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4 Proven Ways to Check iPhone Location History by Date 2024!

How to Check iPhone Location History by Date

Are you looking for the best way to check iPhone location history by date? With the pandemic and global inflation, we always worry that horrible things may happen to our loved ones. However, preparing for the worst-case situation is occasionally worthwhile to respond as swiftly as possible in an emergency.

The most efficient way to know the whereabouts of your family member is by checking their iPhone location history by date. Location services use GPS, Bluetooth, cell towers, and Wi-Fi hotspots to monitor your movements.

Several location-sharing applications are available to pick from, whether you want to keep track of your child's arrival home from school or ensure that someone can locate you in an emergency. Read this article to find out how to check recent location history on iPhone:

Part 1: How to Check iPhone Location History by Date 2023?

Method 1: Google Map

Do you wish to record iPhone location history by date? Then Google Maps' timeline function is the best tool for you. Once you've made the necessary adjustments in the app, the mapping service will begin keeping track of where you go and how long you spend there. To check iPhone location history by date with Google Maps, you will first have to check whether the location services are enabled. Here is how you can do it:

How to Enable Location Service with iOS 16?

First and foremost, make sure Google Maps has the iPhone maps timeline turned on. When you turn it on, you can only save your location history and engage with other areas you've visited. To enable iPhone location history by date on iOS 16, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download Google Map

Download Google Maps if you haven't already, and make sure you are signed into your Google account before opening Google Maps.

Step 2: Open Settings

In the upper-right corner, tap your profile photo and select Personal Content under Settings.

recent location history 1

Step 3: Enable Location History

Verify that Location History is enabled under the Location Settings tab. If it isn't, click Location History and toggle the setting on.

recent location history 2

How to Generate a Timeline with Google Maps on iPhone?

As soon as you enable Location History, Google Maps will follow your movements as you go to various locations. Here's how you can generate and access your Google Maps timeline on your iPhone:

Step 1: Launch the App

Open the Google Maps application and in the top-right corner, tap your profile picture.

Step 2: Open your Timeline

View your daily visits by tapping "Your Timeline."

recent location history 3

Step 3: View your Visits

Click "Show Calendar," then scroll across several days to check the visits from a different day or month.

recent location history 4


You can delete, edit or add places in Google map timeline.


It is a free service, and anyone can use it.

Method 2: Geonection App

Geonection is a real-time location tracker best for friends who want to know the whereabouts of each other. With this app, you can stay in touch with a loved one from anywhere in the world and keep an eye on them to ensure they're safe.

recent location history 5


You can make a Circle and invite people to it so that you don't have to manually share your location with family and friends one by one. This app will not disclose your location to anybody outside your Circle because it uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data. Geonection allows you to create separate Circles for your family and close friends. Everyone in the Circle has access to one another's whereabouts. You can all protect one another.

Location History

So what happens, for example, if your kid decides to slip away when you're fast asleep and unable to check your phone? The Location History function is made explicitly for this purpose. You can always check back later to see all the locations they've gone to if you need help keeping an eye on them.

Here is how you can check your recent location history:

Step 1: Install and Register

Install the Geonection app on your iPhone and register an account with the app using your email address.

recent location history 6

Step 2: Sign in to Your Account

Sign in using your Google or Facebook account.

Step 3: Enter the Circle

Enter the Circle code a fellow circle member gave you. After creating or entering a Circle, its name will appear at the top of the main interface.

recent location history 7

You can find all of them by tapping the Circle drop-down box. You can now also share your location with other circle members after joining the app successfully.


A standard circle expires after three days and deletes itself automatically. As a result, when time has passed, you cannot observe the live location of your circle members. However, the circle configuration option in the app allows you to modify the validity to permanent.


It's free to test out Geonection. However, for limitless location sharing, you'll need a membership plan. A monthly subscription costs $4.99, while a yearly one costs $49.99 and includes two months free. Additionally, you can discontinue your membership renewal at any time.

Method 3: FamiSafe-location Tracker

Suppose you are looking for a reliable and safe app that can show you the recent location history of your family. In that case, you can use the FamiSafe parental control app. It is easy to use and is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

recent location history 8

Real-Time Location

With FamiSafe, you can track your child's whereabouts at any time. You don't always need to call them to find out where they are because the software allows you to follow their location in real time. This feature might be handy if your child is a minor and frequently forgets how to get home.

Location History and Geofencing

Are you concerned about where your children go when you aren't with them? FamiSafe records the locations they have visited. Using this timeline, you could better understand your child's habits and interests. Thanks to the Real-time Location feature, you can find the precise location where your kid is wandering. You can make Geofence zones with the FamiSafe kid tracker. FamiSafe will notify you if your kid accesses any locations that you find unacceptable.

recent location history 9

Driving Report

Without being in the passenger seat, the FamiSafe phone tracker can provide information about your teen's driving behavior. After each journey, a thorough report is produced that includes pertinent data on the average speed, the highest speed, and the overall distance.

The app offers a weekly assessment of their driving habits and performance behind the wheel. Since you have access to summaries for the previous three weeks, you can keep track of your progress and break negative behaviors as soon as they start.

How to track live location, view location history, or drive history with FamiSafe?

Step 1: Download and Install FamiSafe

Download and install FamiSafe on your device and the device used by your child to track a phone's location. Go through the latest features of FamiSafe by clicking on Start. You can also skip this step.

recent location history 10

Step 2: Create an Account

Create a FamiSafe account inside the app on the device used by you (the parent). You can also log in using a Facebook, Google or Apple ID.

recent location history 11

Step 3: Connect your Kid's Phone

Sign in to your FamiSafe account as a parent and connect your kid's phone with a QR code or pairing code.

recent location history 12

Step 4: Pair and Authorize

Install a mobile device management file and provide the required rights in the case of iOS. After you have paired and authorized the kid 's device, you can now set up basic parental controls using the starting wizard.

recent location history 13

Step 5: Sign in

Sign in using your device when you've finished the setup. FamiSafe will then immediately establish a connection with your child's device. Once you've configured everything on both devices, you control everything entirely; use the dashboard to track live location, view location history, or drive reports.

recent location history 14

Step 6: Track Real-Time Location

Select the "Live Location" button from the app's main menu to track real-time location. Next to the Live Location feature is a map display.

You can search for your child's last whereabouts using the map's markers and the specific position information.

recent location history 15


It has a short and limited trial period.


The cost of a monthly subscription is $10.99, while a yearly subscription costs $60.99.

Play this video link to check how to track location with FamiSafe:

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Method 4: Life 360 App

Life360 is a GPS tracking software that allows you to keep track of your family's whereabouts, driving habits, and vehicle speeds, among other things. Users of Life360 can record information about their places of employment, residence, education, and other specific areas.

recent location history 16

Depending on your membership category, your dashboard will include a list of all the tools you have access to, ready for use whenever you need them. Just be sure to add your loved ones and friends to your Circle.

To enable iPhone location history by date with Life360, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install Life360

Go to the App store and install the Life360 app.

Step 2: Create a Circle

Make your own exclusive, closed-door family Circle.

Step 3: Choose the Membership

Select the membership package that best meets your family's needs and start tracking their location.

recent location history 17


It supports location history for only two days with the free plan.

It doesn't have many safety features.


A monthly gold subscription costs $14.99 per month, while a platinum subscription costs $24.99 per month.

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Part 2: Summary

If you want to view your iPhone location history by the date, you must look for software that keeps your location history safe from online threats. We can't think of a better app than FamiSafe for this purpose. It is an all-in-one parental control app with various features to keep your whole family safe. Therefore, we highly recommend it.

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