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10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters | Parent Should Know

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Mar 09, 2022 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

There is a concern in most of us who are parents to try to take care of what our children do when they surf the internet. We are really apprehensive about controlling the access of our children on the Internet by putting different parental controls on the devices they have. The filters or blockages in the Web sites prevent our kids from accessing potentially harmful or inappropriate sites. Moreover, it is true that the digital kids of this digital era are now more advanced in technology than us. We must assume that their competence in these issues is superior. And they know the tricks on how to bypass internet filters.

10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters | Parent Should Know

10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters

Here are 10 easy ways depicted below that parents should know how their children could get around internet filters though those are restricted---

1. Discover the password

One of the most common ways to internet filter bypass is to change the password. It is not uncommon for parents to ever share their email password for a specific case with their children. So, kids can enter using this password, temporarily change the parental control and when they finish, return to leave everything as it was without a trace of the "crime".

2. Connect to the neighbor's Wi-Fi

It is another trick, and this is very difficult to control. If we have a careless neighbor with the Wi-Fi open or, simply, when passing by his house he has given us his password, it is possible that his signal reaches us in our house and children easily get around internet filters.

10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters | Parent Should Know

3. Download a VPN

One of the most common methods of internet filter bypass is to use a VPN to browse anonymously. A VPN routes traffic to another private network, usually anonymously, allowing you to navigate as if you were using a different device in a different geographic location. A VPN routes all Internet traffic through this connection, not just the web browser.

4. Use private browsing

All browsers now offer a private browsing mode that does not record visited sites or downloaded files. When kids surf the Internet, their browser stores all the details of their surfing session on the hard disk. By opening a private browser window, kids will not surf anonymously, but at least no information about visited sites will be stored on their device.

5. Use a free proxy website

The easiest way to get around internet filters is to use a proxy. Proxies are often used by kids in their devices hoping to access blocked content in a geographic area and offer greater anonymity while browsing.

10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters | Parent Should Know

6. Google Translate

Google Translator can be used as a substitution for an internet filter bypass. Probably many parents do not know that not only phrases or text can be translated and that if we put a URL it translates a whole page. In this process, the page becomes, in the eyes of parental control, under the servers of Google when kids can access almost any content.

10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters | Parent Should Know

7. Bypass via extensions

Hola and ProxMate are some extensions that teens can use to bypass internet filters. They are available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers and are also easy to use.

8. Portable browsers

Many browsers have "hidden" modes that are also usually blocked but things like the Tor Browser, which can be carried on a simple USB and not have it installed on your device, redirects traffic to different places worldwide to hide the user's identity, which makes it almost impossible to know what you are visiting at any time.

10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters | Parent Should Know

9. Use the IP instead of the URL

Blocked websites are sometimes stored as a list of URL's and using the IP of the website might work in some cases. To obtain the IP address of any website, teens ping the domain from the command line at the command prompt. Using the IP is a simple way to bypass internet filter.

10. Viewing "accidental" images

Although you cannot enter one or another website, if we navigate with the "incognito" or "hidden" mode of our browser and we pass a search through the "Images" tab of Google, we can skip any content restriction. Most of the photos that appear there are cached in the own servers of Google, the reason why it is not considered that they are lodged in sensible webs and, therefore, pass the filter.

How to Prevent Children from Non-Blocked Porn Sites

Blocking porn pages is a simple job, but in the same way, children are extremely intelligent individuals and end up breaking barriers. FamiSafe, the king of the parental control software for porn blocking, comes to solve this problem with 100% security requirements that any parent would like. It limits kids' access to web pages with porn content and they cannot internet filter bypass. FamiSaf can filter internet content in real-time to block pornography and inappropriate content effectually.

  • Block Porn & Inappropriate Contents
  • Track GPS Location of Your Kids
  • Limit Screen Time of Your Teens
  • Block Games & Apps
  • Flexibility in Control

How to—

Step 1:

The first thing to do is installing the FamiSafe app on both devices - your child's and yours.

  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

Step 2:

Secondly, you have to register for a FamiSafe account within the app on your own device. Then, with identity "Kid" on your teen's device, do sign into the account.

10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters | Parent Should Know

Step 3:

Now, motivate the service on the device of your toddler. In the case of an Android device, you should consent to some permission requests in the course of the installation process. And in the case of an iPhone device, you need to install a management file of your kid's device.

10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters | Parent Should Know

Step 4:

Lastly, sign into the same account on your own device as "Parent". And, both devices will be connected automatically. After the whole process is over, you can control and monitor your kid's device to restrict any non-blocked porn sites from your own device.

10 Easy Ways Kids Can Bypass Internet Filters | Parent Should Know

More features:

There are more interesting features in FamiSafe that make it outstanding. You can block your kid's smartphone at a particular time or place. You can also restrict your teen's access to unsuitable websites and apps.

Leaving a mobile terminal in the hands of our children can be a nest of worries. Constant exposure in social networks, the possibility of falling by mistake in economic transactions, and, of course, easy access to the thousands of porn websites that flood the network. Moreover, there are some of the easiest and most effective methods to get around internet filters for the child. Fortunately, this will no longer be a concern thanks to the FamiSafe app that will allow definitely block porn websites on your children's mobile. If you choose FamiSafe you must not make a wrong decision as a mindful parent. Without any charges, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

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