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Top 10 Best iPhone Tracker

The Best iPhone Tracker for You

Things like losing your iPhone can happen to everyone in the chaos of modern society. You must have always wondered how you can track an iPhone. Well, it's easier than you think it can ever be. There are plenty of ways you can actually be doing this. We've listed the top 10 iPhone trackers of 2020, which will help you track your iPhone with and without an app.

Top 5 iPhone Tracker Apps

There are many apps on the market that can help you track your iPhone. The advantage of an iPhone tracker app is that it will provide the most accurate and real-time location information as it is installed on the target device. Moreover, installing an app on the target iPhone also allows you to apply certain control methods on the target devices. To save you from the trouble of finding the right app, we have handpicked the 5 most popular apps for you. Read along to find out more details.

1. FamiSafe

Did you know that FamiSafe is the best iPhone tracker app? The reason why it manages its way to be on the first in the list is its features. The amazingly designed app allows you to track a device's location and gain access to its location history as well. In addition, it allows you to block web content and set screen times as to when the device can be used and when it cannot be used.

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  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube & Tik Tok History Monitor; Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Works on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire

Features of FamiSafe:

  • You can block your iPhone remotely by using the Screen Time feature.
  • Easily view the kid's real-time location and location history.
  • Set up a geofence to get alerted when your kids enter or leave the area.
  • Block and filter inappropriate website content with FamiSafe's Web Filter.
  • For parents whose children just learned how to drive, FamiSafe provides a Driving Reports feature to help them check their kid's driving skills.


  • User-friendly UI and design.
  • Provide a 3-day free trial for users to test before purchase.
  • Compatible with different OS devices, support iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows, and Mac system.
  • Once the app is installed on the target device, you don't need to change the target device anymore.


  • You cannot monitor texts or other messaging apps if the kid's device is an iPhone.

iphone tracker apps - famisafe

2. Spyic

After FamiSafe, Spyic is the next best alternative when it comes to the iPhone tracker app. Why? Because Spyic helps you track your iPhone's location, WhatsApp messages, photos, as well as the applications installed. This highly advanced software is meant to look or your iPhone from any part of the world.

Features of Spyic:

  • With the use of Spyic, you are able to monitor social media apps.
  • Location tracking is a must.
  • You can also track call logs.
  • You can capture screenshots through the app itself.


  • You can remotely track your iPhone.
  • No need to jailbreak your iPhone device to use Spyic.


  • No free version is available.

iphone tracking - spyic

3. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is the ultimate iPhone tracking app that can track iPhone virtually from anywhere, as long as your iPhone is connected to the internet. Plus, if you have any confidential information stored on your Apple device, you can easily erase it with just a few clicks. If you're new to the Apple family, we'll walk you through the Find My iPhone app.

Features of Find My iPhone:

  • Erase content remotely from PC or another phone if your iPhone falls into the wrong hands.
  • If you just cannot find your phone, but you know it's around somewhere, go to Find My iPhone and click "Play Sound," which will make a sound at the maximum volume, making flashes on the screen, even if your phone is muted.


  • Privacy controls on the app itself.
  • The app has three useful options that you can use when your device is misplaced; erase, play sound, and lost mode.


  • You may get friend requests from people you don't know, which is believed to be a HUGE downside as they'll know your location.

find my phone - best iphone tracker app

4. Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker is a free iPhone tracker app that enables you to track a cell phone's location without the iPhone user's knowledge. This app has the advantage of allowing you to track an Apple device's real-time location through another one. Continue reading to know about what makes this app an ideal one for you.


  • You can track up to 10 users for free.
  • Detailed and extensive route.
  • Compatible with iOS 8 or later.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Get notifications about your friends' and family members' locations.


  • You can view your iPhone's past records for the last 12 hours.
  • Best in finding the real-time location.
  • Shows a detailed map.


  • Requires permission from the person who is being tracked.
  • Compatible only for Apple devices with software running iOS 8 or later.

phone tracker - best iphone tracker app

5. Glympse

Glympse is comparatively a new iPhone tracker that is fast, efficient, and freely available on App Store for you to just download and use it. This app does not require permission from the person whose iPhone location is going to be tracked. When you and your friends have this app downloaded on both your Apple devices, you can view each other's location. Or, if you have lost your device, you can track your iPhone from your friend's device.


  • Users can interact through common activities such as sports, swimming, meetings, or social gatherings.
  • Shows real-time locations.
  • Glympse automatically schedules location updates for everyone related to a specific calendar event.


  • Multipurpose app.
  • Various features.
  • Shares real-time location.
  • More improved app for an iPhone tracker.


  • Expires previous data before you could record.
  • Sometimes it doesn't show the exact location even after updating.

Glympse - iphone tracker

Can I use the above apps to track my kid's Android device?

Most of the above apps are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Yet, there are some apps that are more suitable for an Android device. You can check the best GPS tracking app for Android here.

Top 5 online iPhone tracker - track iPhone without the app

However, not everyone will have access to the target iPhone to install an app on it. That's why we need a solution to track the iPhone without any app. With the development of cloud service and modern technology, there is plenty of services that can help you track an iPhone without installing any apps on it. We have listed the 5 most-used methods for you. Check the details out!

1. iCloud - Find My

iCloud is the most commonly used to track the iPhone when you don't have any other options. Using iCloud is pretty easy, as this is something that Apple has been focusing on for a long time. Any iOS device that has an Apple ID and uses iCloud will be able to use the Find My iPhone feature to track their iPhone. You will need to turn on Find My iPhone on the target devices first.


  • Keeps your information safe.
  • You can view the device's location on any other iOS device like iPad, iPod, or any browser.
  • If you enable Offline Finding and Send Last Location, you will be able to find your device even if it is offline or running out of battery.


  • Access your location information from anywhere.
  • If your device got stolen, you could erase the phone data to prevent the leaking of personal information.


  • The service is not stable, and many users have encounter errors like No location available, Server Error, Connection Error while using the service.

icloud find my iphone

2. Google Maps Timeline

It's not surprising that Google always comes in handy when something goes wrong. However, this will only work if the Location Services in your iPhone is enabled. Both Apple and Google are masters of gathering information on literally everything and anything. Google always stores this information on their Timeline, so without any ado, head over to the Google Timeline.


  • Able to view the location history of your devices.
  • Your location information is private.
  • A customizable interface so that you can amend information such as your name and address for accuracy.


  • Accurate and reliable.
  • Location data is available on mobile and desktop.


  • Need to sign in to your Google account to check and receive locations updates.

google maps timeline for iphone location tracking

3. Google Photos

Yes, this might be surprising, but it's true that you can use Google Photos to track iPhone without the app. Although this is a somewhat complicated option, you need to install the Google Photos app installed on your iPhone with the automatic feature turned on. It might be a little unrealistic for someone to steal your iPhone and immediately start taking photos with it. Well, you never know.


  • Easy to use.
  • You can access this from your PC,
  • Gives you the location of the photo,
  • Easy to track,


  • User-friendly,
  • Can be accessed from anywhere,


  • You need to install Google Photos on your phone to be able to track your iPhone through this.
  • The installation is complicated.
  • Not likely to give you the exact location.
  • It is not guaranteed that you'll surely find your iPhone through this method.

use google photos to track iphone location

4. Find My Friends

If you don't have another iPhone or Apple device, you may borrow one of your friend's iPhone to track your missing iPhone. Plus, if you're wondering how an iPhone can track another iPhone, have you ever noticed Find My Friends on your iPhone? Both the devices need to have the feature enabled to be able to track the missing iPhone. The good news is, this feature can be accessed from iOS 9 and onwards and is already installed on the devices.


  • Easy to locate.
  • You can select friends who can follow you and your location.
  • Bug fixes and improvements were made to enhance the user experience.


  • It comes built-in with iOS and will not eat up your phone's memory.
  • Supports iOS 9 and later.
  • New design and layout.


  • Your friends can view your location anytime when your location is turned on.

tracking phone - find my friends

5. mSpy iPhone Tracker

mSpy is not just for tracking iPhone, but more. There are 25 features on tap. This is geared to keep track of your iPhone as well as the others using it. Remotely manageable, this software can be accessed from any browser and is compatible with iOS.


  • Message tracking.
  • GPS locator.
  • It can be managed remotely.
  • It can be monitor calls.
  • Monitor emails.


  • Reliable
  • Convenient control panel.
  • For multipurpose use.
  • High quality.
  • User-friendly.


  • Needs high-spec computers to run the program.

iphonetracker mspy

Losing your iPhone is never an issue today. You can always easily find it back. If one method doesn't work, there are so many other ways to make it work! I hope the iPhone tracking apps or iPhone trackers mentioned above worked with you. But the best one among them is Famisafe. So choose this app for tracking iPhone easily.

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