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Best parental control App

Top 6 Sites to Buy TikTok Followers and Likes

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Social media applications are a part of our routine lives, with many people spending a significant part of their day connected to social media platforms. As such, everything, from our routines to our lifestyles, is affected by social media applications.

Currently, one such application dominating the world of social media is TikTok. Over 1 billion users from more than 150 countries have signed up for the platform. In the US alone, the application has been downloaded over 200 million times. Furthermore, over 1 million videos are viewed on the platform daily, making it one of the most extensively used social media platforms ever.

purchase followers

As such, people tend to find ways to buy followers on TikTok to build their following on TikTok, with more followers, your profile becomes more visible, gains more attraction, and you may receive numerous offers for sponsorships.

Additionally, a higher follower count on business accounts can bring many benefits to the company as well. People tend to trust accounts with more followers, and your promotional videos are likely to reach a larger part of your target market. This way, your return on the investment on how to buy followers on TikTok can bring long-term benefits to your firm. Here, the article will discuss in detail the methods of how to buy TikTok followers and likes.

What are the Best Sites to Purchase TikTok Followers?

Do many people tend to wonder how do you buy followers on TikTok? The main reason for this concern is that purchasing likes from dubious sites can damage your profile reputation and lead to a ban on the account. Therefore, it is important to purchase TikTok followers and likes from reputed websites only. Below is a list of the best websites to purchase TikTok followers and likes:

1. Social Wick

Top Features:

  • Sold over 269 million follwers up to date
  • Dealt with the sales of 1 million likes
  • Instant process, fastest delivery
  • All real people
  • Support team is available for 24/7

For corporate clients, hiding their following on TikTok isn’t natural is a huge deal. Social Wick is a great option for such clients as 100% confidentiality of the sales is guaranteed.

social wick

You get a refill for 30 days in case your followers drop. The support team is available 24/7 to help you out as well. Additionally, all followers are real people: no fake accounts are used to give or receive followers. Similarly, you don’t need to provide your account’s password to Social Wick as well!

2. Insta Followers

Top Features:

  • Only 2.95 USD for 100 followers
  • Better price purchasing in bulk
  • Support team is available for 24/7

Insta Followers entered the market of social media follower sales back when Instagram was gaining hype. Later, the platform diversified into providing TikTok followers at reasonable prices. How to buy followers on TikTok using Insta Followers? The process is very simple. The website has specific packages listed on its portal at affordable prices. You can get 100 followers for as low as 2.95 USD.

However, you get the best rate by purchasing in bulk. Ordering 10000 followers at the same time cost you 150.30 USD. Only the username has to be provided, with no password provision requirements for the profile. Most orders are completed within the estimated delivery time provided in the portal.

insta followers

Additionally, refills are provided for six months in case the followers reduce. If the platform fails to deliver the promised services due to (usually three days), they offer refunds. In case of any issues, their 24/7 live support is present to answer any questions you may have. Finally, the platform invests heavily in ensuring a secure payment system. Therefore, your details are completely safe when purchasing followers from Insta Followers.

3. Tik Fuel

Top Features:

  • Followers will be delivered within 5 mins
  • Accounts safety guarantee

Tik Fuel has developed its reputation for the distinctive services in purchasing TikTok followers and likes online. The process is very simple. First, you can select the package that suits your requirements. Each package is for a different number of guaranteed followers. Then, the user needs to provide their username. The best part about this platform is that followers are delivered within 5 minutes of the order placement. Such instant delivery speeds are unmatched in the market.


Having higher followers taken through Tik Fuel has previously helped clients make their videos go viral and get social proof for account legitimacy. The new users are directed to your profile by manipulating the TikTok algorithm, ensuring increased returns in the future. The delivery is safe, ensuring that your account remains fully safe throughout the process.

4. Viralyft

Top Features:

  • Best social media experts
  • Fast delivery
  • High-quality followers

Viralyft has constantly been ranked as one of the best sites to buy TikTok likes and followers. Many people searching for ways to buy followers on TikTok can get the required services from this platform. The social media experts on the platform are some of the best in the field. For them, suggesting the right strategy for your account’s growth is a piece of cake.


Similarly, the platform has developed a reputation for some of the fastest deliveries of additional followers on TikTok. However, the prices they charge are considerably higher than some of the newer platforms. The main reason for such high prices is that the followers are provided from high-quality accounts that ensure a natural ranking boost for your profile on TikTok.

5. Social Pros

Top Features:

  • Highly affordable price
  • Natural boost for the account rankings

Social Pros has competitive people who are well-versed in the field of online marketing. Their reputation surrounds the fast lighting delivery of TikTok followers are highly affordable rates. The development strategy followed by Social Pros for your account ensures a natural boost for the account rankings, ensuring that you can get the best return on investment for your TikTok account.

social pros

Plans are offered for buying many views and followers on TikTok. You can purchase their services directly on their portal through safe, online payment methods.

6. Get Viral

Top Features:

  • Fast delivery
  • Purchase several plans concurrently

Get Viral has developed its reputation as a prime market for buying TikTok followers. You can get affordable packages and quick delivery on the platform. Another benefit is that you can order TikTok likes, followers, and views on the platform concurrently. This way, your budget can be spread over multiple purchases within a single transaction.

get viral

However, it would help if you remembered that purchasing social media followers on TikTok is risky. Social media platforms are a place for interaction between people to occur naturally. Many people who follow your account may not be known to you.

Similarly, the followers may drop with time, and if TikTok suspects that something is not right, they may take action and ban your account. Similarly, many online companies may fail to deliver high-quality followers as well. Therefore, consider the risks before making the purchase.

Wondershare FamiSafe--the Best Parental Control app

Wondershare FamiSafe is a great application for parents to control the TikTok usage of their children. With the application, parents can check and control how, when, and in which ways the child can use TikTok. With increasing social and cyber threats emerging on social media platforms, such an application is no less than a blessing for concerned parents.

Screen Time

Parents can limit the total screen time that can be spent on TikTok by the child. Once the screen time limit is reached, the application will lock until the next period starts. This way, children can remain safe from excessive usage of the platform at the expense of other activities.

tiktok screen time

App Blocker

You may completely block the application from your children’s phones if you believe they should take a break from the application. Once blocked, the application can not be accessed until the parents allow it to be used.

TikTok History

Monitor remotely how your child has used TikTok in your absence. The history feature forbids the children to delete the history until the parents allow it. This way, all activities can be kept in check.


Moderately purchasing TikTok followers is good, as it can help you increase your social following and become known around your community. For content creators, such moderate purchases can pave the way to gain numerous other benefits such as sponsorships as well.

However, excessive purchases may lead to account troubles and cause your account to be banned. Therefore, remember, excess of everything is bad! Consider installing Wondershare FamiSafe on your children’s phones to keep them safe from the troubles that accompany this great platform.

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