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Squid Game Parent Review: is it appropriate for kids?

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A few online series have become an overnight sensation with the audience due to their content, ideas, and the way it is presented. The Squid Game is not different. However, many people still wonder what the Squid Game is about. The drama television series is based in South Korea, where the focus is on survival by completing a deadly tournament. The winner gets a hefty prize, while the losers will lose their life.

Currently, the hyper-violent Squid game has become a sensation amongst the teenage group, with a large part of the age group on Netflix having already seen the show. However, it becomes a significant concern among parents considering if Squid Game is appropriate for kids. Therefore, this parent guide will focus on the problems with the season and how parents can keep their teenage children safe from its adverse effects.

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What is the Squid Game?

This television survival drama series focuses on the contestants playing six children's games with deadly consequences if someone loses. Technically, the contestants are being sadistically tortured through the demeanor of gameplay by the game master. The game-winner wins 45.6 billion Won, equating to almost 38 million dollars. However, those who lose get killed. The entire series consists of 9 complete episodes and is available on Netflix to be streamed in most areas. The series also uses the theme of combat hidden in simple games to gain glory, prestige, and advance over others.

Why is it So Popular Among Kids?

Squid Game has been highly popular amongst the young audience, with children replicating its content all around the globe. There are many reasons why Squid Game has been at the top of the kids’ preferences.

Children Game Themes

The Squid Game involves different rounds around the common games that children play. For example, there is a Tug of War round, and the first round of the game resonates with the common green line red line played at schools. Therefore, it is easy for the kids to resonate with the ideas presented and replicate those games in a school environment.

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The Element of Competitiveness

While the inherent nature of the games involves violence and death, the characters are still competing with each other to win a prize. It is more like a challenge where people compete to win from a child's perspective. Therefore, the show becomes interesting due to the thrill and suspense of finding out who proceeds ahead and who loses.


Availability in Different Languages

Netflix has done an amazing job when it comes to making the show accessible. The show has been formally dubbed from Korean to the much more accessible and understandable English Language. There are subtitles for the show provided in 37 different languages by Netflix. Therefore, kids can see the show easily without finding a translation for the content first.

Is Squid Game Appropriate for Kids?

Is Squid Game good? Undoubtedly! The show is extremely interesting for the mature audience. However, when it comes to children, there are many reasons to consider it inappropriate for a young kid. Parents may be concerned about the following side effects of watching the show:

Repetitive Violence Theme

While many shows and movies currently have violence embedded in them, very few have such consistent instances of violence as the Squid Game. In essence, the entire idea of the show revolves around violence and extreme actions. Therefore, kids watching Squid Game are constantly exposed to violence in a booming age, changing their perceptions about the nature and horrors of violence in the real world.


Adult Content

Many themes within the Squid Game are more suited to the mature, adult audience than youngsters. For example, gambling addiction, complex family issues, and the nature of greed that can lead to problems for other people are often things that parents don’t want their kids to be involved in and love at the same time. Plus, adults are better suited to watch the themes that can cause serious stress in their thinking, cognition, and perceptions.

Illegal Ideas

Some of the ideas presented in the series are completely illegal. For example, they are killing people to advance in life (as in the game itself) or causing serious violence just for a game is completely illegal if practiced in real life. However, watching such content can convince children that such actions are completely normal, which increases the threat of replication.

Check this video and get insights about video game addiction in kids.

How to Protect Kids from Inappropriate Content on the Internet?

The Squid Game is just one of the many examples of inappropriate content available on the internet for a child audience. The biggest issue is that kids today have easy access to technological devices that can access such content. Therefore, parents have to find ways to prevent inappropriate content from reaching their children. Some of the best methods to ensure the same is as follows:

Replace Tech Device with Outdoor Activity

Being homebound is not the best for the children’s health, growth, and mental fitness. Instead, it is always plausible to replace some device-ridden time with outdoor, resourceful activities. Consider getting your children interested in sports or other outdoor tasks that make them less addicted to technological devices. The lesser time they spend around their tech gadgets, the lower their chances of accessing inappropriate content online.

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Spend More Time Communicating with Your Kids

Kids are at a learning age. Through communication, parents can help the children learn what types of content are inappropriate for them and the reasons for its inappropriate nature. Plus, communication also helps children ask about different issues they face with their online device usage. Therefore, parents can identify if the child is consuming any inappropriate content and ensure that such inappropriate consumption can be limited.

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Limited Access to Technological Devices and the Internet

Software like Anti-Porn and others can help keep track of the child’s internet usage. Plus, they can automatically restrict the websites known for their pornographic or mature content. Another related strategy is to give your children restricted access to technological devices. For example, let them use the device only under your supervision and for enough time to get their homework or other tech-related tasks completed. This way, the chances of coming across inappropriate content will reduce significantly.

Delay the Access to Technological Devices

Although it seems difficult, many parents successfully delay the age when their children receive their first tech device. For example, you may provide your children with a gaming console at home earlier that does not require access to the internet. However, they should be provided access to the internet at home only after reaching a certain age. As the child grows, their sense of right and wrong becomes much more sophisticated and complex. Therefore, accessing technology at a later age reduces the chances of accessing inappropriate content out of naivety.

Parental Control App

Parents can use parental control applications like Wondershare FamiSafe that helps them keep track of what their children access online. Additionally, the software helps restrict the children from accessing problematic or inappropriate content. Many aspects of the children’s online usage can be controlled, restricted, and monitored through the application. You can install filters for the website searches and website access through the following steps:

  • Step 1. Install Wondershare FamiSafe on both your device and the device of your child.
  • Step 2. Pair them together with the pairing code or log in with the same account you created.
  • Step 3. Use the Website Filter option to filter the websites you don’t want your children to access.

Other Benefits of Wondershare FamiSafe

Wondershare FamiSafe is an exceptional tool to keep your child’s online activities in check. At the same time, you get numerous other useful features as well.

Screen Time Limit

If your child uses their tech device excessively, use the Screen Time feature to limit their time on the device. Once the time is up, the device will lock them out until the next period starts. This way, your child’s usage will become much more reasonable, and it will prevent device addiction.

App Blocker

If your child uses any potentially dangerous or harmful application to their studies, academic careers, or health, you can block that app remotely. Once blocked, the child can not access the application until you unblock it.

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Location History

Track the location of your children remotely as long as they have the Wondershare FamiSafe application installed on their device. Check out the device portal and click on location history to check where your children’s device has been. This tool can prove exceptionally useful in case of emergencies. Plus, it is a great way to track how the device is being used by the kids.


Be it the Squid Game or any other popular content that can include information inappropriate for your young children, parents need to take action to filter out this kind of content available online. Wondershare FamiSafe can be an overall assistant offering an excellent way for you to ensure your kid’s safety and protection. Get the tool today through our official link and protect your children’s online activity.

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