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Most smartphones restrict the entry of anonymous websites for security purpose. There is a built-in setup firewall to block unauthorized webpage. You can also block websites manually based on the requirement. Is it possible to unblock blocked websites online? In a deeper note, some of the useful websites also come under the list of blocking. To access those websites you should learn how to unblock them. You can explore those possible ways in this article.

In the current scenario due to the arrival of tablets, iPhone, iPad etc the kids are available online throughout the day wasting their valuable time on social media websites. This scenario never changes by simply yelling, punishing, beating the kids. As parents, you have to take immediate step by blocking the harmful websites and prevent the kid from unblocking it by any means.

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Why do kids want to unblock blocked websites?

  • Out of curiosity
  • The kids will try to unblock blocked websites online out of curiosity. They want to explore the concealed facts due to their inquisitiveness. As you all know, that when you say ‘No’ to your kid it obviously triggers their eagerness to do it. In a similar way, if you try to block websites then it will make the kids cross the bars by any means. Blocking websites increases the eagerness in the kid.

  • Addictiveness
  • If the kid is highly addictive to any game or webpage, then it will ultimately trigger the kid to find possible ways to unblock blocked websites online. Some teen kids are addictive to porn videos and they will research on methods to unblock it. By default, most adult content websites are inaccessible on the iPhone.

  • Peer Pressure
  • At schools and colleges when the kids and teens interact, they will come to know adult content websites, addictive games webpage etc. Due to peer pressure, the kids face psychological impact and try to explore those websites when they step into the online platform. Despite difficulties, they will unblock blocked websites online.

Five ways to unblock blocked websites on iPhone or iPad

  • Change DNS
  • You can unblock the blocked websites on iPhone by changing the default DNS setting to Google DNS address. The process is simple, you must tap ‘Settings-> Wi-Fi (turn on if it is switched off) -> click the ‘I’ image -> change the DNS address to Google address as, Now the default-blocked websites are accessible with the help of this setting.

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  • Opera VPN
  • You can make use of Opera VPN to enable the private network on your iPhone. In the older version of the iPhone, there was a built-in free VPN set up to activate the private network. You can enable this feature through the Settings option. Due to vulnerability to malware, the latest version of iPhone does not support this built-in free VPN. In this case, you have to purchase a reliable VPN from App store. There are many third parties VPN available in the digital market like Opera VPN, Express VPN, and Tunnel Bear etc. Choose the right app, which is compatible with your iPhone, and make a download without any issues.

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  • Manual unblock
  • With the help of the ‘Settings’ option on your iPhone, you can unblock the websites manually. You must navigate to ‘Settings -> Screen Time -> Content and Privacy restrictions -> Content restrictions -> Web content and finally you will be able to see the apps listed on this window. You must swipe the apps to the left and tap the delete button to enable it. After this deletion process, you will be able to access those apps and webpage easily.

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  • Spotflux (VPN)
  • The premium version of Spotflux works well to unblock blocked websites online. You have to purchase it to enjoy the consistent performance. This tool is faster and protects your network from online hackers. This type of VPN uses effective encryption technique to guard your internet network.

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  • Hotspot shield
  • It is one of the best VPN products. It is available free and the premium version provides added functionalities. This VPN product supports the iOS platform as well. It is the fastest VPN, which offers secure internet connection on your iPhone. This VPN product has verified patent technology and recognized for its speedy performance by ZDnet, TechRadar, and PCWorld etc.

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How to know children unblock blocked websites?

Manual supervision of Browser history

You can manually spy on the browser history and find out whether the kid entered into the blocked website. You have to check the kid’s gadget in their absence. It is a tough job because you must take a quick look at the browser history before the kid could reach for you. Your kid should not know your spying action by any means. When they come to know about it then they will create huge chaos at home. You should carry out this task as a secret mission.


You can talk about updating facts related to blocked websites or games to your kid. The innocent mind does not know to hide their mischief in the long run. They will reveal the truth at one point in time. When you communicate about the blocked websites, the kids will discuss the topic enthusiastically and at some point in time, they will speak out about their attempts to enter the blocked websites.

The above two methods are difficult and it has practical issues. It is impossible to make manual supervision on the ‘Browser History’ on regular basis. Sometimes the kids may be clever enough to conceal their online mischief act even if you communicate in a friendly tone. For the reliable procedure, you must make use of parental control app. This kind of parental control app records precise data about the online activities of your kid and you can access those details remotely. Most importantly all sorts of supervision take place without the knowledge of kids and you can rely on the data without any dilemma.

The reliable parental control app

You can install FamiSafe, a reliable parental control app to monitor whether the kid unblocks the blocked website. It is excellent software designed exclusively to access the kid’s gadgets remotely. With the help of this app, you can acquire complete control of your kid’s device. This tool works well on both iOS and Android devices.

You will be astonished when you explore its salient features in detail. You can work on this app without any difficulty. All the controls on this app are available explicitly for easy reach out. Make use of this parental control app to protect your kid from inappropriate content, websites on the cyberspace. It is a remarkable monitoring tool.

The Main features of FamiSafe

Consistent Monitoring

You can watch out the online activities of your kid without any manual access to it. You can find whether your kid makes use of the device optimally. If you figure out that the kid access inappropriate and blocked website you can switch off the gadget remotely.

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  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Web Filters

The ‘Web Filters’ option from FamiSafe parental control app helps you to set filters for websites. This feature does not allow inappropriate content to download on your kid’s gadget. Here the inappropriate content refers to porn videos, adult images, etc. This type of filter provides a safe online space for your kid to explore their skills.

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unbloc blocked websites online 9


To know whether your kid unlocks blocked websites online then make use of effective parental control app like FamiSafe. When you try to block the app or website you have to make sure, it has to be inaccessible in the long run despite your kid’s efforts. Using ‘Browser History’ feature you can quickly figure out whether the kid attempted to access the blocked website. Through consistent monitoring, you can catch your kid red-handed if he/she tries to open the blocked webpage. Make use of the FamiSafe parental control app optimally to utilize the full potential of this system without regrets.

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