This is useful for dinner time and study time.


No one likes dealing with spoilers on their favorite games and videos. Unfortunately, many people on Discord servers enjoy sharing servers. If you want to share a spoiler and don’t know how to put a spoiler on Discord for images, videos, and texts, this article provides you with all the information you need. Additionally, you can disable spoilers on your account following the steps outlined in this article.

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