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Math Game Sites for Kids and What to Do if They Are Blocked

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Searching the net for the best math game sites can sometimes be a difficult task to engage in but not now that you are on this website. Our team of experts has researched the net and handpicked the best math sites your kids could visit to enhance their mathematical knowledge. Keep reading to find out!

Part 1. Why Do Kids Need Math Games?

Math games are one of the most effective tools designed to help test and enhance students' learning skills in mathematics- the primary reason your kids need to engage in math games. Other benefits of math games include:

  • 1. Assessment: With maths games, parents like yourself can assess their kid's knowledge about the subject. Thus, confirming whether or not their kids understand mathematics.
  • 2. Reinforce Learning: Rather than placing all the learning burden on your kids’ tutors at schools, you can assist by mandating your kids to engage in meaningful educational games like the maths games. This way, your kids get to learn faster.
  • 3. Build Confidence: Games as we all know are designed such that players have to try severally to win or complete a task. In the process of trying, the players’ understanding of the game increases, and that in turn raises their confidence. The same principle applies to math games which raise kids’ boldness in classes.
  • 4. Creates New Learning Opportunity: No doubt, there is no perfect way of learning. However, visuals have proven to be one of the most effective, and that's because it's easier to recollect what's seen than what's written. With this in mind and math games falling underneath visual games, students who engage in math games would excel better in classes.
  • 5. Encourage Social Learning: Got a child with an introverted lifestyle? Video games like math games can help you change them as they get to engage in conversation with their peers while solving mathematical problems.

Now you know why your kids should engage in math games. Let's move a step further and take a look at the best maths gaming websites your kids can visit.

Part 2. 5 Best Math Game Sites for Kids to Learn Maths

Find below the 5 best math game sites your kids can visit to learn and build their mathematical skills online:

Game 1Cool Math Games
math game sites

Filled with several educational games ranging from logical games to skill-enhancing games, number games, and strategy games, this is one of the best maths gaming sites out there at the moment that your kids could visit. Cool math games online math gaming website hits the top of our list because of the interactive user interface.

Kids within the age group of 3-13 can easily participate in gaming activities without requesting assistance from a third party. Another amazing feature of this gaming site is that it supports multiplayer games, which means two students can engage in the game.

Game site 2Adapted Mind
math game sites

This is another incredible math game platform where parents whose kids are struggling with maths visit to enhance their kids mathematical skills. Adapted Mind games are built based on the K-6 curriculum, so only kids within the age group of 5-7 are the perfect users/players.

Unlike Cool Math Games, Adapted Mind supports only skill-enhancing educational games like numbers, geometry, multiplication, and many others. This gaming website is accessible on both mobile phones and PCs. It's also available for installation on the Apple Store. Adapter Mind has a clean web interface which makes it easy to operate for your kids.

Game site 3Math Play Ground
math game sites

Established for kids from ages 3-to 8, Math PlayGround is a superb gaming site where your kids can learn about the rudiments of mathematics. The website supports several categories of math games such as story games, logical games, arcades, skill games, and more.

You can also rely on this gaming site to enhance your kids’ spelling skills, grammar, typing speed, and many others as it supports word games. Math PlayGround is very easy to use and supports both free and premium versions.

Game site 4Splash Learn
math game sites

Splash Learn is an intuitive math gaming website designed for students from kindergarten to grade-6 class to improve their mathematical knowledge. It supports math educational games that build your kids’ speed, logical reasoning, number sense, and more.

This gaming website is handy with rich features such as mobile compatibility, offline access via the app, and in-game rewards. One amazing feature that makes Splash Learn stand out amongst most of its competitors is that it offers online learning which allows students to interact with tutors and vice versa.

Game site 5Honda Math Games
math game sites

Honda Math Games hits the last spot on our list as the best math game website. This platform is easy to use as the web interface is made simple and clean. Students from the kindergarten class all to high school struggling with mathematics are all welcome to employ the services of this website.

Honda Math Games offers several categories of maths games. Some of them include; racing games, logical games, speed games, manipulative games, and more.

Part 3. What if Math Game Websites Are Blocked?

When your kid's mobile device is blocked or restricted from a math gaming website, there is no way to access the website. This act could be carried out either by the learning institution (school), guardian, or parent using a parental control app like the Wondershare FamiSafe.

The Wondershare FamiSafe app is one of the best parental control apps available on the net. With the Wondershare FamiSafe app, parents can track, control, and manage their kid's activities on their mobile devices. This lightweight app is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, and iOS. Wondershare FamiSafe has a clean user interface that anyone, whether tech-savvy or not, can easily navigate around.

How to Block a Website on the Wondershare FamiSafe App?

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FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.

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Part4: FAQ

Q1. What is the best math game website?

Since there are countless math game platforms available on the net, selecting the best might be challenging just as we’ve mentioned earlier. However, you can count on the top 5 we introduced above.

● Cool Math Game

● Adapted Mind

● Math PlayGround

● Splash Learn

● Honda Math Games

Q2. What defines a good math website?

Before confirming a website as good or best, there are certain requirements it must fulfill. These requirements or better yet conditions include:

● Interactive User Interface: Except the math website is easy to operate, you cannot consider it a good platform. This is because most users, the kids, aren't tech experts. Rather they have little or no knowledge about tech.

● Affordable: Affordability is another condition a good math website must fulfill. End-users must be able to afford the premium services a math website offers.

Q3. Are math game websites free to use?

Absolutely no! Not all math game websites are free to use. While some might offer the service for free but with restrictions on certain features, users need to subscribe to a premium plan to unlock and enjoy the whole features of the websites.

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