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How to Track a Phone Number

cell phone number tracker

There is nothing could be more boring than receiving endless calls from a foreign number at odd times of the day or night. To make matters worse, the accuser does not even make fun of you.  You may have been in such a situation, something that we can easily correlate with. The good news is that we have the solution on behalf of phone number tracking devices. These applications and websites have allowed each of us to know the actual identity of the caller without necessarily asking who they are.

Phone Number Tracker

Phones are objects that have become today's best friends because no one wants to part with them. They are indispensable means of communication on a daily basis. It is then possible to know everything about a person just tracking on his phone. But why spy on a mobile? There are several reasons an individual can track someone else's phone number.

With the dangers that can reach the people you care about, it is important to spy on their mobile to protect them. By knowing all the activities of your children on the internet, it is easier to direct them to the right path.

How do you track cell phone locations?

Nowadays, it is easier to monitor a phone number location with the help of spyware. We must not have the slightest fear because spying is just a breeze. In addition, there are various software available on the internet that allows you to follow a person via his phone. Among these, GPS Phone & Locate Any Phone are most famous and reliable.

Using this kind of phone number tracker, you can track others mobile cell phone, even when the phone is not connected to the internet. Within seconds, you are able to know the GPS coordinates of a phone and the whereabouts of any person. With spyware for mobile phone like GPS Phone & Locate Any Phone, you can have all the information on your target phone activities: messages, calls, and emails. Parents like these two tools very much because they love their teens and want to protect and know their whereabouts.

But, there is still another one parental cell phone number tracker called FamiSafe which is the best in its performance. With it, parents can track their kid’s mobile phone through the most effective way. The key features of FamiSafe:

  • Real-time Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & Activity Monitor
  • Web Browser Monitoring and Content Filtering
  • Screen Time Tracking and Control
  • Flexible Remote Control & Personalization Setting

cell phone number location tracker

How do you track phone number locations online?

As a result of the mass deployment of the means of communication, being able to get in touch with message, video chat or any other means transiting the Internet has become a disconcerting facility. This applies to absolutely anyone, whether you know it or not. Using phone number tracker we can get rid of this kind of unexpected situation.

Using cell phone number tracker can provide a response to the needs of parents worried about the safety and well-being of their children, in an ever more dangerous society, where the youngest children mostly have a smartphone, in order to stay can be reached by their family, when they go alone to school or they go to a party organized by one of their friends, but especially to share on social networks.

According to statistics, we also find couples who suffer from this democratization of smartphones: more and more affected by problems of marital infidelity, husbands and wives wish today to be able to access the mobile phone number location of their partners, in order to have the heart net on his feelings. Note that this is not a legal/authorized use of surveillance software.

Mobile phone tracking websites

At present, we have numerous websites that are authorized considering identifying the location of an unspecified number. The operational principle of these websites is manageable, and you are by yourself required to enter your plan number, and the website displays the state, location, and the mobile provider of the number in ask. Here are three most popular free cell phone tracker by number that you should try to use these in 2018.

1: MobileNumberTrackr.com

Unquestionably, the MobileNumberTrackr.com is one of the prominent cell phone number tracker websites. It is an Indian based website. It recovers the location of any target device nevertheless of the present location or the mobile provider of the number in question.

Key Features:

  • Phone Number Location Tracking
  • Track Bulk SMS Sender
  • Trace Landline Number
  • Trace Your Vehicle
  • Trace STD & ISD Codes

mobile number tracker

2: Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number is really a great and free mobile phone number tracker website. With it, we are able to track the holder of a particular number by only putting the phone number in the indicated spaces and selecting "Trace".

Key features:

  • Detect Mobile Phone Number Location
  • Available Extensive Database
  • Communicating and Welcoming Interface of User
  • Landline Number Tracing

phone number tracker

3: Free Phone Tracer

There is still another one free cell phone tracker by number website. And it is freephonetracer.com. It has the capability to key-in your children's, employees or wife/husband mobiles. It allows you to monitor your target mobile number and search for it.

Key features:

  • Having McAfee Security
  • Spy the Mobile Phone Number Owner Location
  • Support Landline Searches

cell phone tracker by number

How to track phone number locations using third-party apps

There are many third-party apps as free cell phone tracker by number. Among them, we recommend you these three software that are given below ---

mSpy Software

mSpy Software is an application that allows you to spy on a mobile phone or mobile device without having the device in your possession. The app works by remotely accessing data from the target phone (the phone you are watching) and displaying this data on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. mSpy Software offers to collect texts, calls, GPS, Facebook, Twitter and more from virtually any phone.


  • Manage Calls
  • Track Text Messages
  • Read Messaging Apps
  • Track GPS Location
  • Control Apps and Programs

Please visit https://www.mspy.com to know more details.

free cell phone tracker by number

Caller ID & Number Locator

This application can be used to monitor, track and extract someone's mobile phone GPS location and other cell phone activities. Its coverage is based in your nearby locality. As it has an inherent GPS map, no one needs to download a different one for tracking. It is completely free. This application can also be used to extract and save cell phone data in the event of an emergency.


  • Real-time alerts of contacts alerts.
  • Track stolen phones using the phone locator.
  • Add safe/dangerous locations.
  • Free to download.
  • Send group messages for free.

To download it please click https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.droid.caller.id.phone.number.location&hl=en.

cell phone number tracker


This free cell phone tracker by number is one of the prominent figures of phone tracking app known by everyone globally. Not only is it able to block any unwanted numbers but also can view unknown callers’ photo and details. The tool’s contact database allows you trace down callers unknown to you. You are able knowing the individual that searches your numbers online.


  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Track the GPS locations of the target phone
  • Receive complete call logs and message history
  • Untraceable and can be done without the knowledge of the targeted phone

Visit its official website https://www.truecaller.com/.

phone number location

The technical possibility at the present time to trace a mobile phone number location remotely using the possibilities offered by tracking spyware is made available by the developers who find their interest in the sale of these surveillance solutions for mobile phones. But, FamiSafe is at the top of the list right now and most guides suggest that parents use this mobile monitoring app. This is reasonable, has a lot of features and, most importantly, it is extremely reliable and completely undetected.

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