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Bullying and Cyberbullying: what is the difference?

Bullying and Cyberbullying


Today’s kids and teens have unknown threats on internet platform at recent times. You would have heard of flash news stating the incidents of bullying and cyberbullying and its related consequences. The children require awareness before they enter into the cyber world. The innocence of the kids leads to unwanted cyber issues in future. As a responsible parent, you must talk to your kid and give them a better understanding of these cyber monsters. Through proper guidance, help your kids to ignore cyberbullying and escape from the psychological effects like depression, isolation, anger, illness, and humiliation, etc.

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Bullying and Cyber Bullying

a) The Similarities

  • It brings psychological effects on the kid
  • Making use of offensive words
  • The weak children are mostly affected
  • Aggressiveness and harming the victim
  • The bullying can occur repeatedly

b) The Differences

Elements to compare Traditional Bullying Cyber Bullying
Identity of the person The person who bullies the victim is visible and their identity is known The person who bullies the victim is anonymous. It is difficult to reveal the identity of the person.
The place of occurrence When the victim is isolated from his/her friends or parents It can happen at any time and anywhere on the internet space
Incident visibility The news related to bullying incident spreads only a few kilometres The cyberbullying information will be widespread worldwide within a few minutes
Probability to resolve You can resolve this type of bullying because it happens in real-time and through effective communication, you can make the person regret his/her act. In this type of bullying, it is difficult to bring out the guilty feeling because it happens in the virtual world of internet
Preventive measure Awareness and self-discipline help the kids to protect themselves from unnecessary bullying issues. Make use of effective parental control app to protect the kids from the dangerous online space
Damages Chances of physical injury Psychological effects

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How to handle a bully

You can handle the bullies in many ways as follows

  • Build your confidence
  • Most bullies occur on the weaker section of the society. If you build your confidence level then ultimately you are no longer weak. When you speak, the dominating power loses its strength in no time

  • Stay along with trustworthy friends
  • The bully targets isolated people, and it is a wise decision to stay with your friends and family. You can accompany with your lovable friends if you have desires to explore new places.

  • Practice to be cool
  • If you give a cool response during the bully, then the situation decelerates gradually. You need a lot of practice to control your emotions, and handle the bully circumstances in a wise manner

  • Pause a while
  • Do not respond immediately to the bully. You have to wait for a few minutes and then reply wisely to soothe the surroundings. At the same time, do not let the bully to continue for hours, interrupt at the right moment, and reply effectively.

  • Learn to ignore
  • You must learn to ignore and move on with such bullying. You have to find ways to leave that place as soon as possible before the bullying becomes serious. How to handle Cyberbullying

  • Do not reply to negative comments
  • The situation becomes worse if you try to make a reply on the comments carrying offensive words. It is a wise practice to ignore and move on.

  • Manage Stress
  • You must ensure the bullying does not penetrate deep into you affecting your health and mind. Learn to manage the stress level by practising yoga, exercises etc

  • Take a break
  • You can do something else other than the internet. Take a break from this type of social media bullying and enjoy activities, which interest you a lot.

  • Understand the perspectives
  • After reading an offensive comment on the internet, do not complaint yourself immediately instead view it in a right perspective. Everyone has their own belief and perspective and you cannot label it as right and wrong. You have to understand build such type of thinking to handle the cyberbullying

How do you prevent cyberbullying?

Three Normal Ways

  • Increase your Family time
  • The best remedy to prevent social media bullying is to spend more time with your family. When you increase the time for your family then all the things will lie on a line. The parents should allocate a couple of hours to talk with their kids regularly. When you build a good relationship with your kids then they will not look for a company in the virtual world of the internet.

  • Reduce Screen Time
  • It is the best practice to set a time limit per day for gadget usage. The inquisitiveness of the kids grows if they have more time to explore on the internet platform.

  • Teamwork
  • You can sit along with your kid when he/she make use of the gadgets. Watch out their online activities and you have to find out which interest him/her more. Few kids will be interested in games whereas others in social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram etc. During your family time, you can speak with your kid and give him/her awareness about the threats, which exists on their favourite platform.

A Reliable Parental Control App

Another effective way to prevent social media bullying is to make use of reliable parental control app like FamiSafe. This app delivers consistent performance and it is one of the highly trusted apps by the parents worldwide. This software is easy to use and the parents find it convenient as it supports both Android and iPhone gadgets optimally.

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The Main Features of FamiSafe Parental Control App

Detection of suspicious texts in messages

In many cases, the cyber crimes happen due to social media bullying. The controversies initially rise in the form of bullying and later on develop into crimes. The parents should take a necessary step before the bully turns into crimes. The FamiSafe app has a unique feature to detect the offensive words in the content received by your kid’s gadget.

You must install this app in your device as well as in your kid’s phone. Then establish the connection with your kid device remotely for monitoring purpose. This feature ‘Explicit Content Detection’ serves as a best preventive measure for cyberbullying. This module has a list of offensive and bad words and it allows you to add more to this list easily. This app scans the messages, which enter into your kid’s gadget, and it notifies you immediately if it senses the bad words in the content.

With the help of this feature, you can prevent the bully at the right time. You can reach out to your kid when you receive such notification. Through effective communication with your kid, you can stop the bully before it could start.

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Find out suspicious images in the kid’s gadget

The kids and teens receive suspicious pictures on their gadgets through social media even without their knowledge. The FamiSafe app alerts the parents as soon as it senses such pictures on their kid’s device. This type of notification helps the parents to become proactive and avoid serious cyber issues in future. The timely prevention eradicates unwanted issues in future.

The FamiSafe app watches out the content in the phone gallery of your kid and if it finds any suspicious images then it will send an alert message to the parent’s device. This app monitors the kid’s gadget consistently and takes respective action in a timely manner. The alerts at the right time make this app to stand unique from the crowd of parental control apps in the digital market.

The settings related to this feature are simple. You have to download this app from its official website in your device as well as in your kid’s gadget and establish the connection through the FamiSafe account. Then you can start to monitor the gadget activities precisely and remotely. The notifications and alerts will reach your gadget on time without any delay.

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The above two features such as ‘Explicit content detection’ and ‘Suspicious Photos’ assist in overcoming social media bullying in an effective way. To protect your kids from this threatening online environment you require a security system like FamiSafe app.


Thus, to handle the social media bullying you need a highly performable source to prevent such issues. The FamiSafe app is the only optimum solution to handle and avoid cyberbullying. With the help of FamiSafe, you can create a safe online space for your kid and overcome all sorts of psychological impacts due to bullying and other forms of cybercrimes. It is the sole responsibility of the parents to satisfy the needs of the children. As a parent, you must satisfy their online needs along with secure settings using FamiSafe. The FamiSafe is a reliable online guardian for your kid, which protects them from internet threats.

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