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Something for Facebook Messenger Block That Parents Should Know

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Raising children in the digital age is becoming difficult these days. With the evolution of social media, it has become a rapidly increasing platform for the young generation to communicate or share content, etc. These sites are for people with long distance. But now kids who are barely separated by a short distance prefer interacting on social media rather than personal interaction.

The teen generation is constantly getting connected to the internet world through instant messaging apps like Facebook. By just opening an app they can communicate with their friends for long hours.

Socializing is good, but it becomes a matter of concern when it becomes an addiction. As the kids are more active on Facebook these days, they are anxiously chasing the comments, increasing likes to their posts, followers, etc.

Parents should be aware of their child’s social media use. As the constant addiction can disrupt kids other activities like school-homework, engaging in outdoor playing, sound sleeps.

Something Parents Should Know About Facebook Messenger Block

The Current Situation That Teens Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook has become a new life for youngsters. The first thing that a child does in the morning is reaching their phone to check the messenger. They are so indulged in Facebook messenger that often they find it difficult and distractive to look up and talk to the person standing in front of them. They prefer texting rather than talking to the people in person. Continuous checking of the messenger has become their priority, as they fear missing out anything. Facebook messenger has lead teens more screen addicted.

What Are the Effects of Facebook Messenger for Teens?

Facebook messenger has led to massive risks for teenagers. They are becoming so obsessed with Facebook that it is causing a behavioral disorder among them. There are so pre-occupied with social media that it is distracting them from their everyday life which results in negative consequences. Their level of Facebook usage is so extreme that they are struggling with the addiction that is strongly affecting their interpersonal and family relations.

Kids tend to withdraw face-to-face interaction; they are more comfortable talking while texting than personal interaction. Due to over-interaction on Facebook messenger, they are lagging in learning details of real communication- like understanding body language, voice tone, sensing other people intentions.

Facebook Messenger is the leading cause of kid’s poor academic results also. Their grades are slipping as they spend more time interacting on Facebook messenger that leads to less interest in studies. Undone assignments reflect their poor academic interest.

Teens using social media are unhappy than their peers who less often use Facebook messenger. Consistent anxiety overwhelmed feelings, stress- all this is becoming their normal routine. Spending more time online results in high rates of depression, loneliness and all this hamper the development of child mentally as well as physically.

Why Parents Want Blocking of Facebook Messenger?

Facebook is not a place of young children and parents want Facebook messenger block for kids. The age when a child is living in their imaginative world, they are not ready and capable of distinguishing real life from their fantasy world. They can’t understand the complex online relations where even the mature one’s stuck up in misunderstandings and conflicts.

Parents don’t find the need for kid’s messenger account as teens can use their parents account if they see the necessity of chatting with relatives or friends. By using parents account, they can curb the use of the child’s social media.

Irrespective of the fact that parent can control the teen’s messenger app; risk of bullying is still there. Children can get distressing messages from their friends. Even they are not so developed to understand privacy. They are not in an age where they can understand what things need to share and to whom they should grant access to their conversations, videos or pictures.

Parents find it irresponsible to encourage kids for using Facebook messenger at such a young age.

How Famisafe Do For Blocking Facebook Messenger

If your kids remain active on messenger for long hours, then privacy is the primary concern. The best way to keep them safe is with the use of the parental control app.

Famisafe is a parental control app that helps parents to keep a watch over their kids and assure that they are safe from cyberbullying. It helps in blocking Facebook messenger and don’t let kids getting addicted to cell phones and social media apps like the Facebook messenger.

Just install it on your phone and remotely control your kid’s device with these easy steps:

Step 1

Install the FamiSafe app from App Store or Google Play on your phone as well as on the kid’s phone.

Something Parents Should Know About Facebook Messenger Block

Step 2

Register on the FamiSafe account and process with all the requested information. You can log in either from your device or from your kids.

Something Parents Should Know About Facebook Messenger Block

Step 3

Now log in to your kid’s phone with the set credentials and select the identity as a kid to the target phone. Grant permissions when prompted.

Something Parents Should Know About Facebook Messenger Block

Step 4

For monitoring the kid’s phone, log in to your phone and select your identity as a parent. Give necessary permissions for parental control settings to track social media apps on your kid’s phone.

Step 5

You are ready to access the target mobile remotely, and you will get all the essential shortcuts on the Welcome Screen of the app.

Step 6

Monitor the amount of time spent on the app from the app monitoring feature. You will get the detail report of the app’s usage by a kid and the duration that they have spent on each app.

Something Parents Should Know About Facebook Messenger Block

Step 7

If they are spending more time on messenger, you can move ahead for blocking Facebook messenger during their school, outdoor activities or homework time. You can block specific apps and even set the particular duration for which you want to block the app.

Just go on the “App Block” option from the home screen, block the app, select the start and end time of the app and the respective days for which you want to block it.

Something Parents Should Know About Facebook Messenger Block

Step 8

It also gives a report based on the trend of web browsing by your child. You will get notified if they try to access Facebook from the web browser even.

Something Parents Should Know About Facebook Messenger Block

Step 9

FamiSafe also gives you access to set a limit of device usage for your kids. Set the screen time to limit the kid’s screen usage and enable restriction. The child won’t be able to use his phone after the set limit.

Something Parents Should Know About Facebook Messenger Block

These easy steps help in monitoring kid’s phone usage and also restricts the over usage.


It is an unhidden fact that kid’s Facebook messenger usage is increasing with each passing day. It is vital that being a responsible parent; you should help your kids to maintain the right balance between social media usage and other outdoor and academic activities.

By understanding the dangers of Facebook messenger on your teens, it is essential for parents to apply the solutions that are available with you. For keeping your kids safe, FamiSafe is the most reliable app that helps you keep kids away from screens. It prevents teenagers from getting addicted to Facebook messenger and also helps them to live a happy and healthy life.

Meta Description: With the evolution of social media, teenagers are becoming addicted to apps like Facebook Messenger. To curb the usage, FamiSafe helps parents in restricting limits for usage of social media apps.

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