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How to block someone on Facebook for teen's safety

blocking someone on facebook

The process of blocking someone on Facebook for the safety of your teen

In this age of technology, Facebook is a huge sensation. Almost every one of us is using this magnanimous social media. If you can use Facebook correctly, there are several benefits of it, but on the other hand, it can also induce several unwanted issues. We are conscious of the fact that you are always worried about your teen as it is the most sensitive time in their life. The future of your ward is dependent on this specific time when a single wrong step can lead him to a dark future. Facebook can be convenient when it comes to the case of marketing, presenting your skills and connecting to the people living all across the world but it also plays a very vital role in tampering the future of your teen. Several toxic people in Facebook can mislead your teen. Therefore, here you will find the process of blocking someone on Facebook and what does blocking someone on Facebook do, so that you can secure a protected future for your teen.

What does blocking someone on Facebook do?

Countless people share numerous explicit contents on Facebook, which can take a toll on the psychology of your adolescent child. Besides, there are several violent contents, hovering in the platform of Facebook that can convey some adverse effects on your teen’s mentality. Therefore, it will be best for you if you can block those unwanted people from the profile of your kid. Now, what does blocking someone on Facebook do? Well, blocking someone on Facebook will not allow you to see his or her profile on the Facebook, and you will also not be able to look at their activities like sharing photos, videos, music and all the other stuff. Neither they can see your activities, photos on Facebook, nor they can contact you further after blocking. To be more precise, if you block someone, that person will be non-existent to you on Facebook. So, if you want your child to stay safe both physically and mentally, block those harmful people from their friend-list as soon as possible. It will not only help your child to stay safe but will also help them to stay focused on their studies or career.

The process of blocking someone on Facebook by using the blocking setting

The process of blocking someone is very easy by using blocking setting on Facebook. There is no complication wrapped in this process. To save your child from the pitfalls of cyberbullying and explicit contents, you can block those people who are engaged in malpractice and cyberbullying activities. To block someone on Facebook, all you must do is to follow some steps. You don’t know about those steps? Well, we are here to help. Here are the steps of blocking someone on Facebook by using blocking setting. And to know more about what does blocking someone on Facebook do, follow the steps written below.

Steps of blocking by using blocking settings on Facebook

  1. Click the blue icon which is on the top right of your Facebook app and select ‘setting’.
  2. Next, click on the ‘blocking’ option, which is on the left side of Facebook.
  3. After that, type the name of the person you want to block and click on the block option.
  4. You will get a list of people and from that list select the specific person and Block them instantly.

What will you do as a parent if you find out that your teenage child has unblocked any blocked person?

Well, this is the 21st century and almost all the teenagers these days are astonishingly smart when it comes to science and technology. There is no such thing on the internet, which they cannot access. They are so efficient that it is a very easy job for them to unblock someone on Facebook. What will you do in that case? You can download an app in your device called FamiSafe which can pull you out from this situation. Now to answer the critical question what does blocking someone on facebook do? It will not only help you to block those harmful people from your kid’s profile but will also help you to keep track of the activities of your child remotely. With FamiSafe on your side, you can now continuously monitor your child and know about what he or she is doing in the mobile when you are not around.

Famisafe can help parents to control Facebook usage remotely:

By using the FamiSafe app you can regulate the usage of the internet and the device, which your child is using, and you can filter-out contents that you think, is harmful to your kid. Similarly, you can regularise the usage of Facebook by your child and confine him or her within the specific features of Facebook. Besides, if you can see someone who is sharing some violent or explicit contents with your child, or is engaged in cyber-bullying activity, or using suspicious contents and aggressive words, then you can block them instantly. Besides, with this app, you can prevent your kid from receiving unwanted texts from unwanted people.

Recently, FamiSafe has introduced a unique feature named suspicious SMS which will allow you to observe whether any suspicious texts are coming into your child’s phone or not. Some kinds of suspicious texts comprise of bullying words which can be harmful to your kids. So, download this FamiSafe app and protect your child from the dirt of the cyber world.

FamiSafe can help parents to block Facebook website:

Another benefit of FamiSafe is that it will allow you to block the Facebook website as well so that your ward doesn’t have access to it. Various harmful things in Facebook can affect the upbringing of your child, of which you want your child to get rid of. To enjoy all these benefits of FamiSafe app, you have to install the application, and after that, you can register with this app’s membership account and control your child’s device as well.

Other features of FamiSafe

There are numerous features in this app, which will help you to protect your kid from all the adverse effects of the internet. So, here we are going to present you the features that FamiSafe has to offer.

Track real-time location

It is one of the most useful features of this app. We know that as a parent you are always bothered about your child. Nonetheless, you can leave all your worries offset by using the real-time location feature of this app. All you must do is to enable this feature, and after that, you can always monitor the location of your kid and protect them from the potential dangers.

Monitor location History

Another compelling feature of this app is the monitor location history. This feature will allow you to get insights about the places; your child has visited each day. You will be able to study the moves of your child with this feature on your side. And if you find out that he or she is going to some unusual places, you can take precautions to stop him or her.

Set and monitor Geofences

Every child is curious, and all of them are fond of exploration. Thus, as a parent, you can set up geofences to the places, which you feel familiar so that you get notified when your kid is crossing the border.

The process of Installing the FamiSafe app

Like any other apps, you can install this app very easily. It is a very user-friendly app, and the process of installing this app is easy as well.

Steps to install it

Here are some steps to download and install the Famisafe app and use it properly-

Step 1 – All you must do is visit the Google play store or App store as it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. There, you can search for Famisafe app. You must tap on the icon of this application and press the install button. After doing this, you will be done with the process of installation of this app.

The process of blocking someone on Facebook for the safety of your teen

Step 2 – Sign up with your email-id and then set a password. Re-enter the password to confirm.

The process of blocking someone on Facebook for the safety of your teen

Step 3 – Now, you need to set-up a PIN.

Step 4 – In this step, you must select your kid’s device.

The process of blocking someone on Facebook for the safety of your teen

Step 5 – Then install it in your kid’s phone.

The process of blocking someone on Facebook for the safety of your teen

Step 6 – Then visit the Famisafe app from your child’s device and then you’re all set to start.

The process of blocking someone on Facebook for the safety of your teen


Hence, if you want to block someone from your teenager kid’s Facebook account, follow the above-written points and save your child.

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