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The best child monitoring software for parents

The best child monitoring software

No one wants their kids to stay behind the technology. Everyone wishes them to remain advanced. However, the story goes off the track sometimes, when it comes to an excess of social media monitoring and screen time usage. Often, parents provide phones to their kids with the aim that their kids can do their school or college assignments hassle-free. However, they don't use a Smartphone to study all the time.


What would you do if you are a working parent and have no idea what your children are up to on their devices? Even if you are not, how would you know what your kid is doing on his phone in his room? Many concerns are there when parents get worried about why their children have lots of passwords on their mobile and talk to someone one a phone for long hours.

In such cases, what comes first in mind is looking for such monitoring software that can do a lot for you. But, as you know, teens are smarter these days. They not only know how to access their phone but also know who is following them. Thus, parents need to be one step ahead. No need to worry because there are professional tools available online, which can help you get a detailed summary of what your child is doing throughout the day, provided both parties, child and parent, need to have a mutual understanding.

Before getting much into the detail, for now, know first which ten best monitoring software for parents is useful. Here you go-

1. FamiSafe

This accurate monitoring software for parents offers many options to manage children's activities such as application blocking, internet, geo-dependence, location, and more. Parents can easily limit the screen by quickly blocking phone usage during dinner time, bedtime, and homework time.


Get 3 free days trial from Google play and app store

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Features of FamiSafe

  • Geofences and Location: Tracks the real-time location of your teens anytime. Parents can see the location history of a child.
  • App usage: Blocks apps and games your children are addicted to the most.
  • Screen Time: Limits the screen time view for kids and reduce the addiction.
  • Web Content: Prevents your child from visiting the sites that contain inappropriate content such as drug info or pornography.
  • Advanced Settings: Easy settings and provides the best services; you can easily monitor your kid's device with is tracking software.


  • No jailbreaking required on both Android and iOS
  • In-depth details of the target device
  • Friendly user interface


  • Little detail of social media platforms
  • Problems in updated versions
  • Limited features in iOS

Cost: It offers 3-day trials with three subscriptions based models. It charges monthly $9.99 and quarterly $19.99.

Download it here: https://famisafe.wondershare.com/

2. FamilyTime

It does everything. This tool allows parents to customize precisely what content your children should have access to and what are the limits for them. Moreover, you can track the location and more.


Features of FamilyTime

  • Geofencing: You can easily set alerts for when the target device leaves specific locations. This monitoring software helps you analyze location and location history to find out where your children have been and are currently at any time.
  • Contact List: view your children's contact list by installing FamilyTime. This app can readily disclose the contacts of your child with numbers and call duration.
  • Internet Accessibility: Parents have access to filter the content what their children should utilize online and whatnot.
  • Limit the Screen Time: Set schedules to permit your kids to access their phones only at a specific time. You can set device usage schedules.
  • Block Unnecessary Apps and Games: It is the best feature that allows your kids to use only the apps and games that are useful for them.


  • Simple to operate Control Panel
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Supportive Geofencing


  • Not available for Windows
  • Something expensive
  • Not every feature available

Cost: Free version is limited to small subsets, and premium version charges up to $27 per year per device.

Get it here: https://familytime.io/

3. Qustodio

With the help of Qustodio as phone monitoring software, you'll get more information to prevent your kids from adolescent content and to cyberbully.


Features of Qustodio

  • Block Unnecessary Content: The app with smart filters allows parents to block inappropriate content or the content that parents think not suitable for their kids.
  • Balance Screen Time: It efficiently limits the screen time for your kids
  • Control inappropriate games and apps for your children.


  • Cross-platform support
  • Time scheduler for application usage and internet


  • Limited in iOS editions
  • Parental notification only by email

Cost: Starts from US$49.46 per year to the maximum US$124.16 per year

Get it here: https://www.qustodio.com/en/

4. KidLogger

It tracks not only what your children type but on which websites they visit.

Features of KidLogger:

  • Useful and free app
  • Web history monitoring
  • Time tracking
  • Record keystrokes and capture screenshots
  • Track the web history


  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Easy web filtering


  • Basic options and interface
  • No location tracking

Cost: With subscriptions of 3 months, you will be charged with a price of $29.

Get it here: https://kidlogger.net/

5. Spyrix Free Keylogger

This software is used to capture passwords and website usage.

Features of Spyrix Free Keylogger

  • View recorded keystrokes even if they are deleted
  • 100% undetectable to antivirus and software applications


  • Wide OS support
  • Blacklisting of unwanted words


  • Not applicable on desktops

Cost: $69

  • Get High attitude of usage

Get it here: http://www.spyrix.com/spyrix-free-keylogger.php

6. Kaspersky Safe Kids


This app is available with both free and paid-for versions

Features of Kaspersky Safe Kids

  • Supporting platforms – Windows Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Notify parents about whereabouts of kids


  • Affordable
  • Flexible control of device usage duration
  • Social network monitoring


  • Monitoring of calls and text is available in Android device only

Cost: $15

Get it here: https://www.kaspersky.co.in/safe-kids

7. Net Nanny

It has excellent web-filtering technology.


Features of Net Nanny

  • It tracks your child's location
  • Disclose the real-time location


  • Schedule screen times and phone usage for both Android and iOS


  • Unable to monitor calls or texts

Cost: $54.99 per year

Get it here: https://www.netnanny.com/

8. OurPact

This monitoring software for parents is easy to use and an effective screen time solution.


Features of OurPact

  • Active locator
  • Set the screen time


  • Manual blocking
  • Screen time


  • No geofencing connection

Cost: $6.99 a month Get it here: https://ourpact.com/

9. Phone Sheriff

Hybrid monitoring software allows you to access your child's device in real-time.


Features of Phone Sheriff

  • Notify through alerts
  • Logging and filtering are available


  • Flexible content filtering
  • Manual settings


  • Jailbreak required in iOS

Cost: $89 per year

Get it here: http://www.phonesheriff.com/

10. TeenSafe

You can easily see the deleted messages, as well.


Features of TeenSafe

  • Limit the screen time
  • Track the browsing history


  • No jailbreaking needed
  • See deleted messages


  • No 24X7 customer support available

Cost: $14.95 per month after a week free trial

Get it here: https://teensafe.com/

So, these apps can quickly help you find the best ways to keep an eye on your kids' whereabouts. However, FamiSafe can be useful to you in a better way. Learn to install it.

Steps to Use FamiSafe

Step 1: Register FamiSafe on parent's and kid's phone


Step 2: Login to your device and connect it with your kid's device. As discussed before, you need to make your kid aware of why this monitoring software is helpful for him, and why should you have it with you.


Step 3: Once everything is settled, all you need is to manage the settings, turn on the settings, and block the unnecessary apps that you don't want your kids to get introduced to.


With the help of FamiSafe, you can easily detect suspicious content on YouTube from Android or iOS and get notified whenever your kid will type the offensive words online. It will help you know the whereabouts your kid and what is he watching online. Installing this app aims you to stay active and available for notifications, so you can take action when required.

Every edition of smart monitoring software aims to prevent your kids from watching inappropriate content online along with apps that you don't want your kids to have habits of utilizing. Also, it restricts the time used for screens by kids of the present time. Moreover, the device's control panel helps you control overall device use.

If you ever have the plan to go with FamiSafe, go with it and follow all the instructions. The children are becoming multi-tasking these days, and thus, they prefer to use phones during their study time as well. However, they get distracted somehow. But, what to do when teens are quite addicted to smart tablets and mobiles? Well, it is a matter of concern for parents, but vibrant solutions available for sure.


The software aims to find out where your kid heads to without asking you or while bunking the class. Such monitoring software for parents is quite useful.

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