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Roblox Filter for Parents: Why Kids Want to Bypass Roblox Filter and How?

Roblox Filter

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: Parental Control Tips Proven solutions

Launched in 2005, Roblox is easily one of the most popular online platforms amongst kids and teens. It's essentially a massively multiplayer online and game creation system, allowing players to not only create their own games but play with others as well. The platform also has chat and text features that allow users to communicate with each other.

With more than 100 million monthly active users, it's by far the biggest platform of its kind. But here's the catch.


Roblox, just like anything else on the internet, has a dark side to it. For the most part, Roblox is trying to make sure that kids and teens are not exposed to dangerous, obscene, and harmful content on the platform by introducing the Roblox filter.

But don't just take a sigh of relief yet. Here we'll try and explain why the Roblox filter is not the best solution to protect your kids from harmful content that circulates the platform. And you can always turn to the educational version of the games.

Why Does Roblox Have Chat and Text Filter?


The message above was sent by a complete stranger to a 6-year-old girl on Roblox. The chat and text feature actually work separately, but the filter is supposed to block obscene content from reaching your children. The text feature works much like how SMS or text messaging works on mobile phones. The chat feature is actually more interactive and takes place in-game.

As you can understand, a lot can go wrong with this. Below are a few dangers of Roblox that you as a parent should know:

1. Graphic sexual content


there are private rooms in the game where the characters of users engage in sexual acts. A mother in Australia was absolutely crushed to find out that her 6-year-old was invited to one of those rooms where the interactions that were taking place were no less than 18+.

2. Violence:


video games are known for their violence. Now imagine a platform where users can actually create even more violent games. There have been instances where kids have been playing games where the objective is to shoot up a school. This exposes young minds to violence that may eventually alter their perception of what's right and wrong.

3. Cyberbullying:


With features like text and chat, Roblox is another hotbed for cyberbullying and online harassment. While kids may use the Roblox filter and block feature to stay away from the harasses, making a new user account on Roblox is fairly easy, so they may never escape the cycle of bullying while on the platform.

4. Predators:


As evident from the two cases shared above, predators run amuck on the platform. Roblox is marketed as a game platform ideal for kids 8 years or above, and the majority of its audience is young. Predators realize that and are constantly looking for ways to communicate with children.

Why Do Kids Want to Bypass Roblox Filter?

There can be many reasons why a kid would want to bypass the Roblox filter. We've outlined a few of them for you below.

1. Excitement: Why can't I see the message? What did he or she write? These questions raise intrigue and excitement. Kids today are incredibly curious and not being able to find the answer will drive them toward using means such as bypassing the Roblox filter to find out what other users said to them that got flagged.

2. Peer Pressure: We've all done it, why can't you? Your kids might be hearing this at school, from their friends and their online community. They might be pressured into bypassing the filters or might feel obliged to do so as everyone in their friends' circle has already done it.

3. Addiction: Roblox is designed to be an addictive platform, especially considering that it's available on all major platforms, from computers to gaming consoles and even mobile phones. The addictive nature of the game can drive kids to bypass the filters believing they will have a more comprehensive experience without them.

How Kids Bypass Roblox Filter


You will be surprised to know that there are actually many ways through which kids can bypass the Roblox filter. A few things your kids might be doing to bypass the filters include:

1. Bypass the filters by using third-party tools. This will entirely disable the filters but typically cost money, so watch out for those.

2. Spelling the swear words or obscene language slightly differently and with numbers instead of letters (1 for I or 7 for f). For example, sex could be spelled as 53x.

3. Using special characters and acronyms that are commonly understood by Generation Z on the platform.

4. Using code (typically available on Youtube tutorials) to remove the filter and easily use foul language without any repercussions. This typically requires a bit of coding knowledge but most kids today would not find it that hard to do.


How to Keep Children Safe from Roblox

So far, from what we understand is that Roblox is not at all safe for kids. A platform where private rooms have a group sex, games are based on shooting up schools, and predators lurk is not where your kids should spend their time. As a concerned, here are the 4 things you should do to protect your children from Roblox.

1. Make Them Aware

Increasing awareness and educating your kids about the potential dangers of platforms like Roblox can go a long way in ensuring they remain safe while they grow up. Most parents today just give a phone to their kids without realizing how much of an impact it can have on their lives. Don't make the same mistake many parents have made.

Awareness can be spread in many ways, such as teaching your kids about the harmful effects of too much time online, why Roblox is not good for them, and why they should avoid games like these in the first place. A lot can be done in the way of teaching your kids to become more responsible with their mobile usage and it's your responsibility to make sure they do so.

2. Increase Real-Life Activities

It's almost a certainty that your kid is spending more time online than they should. Addictive games like Roblox can cause your child to miss activities such as social gatherings, sports, outdoor fun, and family time. This can affect their well-being and lifestyle going forward.

One of the best ways to incorporate real-life activities into their daily routine is by organizing meetups while having the parents of your kid's friends on board. You'll be surprised to find out how many parents would love the idea of having their kids actually spend time outside for once!

3. Help Them Get Over the Addiction

Chances are your kid is already addicted to the game and they are actually struggling with everything else in their lives due to it. Roblox is designed to be addictive, and especially young kids may start to associate their lives with the game.

Now, there is a place for tough love when it comes to addiction if your kid is not quitting the game with polite requests. Sometimes, you have to do what's best for your kid, although it may hurt them or make them think worse of you in the short term.

4. Use A Parental Control App

You can't always be on the side of your kid to see whether or not they are playing Roblox. That's where parental control apps like FamiSafe can be extremely helpful. The app is designed to offer you complete control over how much time your kids spend on their phones and what they actually do on them.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

If you don't want your kids to be using Roblox, you can simply use the app block feature to block them from ever using or installing the app on their phones. If you don't want to block the game, you can still monitor how much time they spend on the app. You can then use the Smart Schedule feature to ensure your kids are never spending a minute more than they should on the app.

Famisafe screen time control

Roblox, like many things on the internet, is not inherently bad. However, it's far from being perfect either, as various communities on the platform are a testament to all the things wrong on the internet. What you should do is make sure your kid does not get addicted to Roblox or any other popular app or game for that matter. These apps do little for your kids in the way of growth and development. With a proactive approach and apps like FamiSafe, you can ensure the future of your kids is safe from the worst sides of the internet.

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