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How parents help kids stay focused in school remotely?

help kids stay focused in school remotel

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Jun 30, 2023 Filed to: App Review Proven solutions

For some people internet is one of the most helpful traits of technology while on the other hand, it can also be a massive distraction at the same time. At times, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re dedicatedly working to knock down your to-do list at one instance. While at the other, you may get easily distracted with notifications like “Check how would you look after 30 years” or “Nobody ever solved this puzzle” etc. from apps like Facebook, Instagram, Skype and not to forget the notifications over the smartphones. And this is the reason, we drafted this post to help you in keeping your kids to stay focused in class or on homework. How? Let’s explore.

What is stay focused app?

Stay Focused App is basically an app that helps you to cut off distractions simply by restricting the usage time of the blocked apps (like social networking apps or messaging apps). The restrictions can be carried out on the basis of the Daily or Hourly usage limit or by limiting the times a phone screen can be unlocked or the number of times an app can be launched. And this, in turn, aids in keeping your kids to stay focused on homework or class. In other words, monitors App usage and based on that, this app promotes Self Control ultimately enhancing the Productivity.


Why kids need stay focused app?

As discussed above, at one instance, internet can be of great help but at the other, it can be a colossal distraction too. And for kids, it is generally the latter one. There are endless social networking and messaging apps that easily distract the kids from their studies. Which is why parents are left in a not so peculiar situation (these days), where they ask themselves “how to stay focused in class or on homework”. This is where stay focused app comes in to the rescue with its great set of features.

How kids stay focused on homework or in class?

Here in this section, we’re going to explore 5 different stay focused apps that promotes self-control and productivity in kids. With an amazing streak of features of these apps, you no longer have to worry about “How to stay focused on homework or in class” for your kids.

1. Forest

Forest is a real fun app that holds the top spot on the list of stay focused apps. With this app you can stay focused on your work or studies as you need to select a species of tree or a shrub as per your desire. Then, setup a time frame and hit “Start”. Now, by the time you’re focusing on your studies or on your work the tree will sprout up into a full-blown plant gradually. Now, here’s the trick keep you focused. Your tree or shrub that is in growing up will slowly wither away and die, if you get to leave/quit the app before the defined time frame runs out.


2. Freedom

With Freedom app you can easily set the timer during which all your social media apps (facebook, instagram, twitter etc.) and websites will get blocked and there’s no way you can access them.


3. Productivity Challenge Timer

If you wish to be hardest worker in the room, then this hardcore app is certainly for you. It simply doesn’t listen to any of your excuses. The more you focus day-in-and-day-out, you will move up in the ranks. But as soon as you slack, you’ll begin to lose your spot.


4. Self Control

A yet another inexpensive app holding the 4th spot of the list of stay focused apps is Self Control. With this app there’s pretty much nothing over the internet that you can’t block/blacklist and prohibiting you from accessing the internet for a certain period of time.


5. Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper app can be you perfect partner to make you focused. It just not only track your rounds but also offers you short or long break intervals depending upon how long you’ve been sticking to your overall goals.


Famisafe parental control app can be more than a stay focused app

So, that was all about stay focused app, it undoubtedly does help to restrict usage of certain apps. But your kids still aren’t actually safe with the explicit content over the internet. Such content is more harmful for your kids than any messaging app or gaming app.

Therefore, we’ve brought to you a one stop solution, Famisafe app. This mighty app not only enables you to block or restrict any specific app. But also empowers you to block any sort of explicit content that intentionally or unintentionally your kids are browsing through. With Famisafe, parents have complete control over the smartphones of their kids and can efficiently protect their kids before they deviate over any wrong/unsafe path.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

How about understanding the key features of this powerful tool? Well, here they are!

  • Explicit Content Detection: With this powerful tool, parents can create their own alert words list and remotely detect and get alert of dangerous or explicit content signals over social media apps.
  • Screen Time & Smart Schedule: Likewise stay focused app, this mighty tool also enables you to set various restrictions and monitor the screen time of your kids’ phone.
  • App activity & App blocker: You can remotely monitor all the apps that are installed over your kids’ device and block the offensive or harmful apps (like gambling or sexting apps etc.) as per your preferences.
  • Real-time Location Tracking: You can accurately track the real-time location and the whereabouts of your kids.
  • Geo Fencing: This tool also enables you to maintain Geo Fencing to protect your kids from going out of your reach. In case, they do move out of the field set by you, this app automatically alerts you about it right then and there.
  • Web Content Filtering: Once have this installed, this mighty tool prevents your kids from browsing over the restricted websites. For instance, porn sites or dating site or any other harmful websites.

Final Words

Now that you know pretty much all about stay focused apps and their variants, it’s now up to you that which one suits your needs and helps you in maintaining your focus.

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