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Android phones are a common thing in our daily lives. The majority of smartphone users use android phones because they are really cheap to get and also advanced devices with great features. But imagine your kid using an android phone and having access to all kinds of contents around the internet. What do you think will happen?

I know it’s really easy to imagine that it will have mixed effect on your kid. Most probably, your kid will be exposed to not only the good contents, but also to all kinds of adult and harmful contents. So unless you want your kids to access any kinds of unwanted contents and learn something that they shouldn’t, you must put parental controls on their android phone. If you don’t know how to put parental control on android phone, then you have come to the right place. This article will help you learn everything about android parental control in 3 easy ways.

android parental control

3 Way to put parental controls on Android phone:

There are various ways to put parental controls on android phone. But in this article, you will get 3 ways with full step by step guideline to put parental control on Android. It’s really easy and takes a very little time to setup the whole thing. Here is how to do it –

1. Using Android Parental Control App:

You can easily put parental control on android via any third party parental control app. Though a lot of Android phones have built in parental control solutions but my suggestion is, you need to use a third party app to get better results. Famisafe is FREE and a one of a kind parental control app that can help you to keep your children safe from harmful internet activities and also keep track of them in real world. It’s one of the most reliable apps on the internet and it has various important and useful features in it.

  • It has real-time location tracking & geo-fencing capabilities to help you know your kid's whereabouts. Also help to view the history location to ensure they have not been to "unusual places"
  • App Blocker & Activity Monitor to block app usage during study or sleep time and also monitor which apps your kids use on their phone.
  • Web content filtering system will keep your kids away from harmful contents.
  • Screen time tracking & control.
  • Flexible remote control & personalization setting
  • It’s really easy to use.

Here is how to install FamiSafe app and setup parental control on both iOS and android devices –

Step 1: First you need search for Famisafe on Google Play store and install it on both Parent and Kid’s phones.

A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

famisafe iphone parental control famisafe android parental control
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Web Filtering
  • Web Filtering
  • Screen Time Control
  • Smart Parental Control Setting

android parental control

Step 2: Now you need to register for a Famisafe account by using the app. You can register using your phone or your kid’s phone. The same account will be applicable for both devices.

android parental control

Step 3: Now log into your account from your kid’s phone, choose identity as kid and provide your kid’s name and age.

Step 4: You need to grant all the important permissions to Famisafe.

android parental control

Step 5: Permit the app usage access.

android parental control

android parental control

Step 6: You also need to allow administrator permissions to Famisafe so that the app gets full access of your kid’s phone.

android parental control

Step 7: Also enable the access of locations.

android parental control

Step 8: Now log into your account from your own phone and select the identity as Parent.

Step 9: Finally connect to your kid’s phone.

2. Creating Restricted Profiles:

You can easily put parental controls on android phone by creating restricted profiles on your kid’s android. Here is how to create restricted profiles and put parental control on android –

  1. Go to the “Settings” option of your kid’s android.
  2. android parental control

  3. Now scroll down and go to “Users” option.
  4. android parental control

  5. Tap on the “Add user or profile” option and then go to “Restricted profile.”
  6. android parental control

  7. Now set up password for that restricted account.
  8. android parental control

  9. Now name the profile according to your child’s name by tapping the three-line icon with the “New profile” option at the top of the device screen.
  10. android parental control

  11. Choose the apps to enable for the new profile and your kids will only be able to access those apps.
  12. android parental control

  13. Finally you need to use the new restricted profile. Lock the screen after exiting the “Settings” option. Now activate the screen by pressing on the home button. You are now in the lock screen which will display the user profile names. Select the restricted profile and unlock the screen.
  14. android parental control

3. Setting Up Parental Controls in the Play Store:

Setting up android parental control in the play store is really easy if you can follow this step by step guideline. Here is how you can do it –

  1. First you need to launch Google Play Store on your kid’s android and go to “Settings” option.
  2. android parental control

  3. Now tap on the “Parental Controls” option under “User Controls” option.
  4. android parental control

  5. Switch parental controls on.
  6. android parental control

  7. Set up a 4 digit secrete pin that you can use for enabling/disabling parental controls again. Now press “OK”.
  8. android parental control

  9. Now set restrictions on “Apps &Games” or “Music”. If you tap on “Apps & Games”, a pop up will appear in front of you and then set apps rated according to age.
  10. android parental control

In the end, all I can say is, you can get the best 3 ways to put parental controls on android phone in this article within a very short time. But among these 3 ways, the best one you can choose for yourself is using Famisafe - android parental control app. This app is the most effective choice for any parents to use and control their kid’s android usage for their well-being. So without wasting any more time, just follow this article and get yourself the best parental control app on the internet.

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