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Roblox How to Get Free Robux 2024

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Robux is a virtual currency you use in Roblox to purchase in-game items. Typically, you need to purchase Robux using real currency, depending on your required amount. However, Roblox developers make it possible to earn Robux as you play the games. Below are the different ways how to get free Robux in your player account.

Part 1: Official ways

Despite Roblox being free to join, they also offer membership programs that earn you free Robux. These involve you completing specific tasks in the game, depending on your membership status. Here are two official ways how to get Robux.

1. Make Roblox avatar or clothes to sell and get profits (premium required)

Roblox offers three types of premium membership programs, each with varying earning potential for Robux. However, you get 100 Robux for signing up for your new membership. Here are the membership levels and their daily earning potential:

  • You earn 15 Robux daily for being a classic participant of the builders' club.
  • A Turbo Builders Club premium membership earns you 35 Robux daily.
  • Finally, you earn 60 Robux daily for being a member of the outrageous builders' club.

Similarly, you can also earn extra Robux by creating and selling avatars and clothing accessories to other Roblox members. You can create custom merchandise for avatars, including clothing and other accessories. In addition, you can only earn the in-game currency if you have a premium membership.

Currently, Roblox allows you to monetize the following avatar items:

  • You can sell T-Shirts, Shirts, and Pants through your premium builder's account. In addition, Roblox will pay you 70% of the total amount if you are the exclusive creator. Alternatively, you can earn 60% if you are the creator of an experience or 10% if you are an affiliate.
  • Hats and accessories are another way to monetize your avatar-related creations. These earn you 30% of the total amount if you are the creator. Similarly, you earn 30% as n experience creator or 40% if you are an affiliate of the experience.

Roblox has two processes for making avatar-related merchandise on their platform, and they include:

  • Using the in-game design template to make T-shirt decals, shirts, and pants.
  • Uploading custom creations directly to the app.

Furthermore, you will need to pay a selling or uploading fee, depending on the creative method you use.

Below are the details according to the Roblox website:

  • Shirts and pants attract an upload fee of 10 Robux.
  • T-shirts will cost you a selling fee of 10 Robux.
  • Accessories such as hats, shoulder, and neck ornaments will cost you 750 Robux as an upload fee.

2. Use Roblox Studio to make your own game


The other official way to earn Robux is by creating your game using the Roblox Studio. Once you sign-up, you can access the developer hub, which contains everything you need to create a game on the platform.

In addition, there is no limitation to what you can create on Roblox studio. There are dozens of lesson plans covering studio basics, coding, and gameplay mechanics. However, you will need to complete the courses to make your game more engaging for the premium players.

Premium payouts determine your Robux earning potential depending on how long players engage with your game. It is an automatic earning model, and Roblox enrolls all creators to it once they publish their game on the platform.

In addition, you can utilize the platform-tools to encourage premium players to engage with your game. For example, the premium purchase modal prompts users to enroll in premium access for your game. As such, it increases the Robux earning potential of your creation.

Part 2: Other workable ways to get free Robux

Alternatively, you can consider the following methods of how to get free Robux easily.

1. Microsoft rewards


Roblox is available on Windows and Xbox platforms. In addition, you can join the platform for free through the Microsft rewards program. Below is an overview of how to get free Robux when you sign up through Microsoft Rewards:

  • Create a Microsoft account using your Windows or Xbox device.
  • Start earning Microsoft Rewards through playing different games and engaging with other content on the platform.
  • You can then redeem the Microsoft rewards you earn for Robux that you can use to purchase different items on the Roblox platform.

2. Keep an eye on all kinds of giveaway campaigns


Robux is the official in-game currency for Roblox that you can use to purchase different items on the platform. As such, the company offers regular giveaways to promote the platform across different platforms to attract more users.

Typically, these giveaways feature Roblox promotional codes that you can use to earn premium items on the platform. For example, certain promotional codes can earn you hats, t-shirts, and hairstyles that you can use for your avatar.

Since 2014, Roblox has offered color-coded promo codes to celebrate specific achievements on the social platforms they are most active. Here they are for your reference:

  • Purple promo codes represent the company's Twitch achievements.
  • Red promo codes represent YouTube achievements.
  • Blue promo codes are for Twitter achievements.

Finally, Roblox giveaways are only through the company's staff, and they issue them through Robox's official email accounts or the company's official Twitch accounts. Therefore, only consider communications from these channels as legitimate.

Part3: Is the Robux Generator or premium generator a real thing?

No, there is no such thing as a Robux generator or a premium generator. Unfortunately, these scam sites seek to steal your Roblox account and personal data. In addition, sharing information with these sites can result in you losing all your Roblox items and denying you access to the platform.

Typically, these sites use keywords to gain your attention and to take advantage of your desperation to gain more Robux. However, according to Roblox developers, the only way to earn Robux is through the official channels that include the premium purchase modal, completing in-game reward challenges, or purchasing them using real-world currency.

In addition, they issue the following guidelines when you encounter sites claiming to offer free Robux. You can use the Report Abuse links available on the platform to alert moderators of the scam sites. As such, they will initiate preventive measures to protect other users and restrict these sites from accessing the platform.

Part4: How to protect kid's cyber life?

Roblox is an interactive gaming platform accessible to adults and kids alike. Unfortunately, it also attracts scammers and hackers, who are only out to exploit vulnerable users for their private data and Robux earnings. Below is how to protect your kid's cyber life when they engage with Roblox.

1. Famisafe Parental Control App


Famisafe parental control app allows you to track and monitor your kid's online activity. It does this through several useful tools depending on the protection you want to create. Below are some of them and how they protect your kid's cyber life:

  • Explicit content detection prevents your kids from accessing inappropriate content when online. You can set specific words that will trigger alerts whenever your child tries to access or receives inappropriate content on their device.
  • App blocker and usage is a useful tool that enables you to prevent downloading of inappropriate apps on your kids' devices. In addition, app usage helps you monitor the amount of time your kids spend on specific apps. As such, you can set time limits for each app and run reports detailing their usage.
  • Website filters and safe searches are essential to prevent your child from accessing porn or navigating to risky websites. Furthermore, the tool helps you track your child's browser history to determine which websites they visit, and you can take appropriate action from the findings.

Famisafe is free to try across mobile, Windows, macOS, and Amazon devices. However, you will need to purchase a subscription to enable all the protection features. In addition, there are separate applications for parents and kids, all of which you can access once you register an account. Finally, Famisafe enjoys a 4.7/5.0 rating on Google PlayStore and Apple's app store.

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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2. Always Promote Healthy Online Habits

Cyber security experts recommend having regular discussions with your kids on online safety. In addition, they encourage you to have open and honest conversations with your family members to build mutual trust among yourselves. Some of the healthy online safety habits they recommend include:

  • Only accessing applications from secure and legitimate sources. For example, you should only enter your login details on the official Roblox website or mobile app. In addition, secure websites always start with HTTPS:// in their URL with a padlock to symbolize their security status.
  • Invest in a wholesome antivirus for your devices. Most antivirus software is now available across platforms. In addition, they include features to prevent phishing, malware, and spyware on your devices. Furthermore, they come with additional features to protect your personal information. For example, you can enable safe online shopping on most antivirus to prevent your financial information from leaking.
  • Finally, you should also encourage your children to only share information that is necessary for the apps to function. For example, Roblox does not require access to your device's GPS to function. Therefore, you can disable these permissions as you install the app on your device.

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