Social App control

Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp have become the most-used app among today's children. In this topic, we will provide solution for parental control on these social apps.

Snap Chat Ghost Mode: How to Protect your Kid’s Privacy?

It is every parent’s dream to keep their kids safe. However, do to various upcoming Apps, this task is slowly proving difficult. This review is going to show how to do various controls on Snap Chat. Know how to make Snapchat Ghost Mode and by-pass Snap Chat.

Moly Swift 07/09/2020
How to Monitor Kid’s Instagram Messages

If you are a parent or a guardian, how to monitor a kid’s Instagram and other social media accounts must be keeping you awake some nights, if not all.

Ankhi Bhattacharya 07/09/2020
The Best Snapchat Parental Control for Parents

Get to know the best Snapchat parental controls for iPhone and Android in this guide. Learn how a Snapchat parental monitoring app can keep kids safe.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
Everything a Parent Needs to Know About SNAPCHAT

Learn how to monitor Snapchat in this guide. We have come up with a comprehensive post on the need for performing Snapchat monitoring for parents right here.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
Why Parents Need Facebook Parental Controls

Looking for a way to control your child’s Facebook account and usage? Click here for everything you need to know about Facebook parental controls.

Thomas Jones 08/09/2020
Parenting Tips: Is Instagram Safe for Kids?

You can always keep your child safe while on Instagram. So, here are some tips on how to enable Instagram for kids parental control.

Moly Swift 10/09/2020
TikTok Parental Guide: How to Keep Kids Safe on TikTok?

It is vital to keep it safe when it comes to TikTok for kids. Stroll down to know what is TikTok parental control and how to keep children safe on TikTok.

Moly Swift 12/09/2020
Block Your Kid’s Facebook Account

Having problems with the way your child is using their Facebook profile, but not sure what you can do about it? Today, we explore everything you need to know about blocking your child’s Facebook account and how to do it effectively.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Effective Ways for Facebook Blocking

Are you worried about how much your children are using the Facebook platform and want to do something about it? Today, we explore everything, including the solutions, you need to know.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Ways to blocking Facebook on iPhone and chrome

Sometimes, Facebook gives us some real trouble, and we think of blocking it. But, in most instances, we find it hard to do something about it. Thus, to clear out your confusion, here are few methods of blocking Facebook on iPhone as well as on chrome.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
How to block someone on Facebook for teen's safety

There are innumerable fake profiles on Facebook, which sometimes can mislead your teen. And as a result of that your teen can go on a wrong path that is not well for their future. So, as a parent, you need to block those toxic profiles from your teen’s profile. Here, we are going to discuss what does blocking someone on Facebook do.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Something for Facebook Messenger Block That Parents Should Know

With the evolution of social media, teenagers are becoming addicted to apps like Facebook Messenger. To curb the usage, FamiSafe helps parents in restricting limits for usage of social media apps.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to Block Facebook Messages

Kids nowadays spend a lot of time on Facebook. So, it’s necessary to limit their screen time. Read on to know how you can block Facebook messages.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to Block Messages on Facebook from Another Phone

In this age of social media, it’s important that you keep an eye on your kid’s online activities. With FamiSafe, you can block messages on Facebook of your kid’s device.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to Block People on Your Teen’s Facebook Account

Do you think your child is spending too much time on Facebook? Here’s how you can monitor their Facebook messages and block people on your teen Facebook.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
How to Block Facebook on Android and iPhone

In this internet-driven world, it has become a necessity to keep check of kid’s social media accounts. Read on to know how you can block Facebook on iPhone or Android.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to Delete Snapchat Account

And if you feel Snapchat is taking too much of your time, delete your Snapchat account without a second thought.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to Block Facebook Apps on Android & iPhone

Learn how to block Facebook apps in this guide. A step by step tutorial is listed here to remove apps and revoke their access from your Facebook account.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to Use Facebook Security Block

Want to know how you can keep your kids safe and secure in social media network like Facebook? Well, today’s article will help you to know more about Facebook’s in-built security block option that blocks unwanted user profiles.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to Block a Page on Facebook

Looking for the best way to control what Facebook pages and websites your child has access to on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer? Click here for the complete guide with everything you need to know!

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Blocking Some Facebook Users to Protect Your Kids from Potential Risk

Looking for a way to block someone from accessing or connecting to your child’s Facebook page, or through any other website on the internet? Click here for the complete guide of everything you need to know!

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to Block Facebook Page on Chrome

Are your kids glued to Facebook? You restricted the access on their mobile app, however, they still access it through Chrome and you do not know what to do? Well, then today’s article is a must read to know how to block Facebook on Chrome.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Ways to Block Facebook on Chrome

Is your kid addicted in posting posts on Facebook daily and you want to block Facebook on Chrome? So, if you are feeling helpless and confused about what to do, then read today’s article and know about 5 useful applications.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to block Facebook Messenger on Your Kids' Phone

If you are not sure how to block Facebook Messenger on your kid’s phone, then you ought to go through the article below to help yourself block Facebook Messenger remotely.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How to Block Facebook on iPhone

Looking for an easy yet effective way to block Facebook on your child’s iPhone to help them stay safe and living a balanced lifestyle? Today, we talk about everything you need to know.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Monitor Snapchat on iPhone

Find out effective ways to monitor Snapchat on iPhone to overcome unwanted issues. It is high time to install Innovative tool to access your kid’s iPhone remotely.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
Something about Snapchat monitoring

Discover the techniques in Snapchat monitoring and make use of reliable programs to watch out your kid’s online activities.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
Use Snapchat tracker to track on your kids' Snapchat

It has become an out of hand situation with children’s constant overuse of internet apps and parents not being able to monitor these issues. If you are a parent, then there are certain snapchat tracker free apps that can help you monitor your kid’s snapchat activities.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
How can I monitor my child's Snapchat with FamiSafe

Being a parent, your concern must be of keeping a check on your kids online snapchat activities and few apps can help monitor snapchat information of your kids’ device.

Thomas Jones 12/09/2020
How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat and Protect Kids

Make use of this platform to find the optimum solution for how can parents monitor Snapchat? Get ready to explore the mind-blowing features of the best parental control app.

Moly Swift 12/09/2020
Instagram parental controls - A guide for parents

Does your kid is fond of Instagram? Then, it is high time for you to know about Instagram parental control settings. You must build a protective fence for your kids from the online threats waiting on the cyberspace.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
How Can I Monitor My Child's Facebook or Messenger

If you want to know whether your child is using Facebook for goodness sake, then you should get the help from Facebook monitoring app, FamiSafe. It consists of all the features that you need to track your child's whereabouts online and location.

Joanne Croft 12/09/2020
Tiktok Parental Controls: Is It Really Useful?

do your kids use Tiktok? There are Tiktok parental controls, but do they work? Here is the answer to your question and how to make the parental control work.

Moly Swift 12/09/2020
How to block Facebook on mobile and PC

Are you fed up due to the excessive notifications from Facebook? Then, this is the best guide to learn how to block Facebook on your mobile as well as desktop.

Thomas Jones 14/09/2020