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How to Stop Pornography Addiction with FamiSafe

how to stop pornography addiction

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

Although it can be completely normal for kids and teens to evoke curiosity about their sexuality as they grow. One can easily find a wide array of pornographic pictures on the internet and cable television, where adult content is broadcast late at night. Due to the easy accessibility of porn content, kids and teens watch it frequently. This often leads to pornography addiction, which can be a major concern for their parents. But, don't worry; if the internet has easy accessibility to various things, then it has ample solutions for how to stop pornography addiction through parental control apps that can prevent your kid's future from getting harmed.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

Teenagers, being in their immature stages, are quite uncertain about their sexual identity and to them, how to stop pornography addiction is really a difficult job. They get entertained by the arousing intense ecstatic feelings while simultaneously secretly connecting with those who have similar sexual preferences. It has been found that pornography is an addictive force that is slowly capturing the creativity of kids and teens.

Raising a child troubled with pornography may at times be disappointing and discouraging for parents. Pornography addiction is a serious issue; parents should take certain steps and actions to let their teens execute all the solutions for how to stop pornography addiction efficiently.

What Can Parents Do When Find Kids Are Addicted to Pornography?

1. Show Your Love and Affection: Motivate your child by telling them about happiness, successful life, and show your concern that if they get involved in pornography, it can ruin their future and well-being that can lead to spiritual death and endless dissatisfaction, according to the journal, Overcoming Pornography Addiction: A Spiritual Solution.

2. Share Your Knowledge: Share your knowledge and teach your kids and teens about how pornography misconducts sexuality, causes the viewer to see other people as sexual objects, encourages various kinds of immorality, and manipulate the users, so they become addicted to it.

3. Communicate Openly: When you get to know that your teens have an addiction to pornography, talk to them, and discuss with them more openly without any hesitation. Let them speak about their aspects of pornography without closing the lines of communication. Sexual transgressions expand in secrecy but are less likely to pass off if the matter gets to sort out in a sensitive and caring manner.

4. Be Patient and Stay Calm: When you find that your kid is addicted to pornography, don't shout and respond in anger. Instead, be genuinely attentive and talk to your child in a respectful manner and freely. Ask him how he gets exposed to pornography, how long it has been, and how deeply the child is engaged with pornography.

5. Admonish Gently: Instead of preaching, forbidding, or disapproving, plead your kid for the best sentiments. Admonish him or her gently and counsel him on how to stop pornography addiction in a better way. Give him your complete support and encourage him to overcome this problem.

Apart from all these, as a parent, it's your responsibility to safeguard the home. Implement healthy media habits in your kids by limiting their television and computer hours, installing Internet filters and taking help from parental control apps for how to stop pornography addiction, and placing televisions and computers at that spots where the screens can be visible to anyone easily.

What Can Anti Porn Addicitonl App Do for the Parents?

Are you seeking the possible ways for how to stop pornography addiction in your kids and teens? Digital Media offers many benefits and risks everywhere in the Smartphone period. Thus, it makes it more challenging for the parents of kids or teens who spend most of their time discovering different social media apps and exploring other things online.

Even if you've already discussed with your teens regarding the screen-time limits and their usage of the internet, still it's really difficult to keep an eye on their doings when you're not around them. To make it more convenient for you, the parental controls app is the best option that can add extra value to your efforts. Parental control apps give you access for simple monitoring & management tools that help you to observe all your kid's activities and to set screen time for your kids! These apps are not meant to use by kids, but is designed to make your kids online experiences more secure, creative, productive, and joyful.

With the help of Parental-control apps, parents can easily track their kids, monitor their kids' activities, see with whom their kids are communicating, block those websites that are inappropriate for their kids, and make their kids understand about their limitations in online world while stopping them from accessing adult contents.

All the parental control apps can give you huge benefits, and some are capable to reach above your expectations! Therefore, it is important for you to choose the most reliable parental control app wisely that is just a simple answer to how to stop pornography addiction in your kids or teens.

The Best Anti Porn Addiction App - FamiSafe

Looking for the most trusted parental control app to install on your kids or teens phone? Well, you're not alone. There are plenty of parents that seek help from such apps in order to keep their kids and teens secure online, solving their problem of how to stop pornography addiction, and to get some peace of mind.

FamiSafe is considered as one of the best parental control apps that is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app gives access to the parents to track the activities of their kids using their mobile phones. Moreover, this app delivers the best concoction of web filtering, location tracking and geofencing, app blocking, web filtering, screen time controlling, and remote controlling.

FamiSafe - The Best Parental Control for Porn Blocking

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube History Monitor & Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • *Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Features of FamiSafe

Filter our porn search result: This feature helps parents to filter our porn search results and block porn keywords to be searched.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

Features of FamiSafe

Suspicious Texts: This feature helps parents to find suspicious content by getting notified about the use of offensive words in their kids' SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or Messenger Lite on Android device. It allows parents to add the offensive words and keywords, on which they can get alerts, prevent their kids from online bullying, pornography, and gambling.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

App Usage: It is the most efficient anti-addiction method. Through this feature, parents can easily block those websites that are not useful for their kids and can block those apps to which their kids are addicted. It gives the best option for the parents on how to stop pornography addiction in their teens.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

Track Location and Geo-Fencing: This feature used very often by all parents. Once the parents enable this feature in their kids' phone, they can easily monitor their kid's location at any time and stops them from potential risks. They can get alerts when their kids get away from their safe zone areas.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

Web Content Filter: This is the most prominent feature that helps parents to keep their kid away from all the possible online threats by blocking any unwanted web content such as pornography, gaming, violence, etc.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

Screen Time: This feature helps parents to access their child's activity online from their own devices that make them observe and understand easily where their kids spend most of their time. Besides this, it allows parents to schedule a screen time limit during their kids' study and sleeping hours.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

Smart Schedule: This feature offers more flexibility to the parents to monitor their kids' devices with the help of different control settings such as location tracking and app blocking.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

How to Stop Pornography Addiction with Famisafe?

Being a parent, it's your duty to make sure that your kids or teens are safe in all the possible ways. Well, if you are looking for the answer to how to stop pornography addiction, then, porn blocker app is the best option for you that helps you to block porn websites. Thus, preventing your kids from getting addicted to pornography.

If you are looking for the most reliable porn blocker app cum parental control app, then Famisafe is the best one. It is an excellent app that not only helps you for how to stop pornography addiction in your kids but also embedded with a lot of features that works on both iPhone and Android devices.

With the accurate usage of its web filtering and app blocking features, it offers so many benefits and makes easier for parents by giving them one platform that opens it all the ways of how to stop pornography addiction in the kids or teens by following a few steps:

1. Install FamiSafe:

Open the play store application of your phone, and then search “FamiSafe”. Now, with the number of appearing options, select the option that has “Wondershare” as its developer name. Then, download and install the app on your both mobile devices, one from the mobile device from which you want to monitor and the second phone on which the parental settings would be applied.

2. Log in to FamiSafe account

Register yourself to create a Famisafe account on either of the devices. Fill your email address and create a strong password in order to secure your account. Once you filled all the credentials and they have been proved to be valid, the FamiSafe account will get activated instantly.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

3. Start FamiSafe on the Monitored Device

Log in from your kid's phone or the monitored device on which you need to block porn websites. Input all the details of the registered FamiSafe account while logging in. Then, on the next step, select personal identity as “Kid.”

If you are Android users, you need to grant the app administrative permissions by clicking on “yes.” When you are done with administrative criteria, you can manage your kid's phone easily.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

4. Block Porn Websites

On the monitoring device, select the “Web filter” option on the FamiSafe app. A list of categories containing different options would get open on your screen, choose the Adult content category, and activate it. You can also mention the name of the websites that you want to block in the exceptions option that is one step ahead of how to stop pornography addiction in teens.

How to Stop Pornography Addiction for Kids

The chances of getting an addict to pornography among kids and teens are extremely high. Therefore, it is an important task for parents to search for all the possible ways of how to stop pornography addiction in them more effectively. Parental control app, such as FamiSafe, is the only solution they left with. It takes only a couple of minutes to get installed, and help parents in blocking porn sites and controlling all activities of the kids online!

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