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Eye Health Tips: How to Take Care of Kids’ Eyes?

Eye Health Tips

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Parent's Guide Proven solutions

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It is good to be informed that your child’s eyes are still developing and need special attention. Generally, in the human body, the eyes are the most delicate part, especially for children. Any slight mess and your child might lose their eyesight. The secret is to maintain cleanliness, shield your kids’ eyes from a wound and also, maintain upright health. Let’s see ways on how to take care of your eyes together with your children’s in more detail.

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Why Children’s Eye Health Gets Worse?

Many parents with children who’ve got eye health issues are probably bombarding doctors with this question. It is evident according to Mivision Education, that there is an increasing pattern of nearsightedness in children year in year out. The possible cause is a combination of both genetic and environmental factors.

    • Too many hours spent on screens

The more often the near work, the more their eye focussing system is stressed. Activities from handheld devices, computers, and video games or sitting close to the television may lead to an increase in eye health vision problems.

    • Blurry vision in both eyes or one eye

Blurry vision and nearsightedness (Myopia) will lead your child to strain hence, constant eye-related health problems. That lack of comfort may end up making things worse than good. American Optometric Association reports that Myopia cases have risen up by 25% as compared to 4 decades ago. And since more children spend extended lengths of time on screens, either playing games or using other digital devices, it is high time parents start limiting the use of such devices.

    • Constant rubbing of the eyes

Accumulation of bacteria is one major cause of eye health vision problems. The possibility is that the eye keeps getting in contact with dirty hands or bacterially infected objects. Resources from the International Journal of Ophthalmology show that the intraocular pressure of the eye is severely affected by any eye contact.

    • Not wearing the right glass

Even though children’s eyes may be delicate, wearing the right glass should be embraced. Don’t give short-sighted kids weaker glasses even though this was assumed to be a remedy some time back. Thanks to a trial conducted in Malaysia. The study of two years revealed that children who wore weaker glasses had their eyesight gradually becoming worse than those who had the right glasses. A Cochrane review from 2011.

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Top 8 Useful Eye Health Tips to Take care of eyes

1) Don’t be on the screen for long

This is among the common areas of concern when it comes to eye health tips. Ensure you are not on the computer, tablet or video game for long periods of time as it’s likely to cause eye exhaustion. Again, make it a habit for your children to watch television from a distance to avert an eye strain.

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2) Get routine vision screening and eye checkups

It is said that prevention is better than cure. And it’s no different when it comes to how to improve eye health. Getting you or your kids’ eyes checked regularly will bring forth any tell-tale signs that may be slowly crippling in. It is the norm for eye conditions like long-sightedness, short-sightedness, squint and amblyopia to develop early in childhood. So, the sooner it’s detected, the better the chances of healthy eye development.

3) Use safety eyewear

The common saying going by work without play makes Jack a dull boy who finds its rightful place in this eye health tip. And since children got to play, the ball rolls back to your court as the parent to ensure safety. Emphasize on the usage of protective eyewear especially while out on vigorous games like racquetball, ice hockey, and many others. Wearing helmets, face masks, and other sports goggles is called for. Again, if your job entails hazardous materials, then sticking to this tip is worth it.

4) Avoid rubbing of eyes

Averting the spread of germs is one means of how to improve eye health. The hands are good agents of infection, especially in conjunctivitis cases. Kids with this condition are quite delicate and occasional rubbing of eyes may just make the condition worse. Encourage your kids to maintain eye cleanliness.

5) Maintain a good diet

A rainbow of fruits and vegetables will do the magic. They help ensure that your kids get all the nutrients needed for healthy growth. Additionally, the inclusion of yellow fruits like squash, pumpkin, and mangoes among others ensures that the body is well nourished with carotene. This is an antecedent of vitamin A that is necessary for healthy eye development.

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Image source: Vegan Liftz

6) Monitor your kids’ toys

Some people have the notion that boys got to be rough in what they do. In this context, while girls play with soft tendered dolls, boy’s toys are full of dangerous parts. They can either be sharp, with jagged edges or framed swords. Such components can be quite dangerous, causing harm to the eye in some cases.

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7) Engage in outdoor games

Outdoor games are an affordable way to help improve eye health vision. Being active every day is a quick way to prevent the progression of short-sightedness especially in developing children.

8) Eat right during pregnancy

Remember that you are what you eat. Your baby needs the correct nutrients right before birth. So, as a parent, participate in the health of your baby by getting the right food category during and after pregnancy. After all, you need a healthy baby as an end result and eating right conquers it all.

How to prevent eye health problem?

A. It is important to know how to improve eye health by taking stern actions into prevention of eye health problems. Use three normal solutions to prevent any risks.

Avoid exposure to smoke and wind

Exposure to these harsh environment factors could lead to dry eyes. And as nature is, your eyes need to be kept moist to help prevent them from infection. Therefore lack of enough tears or a decrease in production automatically leads to dry eyes. The way out is to use protective sunglasses or goggles to help your eyes maintain the correct moisture content and avert these problems.

Watch your lifestyle choices

This implies especially to aging persons because of a macular degeneration eye condition. And it’s more prone to those who have a poor lifestyle habit. Again, this is why some older people have difficulty in reading, driving or recognizing faces. The remedy is to exercise regularly, avoid smoking and eat a healthy diet.

Managing allergic conjunctivitis

Some people are naturally allergic to certain products. Such substances cause the outer part of the eye to become swollen, turning to red, watery or itchy. Maintain your eye health vision by staying away from substances that trigger these allergy symptoms. Alternatively, use eye drops after an exposure to such substances to counteract any allergic reactions.

B. Introducing FamiSafe

Among the ways of how to take care of your eyes is to limit the usage of screen activities like video games and excessive use of the computer or cellphone. FamiSafe is the most reliable parental control App to help you limit your child’s phone activities.

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Notable Features

Screen time tracking and control

This feature helps your kid to stay focused especially during school time. You can set time limits and avoid would-be distractions. You’ll know whether they are at school, already sleeping during bedtime or if they are doing a whole day’s cell game.

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Prevent suspicious text alerts

FamiSafe has the potential to send you automatic alerts whenever your child gets inappropriate adult content or other threats in their text conversations.


Eye health care should be a daily routine. Since certain environmental factors may contribute to eye health problems, the above eye health tips are all you need to keep safe. And when it comes to your kids, you have the power to control what they do especially with their phones. Use FamiSafe to help you monitor their phone activities and help keep them safe even in your absence.

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