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Bullied kid& bullies: why do kids bully and how parents do

Bullied kid& bullies


From the perspective of a kid, what does bully mean? Moreover, why do kids bully? The term bullies in general means harming someone. There are two types of bullying

  • Physical Bullying
  • Emotional Bullying

In the case of physical bullying, the overall damage occurs on the body of a kid. It involves fighting, hitting, tripping, pushing, pinching, slapping etc. This type of bullying may end with bloodshed at times.

Emotional bullying harms the mental health of an individual. It is a form of psychological teasing. This type of bully brings impact on psychological behaviour. Most cyberbullying involves emotional bullying. Here, the kids harm the other through offensive words, sending suspicious pictures, spreading fake news etc.

The kids bully when they face controversies from their own beliefs and perspectives. Some individuals target the weaker ones for bullying. Due to behavioural disorders, some of the kids bully frequently with their fellow classmates and friends.

why do kid bully 1

How many kids are bullied or become bullies

As per the source from Cartoon Network (Making Caring Common Project), the survey indicates the bullying experience of 9 to 11-year-old kids. In these statistics, you can infer the following data

  • The ‘By Standers’ were 77% which means they had witnessed the bullying. Here, 27% witnessed many times and 50% had seen the bullying once or twice
  • The kids bullied by others were 62%
  • 21% of kids bullied others.
  • why do kid bully 2

Why do kids bully?

The reasons for why do kids bully is as follows

  • Family situation
  • When the kids lack attention at home, then they will tend to involve such a bullying act. The kids of divorced parents are up to these issues frequently. The older kids with the young sibling feel lonely and dejected and they tend to enjoy bullying others.

    why do kid bully 3

  • Kids with low self-esteem
  • If the kids lack self-confidence then they will bully others. According to the psychologist, the kids who do bully feels powerful while making fun of others. Through this bullying act, the kids will try to hide the negative aspects of their life. This kind of kids suffers from depression and some sorts of psychology issues even without their knowledge.

    why do kid bully 4

  • Jealous behaviour
  • If the kid is jealous of others then he/she will find possible ways to put them down in front of the public. The kid will spread gossips about the person whom he/she is jealous. This type of jealousy attitude corrupts the progressive growth of the kid and it ultimately encourages him/her to involve in bullying act.

    why do kid bully 5

  • Bullying Parents
  • If the parents constantly bully their kids, then he/she will adopt this attitude towards his/her fellow people in school/college etc. The parents should look for alternatives to guide the kid on the right path instead of bullying often.

    why do kid bully 6

  • Aggressive by nature
  • Some kids are highly aggressive and impulsive by nature. Those kids do not have the awareness to handle the situation in an optimum manner. Their aggressive behaviour unveils quickly when they face conflicts with others.

    why do kid bully 7

    How do parents stop bullying for kids who bully?

    As parents, you can stop your kid from doing bully act by following the below guidelines

    • Spend time with kids
    • Despite a busy work schedule, you have to find time on regular basis to spend with your kids. Both mother and father should spare valuable time with kid. Make use of this time to discuss how we're the day and the exciting moments at school or college etc. When you interact with your kid then ultimately he/she will walk in the right path and develop self-discipline despite social distractions.

      Encourage open communication while spending time with your kid. You should allow your kid to speak up their feelings without any hesitation. Whether it is right or wrong, encourage your kid to reveal their dilemmas, hurts, unfavourable situations at school etc. If you practice such open communication at home then your kid will be free from all sorts of psychological issues. He/she will treat the other kids well despite differences and controversies.

    • Show love and care
    • You must handle your kids wisely without bullying them often. Even during difficult times of your kid, you should show your utmost love and care. You have to inculcate positive thinking in your kid. If you behave properly with your kid then ultimately he/she will start to show kindness to others.

      You have to talk about humanity, love, kindness to your kids. If you constantly insist these facts, even the aggressive behaviour vanishes gradually. As you, all know that through consistent efforts you can make wonders in this world. It is high time for you to bring constructive changes in your kid’s behaviour.

    • Follow morals at home
    • If you practice moral values then your kid will follow you. When your kid adopts this type of ethical principles then he/she will not try to hurt anyone. Their perspective changes and they begin to find goodness in others rather blaming or bullying them. The kids are the best followers of parents. If you treat others, well then your kid will follow the same.

      If you make small changes at home, it will bring immense transformation in your kid. The children are good observers and you have to portray the right scenes to avoid such bullying act in future. When you follow moral values at home then the kid will realize that the act of bullying is an offence and develop guilt feel for his/her unruly character.

    An Efficacious parental control app

    If you are hunting for a reliable and trustworthy app to monitor your kid’s gadget activities then FamiSafe is the perfect product. It is the right tool to fight against cyberbullying. It protects the kids from threatening cyber environment. This app is easy to use and hence the parents feel comfortable to install this app on their device. This app performs well consistently without any flaws. It records precise data from kid’s device without any issues.

    If you have any queries related to this app, you can try out the demo for better understanding. The support team of Famisafe is available round the clock to clarify your questions and confusions related to this effective app.

    With the help of this tool, you can reach out your kid on time and prevent unwanted cyber issues in future. The timely notifications and messages assist the parents to take respective actions before the situation goes worse. The built-in features of this app help the parents to make necessary constructive changes on the kid’s gadget remotely.

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    The significant feature to prevent cyberbullying

    The FamiSafe parental control app has introduced two salient features to fight against cyberbullying.

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    • Web Filtering
    • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
    • App Blocker & App Activity Report
    • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
    • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

    Detect suspicious content

    The ‘Explicit Content Detection’ feature notifies the parent’s device when their kid receives messages containing bad and offensive words. The basic principle of this process is that the app matches the default list of offensive words with the text messages received on the kid’s device. If any text in the message matches with the app’s offensive words list then the parents will receive an alert signal. This type of scanning occurs on all sorts of text messages received from ordinary messenger and via social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Viber, and Wechat, etc.

    You can view the offensive words list on this FamiSafe app and you can add possible words to enhance the scanning process. The abusive words vary with age groups and hence you can edit the list as per your requirement. As parents, you have to make detailed research on the words, which trigger cyberbullying and add it to the list without fail. You have to put your utmost effort to update the abusive words list on FamiSafe app to ensure effective protection from cyberbullying issues.

    why do kid bully 9

    Alert on Suspicious photos and texts

    This feature of FamiSafe also works on the principle of scanning. The app monitors the content in the gallery and reports immediately to the parents if it finds anything fishy. This alert signal helps the parents to access their kid’s gadget remotely and delete those suspicious images before the kid could view the picture. The suspicious images may enter into the kid’s gadget even without their knowledge. You can make use of the FamiSafe app to detect the suspicious images on your kid’s gadgets wisely.


    Therefore, the FamiSafe parental control app is the right app to avoid cyberbullying. It helps the kids to prevent cyber issues using explicit content detection feature. You can rely on this product without any regrets. It provides parents with precise and accurate data regarding the kid’s gadget activities. The parents can plan the next step in accordance with the FamiSafe app details. This tool is highly reliable and well performable without any complaints in the long run.

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