How to Track My Phone for Free Online

track my phone for free online

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It is an unquestionable fact that no matter how careful you think you might be; situations whereby the unexpected such as losing your phone might occur. Instead of driving into a state of pandemonium, you can opt to track phone location. Surfing the internet for ways to track my phone for free online will definitely come up with several results, some of which might not be effective enough. This article will be exploring functional methods to track phone location for free and effectively as well.

How to track my lost Android Phone free?

Isn't it so true, a sudden knock of reality strikes your mind a few moments after losing your Android. Memory floodgates start flushing in, "Where did I drop it? When last was it seen?" "Did it drop off?". Most often than not, you might not be able to locate the phone.

Don't be all worked up, there is the possibility you can find it back by making use of the Find my phone function on most Android phones today. Earlier Android versions came with this function hidden under the built-in "Android Device Manager". But in subsequent versions, it is apparent with the name "Find my Device". This Android service makes use of GPS technology to track phone location and display it on Google maps. The downside to this feature is that the GPS and data must be on to successfully read and transmit the location to Google maps.

If you have been asking the question, how do I track my phone for free, then follow these few steps to get on with it.


1. Navigate to "security" settings under the "Google Settings" or "Settings" option on your android phone.

2. You should be able to see two options namely "Remotely Locate this Device" and "Allow remote lock and Erase" located under the Android device manager. Ensure that the two functions are turned on.

track my phone for free online

3. Now head to Location settings and switch it on, you can access it by swiping your device from top to bottom to switch on "Access to my location" or access location setting from "All settings".

how to track my phone for free online

4. Now to locate your device, launch web browser preferably Google Chrome from any phone, tablet, or a personal computer and type in the search bar "Where is my phone". If you are not signed in on the browser with the same account on your phone, then sign in to Google account on the browser. You should be able to see your device location on Google map.

5. You can decide to remotely ring the device, lock the device so it cannot be accessed or to erase all the files to prevent access to personal data.

track my phone for free


1. You can also track your phone from another android device by logging in as a guest on "find my device" app by Google play protect. You can also visit website to login.

2. Once you are logged in, click on the device you want to locate amongst the list at the top of the page and click on the refresh button to locate the devices.

3. You can also remotely play sound, lock devices and erase device content.

how to track my phone for free

track my phone for free

How to track my lost iPhone free?

iPhone is one of the most expensive devices and it is a pretty secured smartphone as well. The loss of an iPhone might have some excruciating worry attached to it, probably because of the price and loss of the phone. But there is no cause for alarm as the phone can be located remotely within a few seconds. There are two major ways of tracking iPhone location for free, the first method would be by making use of the popular "Find My iPhone" app on another phone or from iCloud. One of the good things about "Find my iPhone" is that it can still function even if the phone is switched off, the command of locking, playing sound or erasing the device would be sent and initiated the moment the phone comes on.


1. Head to Apple's App Store and download "Find My iPhone" to your iPhone. This ought to have been installed before you lose your phone.

2. After installation, go to "Settings" on your iPhone and click on "iCloud". Now make sure that "Find my device" option is turned on, that is, it must be showing the green on color.

how to track my phone for free

3. Pick another iPhone device which has the app installed on it and log in.

4. Simply click on refresh to show the current location of your lost phone.

5. You can activate "Lost mode" from the app which locks the device with a passcode and can help you display a message on the screen of the lost phone.

6. You can also make it play a sound at the highest volume for about 2 minutes.

track my iphone free

USING iCloud

1. You can sign in to from a personal computer or on a Mac

2. Select the device that you wish to locate from the list if you have more than one device logged in

3. The location of the device would be displayed on a map and you can activate the "Lost Mode" in order to lock the device and display a message on its lock screen. If your debit card is activated on your iPhone's Apple pay, all transactions would be suspended until the lost mode is deactivated.

4. You can also erase your device to completely delete all files on the phone.

how to track my iphone free

The best free cell phone tracking app

FamiSafe is a powerful top of the art tracking device. If you want to always keep track of your phone while at work or in an important meeting, then FamiSafe is just the perfect program for you.

FamiSafe is more than just a tracking program, it is also an all in one parental control application equipped with a whole lot of useful and effectively powerful features. Some of these features included here but are not limited to

1. Real Time GPS Location:

The online program has the ability to locate the exact location of a target device by making use of GPS technology to pinpoint device location and displaying it on a Map.

free cell phone tracking

2. Location History:

This shoes a track record of where your children have been to and at what time by using GPS to track their every movement and keeping the record.

3. Geofencing:

This feature enables parents to be able to set a geographical boundary for their children to know where they should and should not go to. Ones these boundaries have been exceeded, the program sends a trigger response.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

cell phone tracking

4. Block Apps:

In case you feel certain applications are taking your children's time or there are apps you do not want them to have access to, the program can block any app of your choice and prevent it from functioning.

6. Screen Time:

With this feature, you can now have complete control of what is being done on your phone even while sitting away. You can set time limits for phone activities and keep your kids at bay too.

Screen Time

7. Block Websites:

Are there certain websites that you want to prevent your children from accessing? You can input the website's URL on FamiSafe to block the sites.

8. View Browser History:

You can use this feature to know what websites your children have been accessing with details of the time it was visited and how often the site was visited.

View Browser History

In our daily life and busy schedule we many times forget many important things including our cell phone. Many people carry more than once mobile devices for business and professional reasons and it is always better to be able to track them easily. I hope the above article helped you in knowing how to track your phone online for free and also by using FamiSafe, which is by far the best tracking app.

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