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How to Check Location History with a Samsung Phone?

Know How to Check Your Samsung's Location History in 2023

In general, Google gathers much of our data. While some of this data is used to provide targeted advertisements, other data, like location, enhance the overall mobile experience. One of the best Google services for accurately tracking the places you visit with your smartphone is Google location history. In addition to finding that location history on a Samsung phone is often switched on when entering into a Google account, the device may be your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The places you visit will be able to be saved and stored by Google. This piece will examine instructional material regarding locating Samsung's location history. You may do this in various ways, such as using the Google Maps app, the FamiSafe Parental Control software, or any other browser program (like Chrome, etc.). So, let's get going and investigate these techniques of how I check my Samsung location history.

find my mobile

Part 1: Method 1: Use a unique Samsung mobile feature

When "Samsung Location History" is enabled, the timeline will display all the places visited by the user's devices after logging into their Google Account and turning on location history.

If you find out more about location history that is enabled, the measures that follow will be more advantageous for you:

  • On your Samsung smartphone, launch the Google Maps app.
  • Next, tap Your timeline after clicking the profile image.
  • Select More, followed by Setting and Privacy.
  • Select Location History and see whether it indicates the location is on or off.

Follow these instructions to check the enabled location history on a Samsung phone. If location history is off, hit "location is off" to enable location tracking.

Losing your Galaxy phone might be one of the most upsetting and frustrating experiences. It concerns personal data and priceless memories. Samsung understands this requirement, and if a user has set up a Samsung account before losing the phone, it may recover by calling it, sending messages to it, or monitoring its movement via the device's location service.

Find My Mobile, a separate function available on Samsung handsets, lets you locate a misplaced cellphone. You must configure this service on your smartphone to allow for the tracking of your phone.

Make sure your Samsung account is visible, then adjust all the options.

find my mobile

To find your phone, please go to [Settings -> Lock Screen and Security -> Scroll down and click on the "Find My Mobile" option.] You will also see the website (https://findmymobile.samsung.com), which you need to remember so that you may go there and log in with the Samsung account registered on your phone if it becomes misplaced.

How to track your device on Samsung

  • Use the PC or phone browser to sign in to https://findmymobile.samsung.com using your Samsung Account (chrome, IE, EDGE, Safari).
  • You will then be able to view the Find My Mobile-registered devices after logging in with your Samsung account. Locate the missing phone's model, then choose it. You may discover the location and several choices if it is presented online and connected.

The following options are:

Make a phone call: Even when the Sound mode is on Vibration or Mute, your phone will ring for 1 minute at its loudest level.

Secure your phone:

  • Lock your phone.
  • Disable your Samsung Pay-registered cards.
  • Disable biometric notifications in Samsung Pass.
  • Lock the device's power-off option to protect it.

This will stop someone from turning the phone off while holding it and keep it on.

Delete the data: Your data, including the registered Samsung Pay cards, will be wiped entirely and cannot be restored if you go forward. Erasing your phone's data will also reset it, making it impossible for you to use it. If your phone is linked to a Google account, you must sign in to the account before using the phone once again.

Backup files: You can choose your phone's applications and data to back up to the Samsung cloud.

Recover Messages and Calls: Up to 50 recent calls and texts are retrievable from your phone.

Lock the gadget: When you forget how to unlock your phone, unlock it remotely. All the screen lock data on your phone, including the pattern, PIN, password, and biometrics, will be erased if you utilize this feature. Your biometrics will be protected if you use an earlier version of Android. To confirm, tap UNLOCK and enter your Samsung account password.

Increase battery life: The Ultra or Maximum power-saving modes to increase the life of your battery, making it harder to find the gadget. While the battery life is increasing, data backup to Samsung Cloud is unavailable.

Set Guardian: Designated Guardians may use your device's remote controls to perform the following actions. Guardians may be changed or eliminated anytime you like.

  • Find your gadget
  • Turn on Emergency Mode.
  • Ring gadget

Part 2: Method 2: Use apps that track Android phone location

Before truly determining whether to accept or limit Google's location history, it's a good idea to look at it. The easiest way to see location history on a Samsung phone is via Google Find My Device or FamiSafe on your phone. In this section, we'll examine these two methods for using a Google account to look up location data on a Samsung phone.

Google Find My Device

I also used Google's Find My Device feature to track my Samsung location history. The software, which is also relatively straightforward, I used to keep an eye on my Android phone. It's a free service that Google provides. In addition to looking for a lost phone, you may remotely lock, unlock, or ring it. Follow these easy instructions to utilize our missing phone tracker.

Step 1: First, download the Find My Smartphone App on your handset from the Google Play Store. After installing, you may open the program and turn on device tracking.

download and install

Step 2: Nearly all smartphones include a native location tracking function provided by Google. On your smartphone, navigate to Settings > Security > Find my device and enable location monitoring even if you don't use the app.

location tracking

Step 3: In the future, if your device goes lost, visit Google's Find My Device website. The Google account associated with the lost device will be requested when you attempt to log in. After login in, you can view all the connected devices. Choose the device you wish to watch.

find my device

Google will locate the object with great accuracy. You can also remotely lock, ring, and erase the device with this feature.

FamiSafe [for kids]

The Famisafe Parental Control software allows parents to supervise better and control their children's electronic devices. You can easily find your family and kids, keep track of their whereabouts, assess how they use their devices, and schedule screen time and app use.

The advantages of utilizing the FamiSafe parental control app are as follows.

Play this video to monitor kids’ devices remotely using FamiSafe:

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  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Chromebook
  • Protect your children at all costs: Parents may readily track children's whereabouts at any time. It is the most incredible phone monitoring tool for parents to discover what is happening around their children.
  • Keep an eye on children's technology use: Parents can immediately monitor what their kids are doing on their devices. They may instantly look up the App's use and ad data. It protects children from all hazardous applications and assists them in avoiding online fraud and cyberbullying.
  • Remote observation: With the help of the App's one-way audio and remote camera, you can listen in on your child's surroundings and see around them using a mobile device. Parents can instantly glance at the screen of a child's device thanks to screen mirroring. Parents may monitor social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Now that you know this lost phone tracker's extraordinary powers, you must be excited to use it. The good news is that no prior technical expertise is necessary to use FamiSafe. FamiSafe is a user-friendly software that I tried and found to be able to monitor my Android phone promptly. By using FamiSafe and the instructions below, you can find a lost Android phone:

Step 1: Download FamiSafe and Register

Download FamiSafe on the smartphones of both the parent and the kid. Now, create a FamiSafe account inside the App. You may register on your phone or your child's phone. You may use the same account on both devices.

install famisafe

Step 2: Start Tracking

Connect to and keep an eye on the child's phone using FamiSafe on the parent's phone. FamiSafe is the top parental control tool for monitoring whereabouts, blocking apps, blocking websites, managing screen time, and more. Now you may start tracking.

connect and monitor

Step 3: Use Location Tracking Feature

To find a lost Android phone, use the location tracking feature of FamiSafe from the left panel. This will provide the precise location of the intended object. You may access even its past location records from here.

So, install FamiSafe on your device as soon as possible since you never know when you'll find yourself in this awkward situation. Once the program is installed, remotely locating a lost Android phone is easy.

Part 3: Summary

Are you still asking yourself how do I check my Samsung location history? Then reread the article to understand how to check your new Samsung phone's location history. Besides, if you want a parental control app to help you review your kid's location history at Samsung, try FamiSafe, the best parental control app.

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