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Cyberbullying & Suicide: Why Cyberbullying Cause Suicidal Deaths?

Cyberbullying & Suicide

What then is cyberbullying suicide?

Communication on social media has got both the good and the bad sides. Even though the internet has helped turn the world into a local market, it has also brought with it diverse negative effects. Among these is cyberbullying which is now slowly drifting the world into cyberbullying suicide among internet users. Cyberbullying suicide is when an internet user doesn’t have the guts to take any more bullying from his or her online attackers. It all starts from low self-esteem, depression, other difficulties and finally taking on one’s own life.

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Why cyberbullying cause suicidal deaths?

Suicide is a well-known problem that continues to lead to numerous deaths, especially among the younger generation. One of the leading causes of suicide is cyberbullying. This aggressive behavior, when done repeatedly, leads to a power imbalance on the target victim. This is what results in negative mental health outcomes like suicide. Let’s look at why cyberbullying causes suicidal deaths deriving some facts from cyberbullying suicide statistics.


Depression by itself is an alarming factor as far as bullying is concerned. And cyberbullying will at most times lead a victim to a feeling of self unworthy. Once they feel overwhelmed with what goes around, they are likely to take their lives. According to the NIH Research report, depression is proving high among victims of cyberbullying.


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Most victims of cyberbullying will feel unsafe even in their own homes. And since the bullies are usually anonymous, the victim has no idea of who is behind all the threats. Statistics show that 20% of children who have been bullied show some level of fear to the extent of being reluctant to attend school, according to Bullying UK cyberbullying suicide statistics.

Low self-esteem

There is also an adverse feeling of dissatisfaction with who they are. Such perpetrators always attack victims on areas they are more vulnerable to. The targets end up beginning to doubt themselves and their worth. Such feelings may make one think that they are not worth living, hence taking away their own lives. Victims who are cyberbullied are likely to show low self-esteem.


Feeling of loneliness and isolation will let such victims stay away from various groups. It becomes worse when they have to shut down their computers or cell phones to evade any further harm. This, in turn, cuts off communication with other friends and the only thing visible to them is a suicide due to cyberbullying

A drop in school grades

So many things ring in the minds of cyberbullied victims. Evading school or losing interest in learning is one of the results. When such happens, there is a likelihood of a lack of concentration that also leads to a drop in grades. Nobody wants to be that ever poor performer.

How kids react to cyberbullying?

As a parent, you should be quick to pick the telltale signs of cyberbullying on your child. There are various ways to detect especially if your child has gone beyond borders and now facing possible cyberbullying suicide. These are the ways to know that your child is being cyberbullied.

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Avoiding social situations

For those children who have experienced cyberbullying from their former friends will avoid further association with such friends. National Crime Prevention Center (NCPC) reports that cyberbullied children always want to stay away and withdrawn, a sign that may lead to suicide due to cyberbullying.


Most victims will also start leading a secret life. These may include hiding their phones and other devices. Another secrecy sign includes dodging questions, especially of online activities. We learn from Ask.fm that letting your child go into a closed room with his laptop or phone by himself could be an alarming sign.

Heightened emotions

If your child shows some form of anger or seems to get upset over little matters, then they could be onto the road of cyberbullying victims. National Center for Education Statistics shows that 19 percent of bullied students of cyberbullying suicide statistics hurt how they feel about themselves.

Trouble adjusting in school

This can be easily visible when you recently changed to a new school. Cyberbullying Research Center reports that 64 percent of children who have been cyberbullied admit that the act affects their learning ability.

Signs of cyberbullying suicidal thoughts

When it becomes unbearable for most victims, thoughts of suicide due to cyberbullying may be their last resort. These signs can help you figure out whether your child is headed in the wrong direction.

  • If they are reluctant to share any information concerning their online activities
  • When you realize that your child pretends to be ill especially when it’s time to go to school
  • Whenever they receive a text or email and they suddenly appear nervous
  • If there are constant unexplained anger each time they are online or after going online
  • If they find it hard to fall asleep or constantly have nightmares
  • If you notice that your child has a sudden weight gain or loss
  • When they appear weak or unwell suddenly and with no clear symptom of the specific illness or condition
  • When they take long hours in doing simple duties to evade being present with other family members

How to prevent cyberbullying suicide?

It doesn’t matter the extent of damage that your child has experienced. There are ways to help prevent cyberbullying suicide and help your child live a normal life again. All it needs is patience and close observation of your child’s behavior.

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Talk about cyberbullying

Explain to your child what cyberbullying entails. By knowing such information, they will be able to recognize possible bullying and report to you in good time.

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Be a close friend

Encourage your kid to talk about all the issues of concern. Children will likely open up to you when you act as a friend more often.

Limit data access

This is another form of preventing cyberbullying suicide. Control when your child can access data to minimize the chances of being bullied. They should go online when someone protective is around them.

Know their passwords

As much as this may not be easy, try, and know your child’s online passwords. With such, you will act on time in case of any risen eyebrows.

Gather the necessary information

Some children prove to be smarter than their parents especially when it comes to inquiring about what you are not so sure of. Help yourself out by gathering all the needed information before approaching them with the possible way out.

Install reliable online security

Various parental control apps can be of help. With these, you can monitor your child’s phone even when they are away from your sight.

A brief introduction of FamiSafe

One of the software that you can use to help you prevent cyberbullying is FamiSafe. It is bombarded with technology to help detect any suspicious data on your child’s phone. So, in case any bad messages hit your child’s phone, you automatically get a notification on your end for stern action. There is no worry when it comes to the installation and usage of FamiSafe. In a span of 3 steps, you will be able to start parental control of your child’s phone. Install, Register your account, and connect your kid’s phone to your phone before you start to enjoy the service.

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A Reliable and Handy Parental Control App

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Real-time location tracking

This feature lets you know the whereabouts of your kid. Among the functions you can do are to check on the historic location of your child and control which zones he goes to. If he defies any orders, you instantly get alerts on your phone.

Web content filtering

Many online threats can cause harm to your child. Use this feature to block any website that is inappropriate for your child, depending on the age.

Flexible Remote Control

There is no need to jailbreak your child’s phone. Just ensure that you have properly installed the App on your phone then you can comfortably make all the settings from your end.

Suspicious photos

Your child’s safety will be increased to a hundred folds. And whenever there is an inappropriate message or photo that is sent to your child’s phone, you will instantly get an alert. By this, you can act promptly and in a good time.


Many cases continue to rise in suicide due to cyberbullying. It is, therefore, necessary for parents to take control over the lives of their children. As a parent, ensure you are vigilant about your child’s behaviors. It is only by taking stern action that you can be able to save a life. Otherwise, many children turn to online sources for information. You can use third-party tools like FamiSafe to help you get alerts whenever your child is experiencing unusual texts or emails.

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