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How to Clear App Cache on iPhone to Boost its Performance

Clear App Cache on Your iPhone

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: iOS Parental Control Proven solutions

As time passes and your "new iPhone or iPad" starts to slow down a bit, you may wonder how to clear the app cache on your iPhone.

I understand the irritability and stress one goes through with slowing down the smartphone or other iOS devices. It's not the machine's fault; you need to be patient and remain on a cleanup protocol.

In the past few decades, the iPhone has been a huge label. Anybody and everybody waits with anticipation for the launch of the new iPhone. Apple promises supreme performance and fast processing and has been able to meet all expectations in this regard.

how to clear app cache

On the other hand!

But as time passes, people experience that their iPhone is getting slower, and apps take more time to load. No need to worry; there is nothing wrong with your mobile, nor is "Apple purposely slowing down your iPhone."

This decrease in speed is due to the massive amount of cache and junk data that applications have stored on your iPhone.

How to clear the app cache on your iPhone

The cache is the data that the application or browser stores in your phone to make its own processing and loading faster, but in doing so, the general speed of your phone suffers.

Here is the real deal!

If people knew how to clear the cache on iPhone 6, the myth about "Apple purposely slowing down their devices" would not have gained so much traction.

So, it is a smart move to periodically precise cache data on your iPhone XR, iPhone 7, iPad, or any device you own.

Following are the things that you should do to maintain your device in its peak condition by cleaning cache and ram.

How to clear Safari cache on iPhone

The basic idea is to find out the easiest but more effective solution to speed issues in the iPhone. It may sound strange! However, the dramatic changes that appear in the iPhone's performance result from answering this question correctly.

Clear the Safari cache on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Explore and scroll to the fifth group of settings (accounts and passwords).
  2. In that group, tap on the Safari icon.
  3. You can find the "clear history and website data." Setting and tap on the button.
  4. In the dialogue box that pops up, tap "clear history and data" to confirm the selection.
  5. Safari cache will be cleared from your iPhone.

clear app cache on iphone - safari

How to keep your history while deleting cookies

In case you are thinking that losing cookies will result in losing the browsing history, stay calm. There is a perfectly simple and easy-to-follow plan for how to clear the app cache on iPhone by clearing cookies.

Ironically erasing these cookies will not add to your health issues but will help health-related apps work efficiently.

Still confused?

Eliminating cookies and adhering to how to clear app cache on the iPhone leads to a faster device. That supports the app framework and functionality in your phones. Eventually, the health app and trackers will operate at their fullest potential.

Grab a bunch of sticky notes and scribble down these steps we are discussing here:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Tap Safari > Advance > website data
  3. Tap on remove all website data.

By doing this, you will be able to clear your cookies while history will not be deleted.

clear private data on your iphone

You will need it!

The sticky notes on a visible area such as your workstation or a fridge will often remind you of clearing the phone. Let your iPhone breathe a little to stay young and energetic.

Clearing cache from third-party apps on iPhone

Third-party apps usually come with different settings regarding their data and cache. These apps may store data such as photos, journals, etc.

If the size is not too much, it is not a problem, but as it stands, the size often grows to a large number that may cause your phone to slow down. In some cases, these apps may have an option to reset data or clear cache, which depends on the developer.

To clear the cache for apps that don't have such options.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Tap on general and then on iPhone storage (or iPad storage)
  3. In this, you will see all the apps arranged based on the storage they occupy.
  4. If an app occupies too much data and is prepared to lose its information, you would have to uninstall and reinstall the app.
  5. Select that app and Tap on document and data
  6. Tap on the delete app to clear its data

how to clear cache on your iphone

Other Methods to clean cache on iPhone

No doubt cleaning cache is significant to maintain your iPhone or iPad, but manually clearing the cache of youtube or other apps or remembering how to clear cache can on iOS 13 be a hectic task for some.

Moreover, people may want to clear iPhone app data without deleting the app; there is an easy solution. The answer is to use a cleaner app for iPhone or iPad.

Best of all!

While selecting or downloading a smart cleaner app, check whether the app is safe and easy to use. Usually, the best-performing apps require a subscription, which may range from 10-20$. These apps scan your iPhone periodically and remove cache and junk files.

how to clear cache on your iphone using third party cleaner

Got a surprise for you!

Another useful way to clear the cache on the iPad or iPhone is by restarting your device. Doing so removes any temporary files or cache and speeds up your device to some extent.

Ever wondered that it could be so simple? There are many solutions if you look into the query on how to clear the iPhone's app cache from a unique angle.

Get rid of useless apps.

Some apps you are keeping in the iPhone are not in your use for any function, and you may have forgotten about them.

Let me clarify!

There is nothing as a useless app; the way you look at it and add it to your daily functionality decides whether it will stay or go.

Erase all apps that have been there for many months, but you did not give them a glance in the last 6 months.

These cleanup ventures will boost the performance and lifetime of your precious iPhone.

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Think about the facts!

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The supported features of FamiSafe are all useful for concerned parents. Here we would like to introduce some of them.

Location tracking

Using Famisafe, you can track your child's phone's real-time location and look at the location history. Through the use of this feature, can you monitor if your child is staying away from trouble and find them using Famisafe if they ever get lost?

Website and app blocking

This feature allows you to restrict access to explicit websites or apps that may hurt your child.

famisafe screen time feature

Suspicious content

This feature allows Famisafe to search the device for any questionable or explicit content such as a picture or video and give you a warning. Using this, you can make sure that your young ones are not exposed to something they shouldn't see.

To wrap it up! Maintaining your iPhone and iPad at their peak performance is neither hard nor impossible. All you need to know is how to clear the app cache on your iPhone. If left unchecked, the junk files and cache of third-party apps may slow down your phone.

Restarting your device or using a smart cleaner can also help you. To ensure your children's safety online, the use of Famisafe is an intelligent choice that is not only easy to use but also has a variety of features. So, keep your iPhone fast by clearing cache and your kids safe by using Famisafe.

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