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How to Block Adult Sites on Kid's Cell Phone Phone

how to block adult sites

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

The major concern of many parents today is to track the web activities of their children. Although the internet is considered today as the most useful product of today’s technology, there are some major disadvantages as well. You may think that your child is going through any information website, while the fact is they might be viewing adult sites and porn sites. So how do you control the activities of your child? This can be done by restricting the web contents through apps that allows you to block adult sites.


How to block adult sites on Kid's cell phone using FamiSafe?

Famisafe is one of the extraordinary parental control sites that allow the peers to block and restrict the web contents easily. The Internet is a free source of information, but it also opens the areas that are harmful to your child. Your child may be watching porn and lacking behind in the academics; which you be unaware of! Famisafe is the latest offerings by the software makers who know the concern of the parents. The software allows you to download the app for free and block the porn sites on your child’s phone.

Pornography is just like a plague that needs to be eliminated. Though you cannot control everything, a minor step from your side will give you major goals. Children are the major part of the society that is influenced by pornography. Here are some of the impacts of porn on your child;

  • Lagging behind in the academics
  • They start thinking that rape is not wrong. This changes their mindset and makes them vigorous.
  • It may increase the feeling of depression
  • There might be a drastic change in their sexual behavior.

Features of Famisafe for blocking porn sites

The Famisafe parental control app allows you to block the apps and uninstall them if they are spoiling your child. Your child may have porn sites installed on their mobile and constantly viewing it for the most part of their day. Through FamiSafe, uninstalling the apps or blocking the web contents is possible.

FamiSafe Parental Control

Parents can also record and monitor the content history of the child’s mobile. They can find out if their children are viewing these sites. They can block adult sites and save the children from any potential harm. Apart from porn sites, there are some adult sites like gambling and casino which your child may get addicted. Knowing how to block adult sites through Famisafe will help you in restricting these sites.

Parents can also limit the screen time of their children and make sure that they are not watching any adult sites during their study time or sleeping time. Limiting the usage will help in saving the children from academic lose and have peace.

Here is how to block adult sites through FamiSafe

    1. Install Famisafe for Android from Google app store or from iTunes for iOS devices on both the parents and child's mobile phones.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

famisafe iphone parental control famisafe android parental control
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting
  1. Register your account in the app. you will require only one account for your own mobile and your child's mobile.
  2. Connect your child's phone and your mobile with Famisafe.
  3. As you connect the mobiles, you can start tracking the mobiles now.
  4. For iOS devices, go to phone activate the option to check the records.
  5. You will know all the screen time for each app under the phone activate tab.
  6. Go to web filter option in the FamiSafe settings to block the contents you do not want your child to indulge viewing.

how to block adult sites

  1. There is an option named “Exception” under the web filter. Here you can add an exception to the websites.

how to block adult sites

  1. Click on add exception to enter the URL that you want to block in particular.

how to block adult sites

  1. After entering the Website address, click on block button and save.

how to block adult sites

  1. You can enter numerous URLs that you do not want your child to view.

Additional features

Using Famisafe for parental control helps you in restricting your child’s screen time as well. When you use it to block adult sites, parents restrict the child from viewing porn sites and restricted sites at the particular time of the day as well.

  • Check browser history

The FamiSafe for iOS allows you to check the browser history on the child’ phone. You can check whether they have been watching any adult site despite the fact that you have blocked them.

  • Finding browsing frequency

If you see that your child has been watching porn quite often, you can talk to them and make them aware of the consequences of watching adult sites. This helps is scrutinizing your child’s sudden change in behavior as well.

  • Check browser bookmarks

This feature helps in checking if your child has bookmarked any porn sites irrespective of blocking them.

  • View date and time

If your child is lagging behind in schools, he must be watching porn during those hours. You can check for the date and time stamps to know what time your child is watching porn. If you can control them from watching, at least you can fix a stipulated time different from the school and study hours.

  • Block Websites

Using Famisafe for iOS you can not only block adult sites but also some inappropriate social media websites. If your child is continuously stuck to the mobile phone and wasting much time on social media messaging and viewing porn sites, you may block these websites anytime you want.

Apart from blocking websites, Famisafe also features monitoring of your child’s movement away from the house. You can track the location of your child through Geo-Fencing, and app locator functions.

FamiSafe is an active and inspiring app with amazing features to solve the pragmatic problems of the parents. When your child becomes older, the problems like porn sites viewing also become major. Parents can download FamiSafe easily through the iOS app store or Google Play Store and connect the software with your child's mobile. The app helps in controlling the probing situation of the current society and monitors each and every movement of your child. Using the various features of Famisafe on how to block adult sites, parents can recreate a bright future for their kids.

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