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What is TikTok Algorithm and How does It Work?

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TikTok has taken over the world since its inception. Too many regular people become famous because of it. From children to adults, everybody loves making videos on it. But have you ever thought about how TikTok videos go viral and how some influencers are more followed than others?

That is because of the TikTok algorithm. Every social media application, whether it is Facebook or Instagram, works on a specified algorithm with the help of which they push out content for the users on their feed. Let's talk about it further in detail.

tiktok algorithm

What is the Algorithm of TikTok?

In general terms, algorithms in social media can be said as a means through which the content is pushed out and reaches a user. A TikTok algorithm works the same way. However, it also puts in the videos according to the users’ preferences.

For example, if you like watching cooking videos, the TikTok algorithm will make sure to put up content related to cooking on your For You page to attract you to spend more time on the app. When it comes to people who upload the video, TikTok checks the engagement on a video. The more likes and comments your video receives, the more chances to be exposed to more users. That is how the TikTok algorithm works.

Factors that Affect the TikTok Algorithm

There are several factors that the algorithm of TikTok checks while publishing it to several people:

Engagement on Video

If a video gets hundreds and thousands of likes and has hundreds of comments and views, it will have a larger possibility to get viral. The number of re-shares and downloads is also an important aspect of helping your video reach a larger group of people.

engage on video

Video Information

Have you ever thought about the caption for your TikTok video before writing it? If not, then you must now. Captions speak to your audience, so make it as quirky as possible. Location is also part of video information that helps people discover your TikTok video in your region.

video information


Videos with trending audios get popular quickly compared to videos that don't use any since users can find your videos if they click on the audio to find more related videos.


Hashtags have been in the social world for quite a while. It would help if you used relevant hashtags. Even if you are good, your content is amazing to find you. People use hashtags when they are looking for specific content.

Hashtags can be a good tool to describe the content of your video. And it has become a common situation that users are trying to find the videos they like by searching the hashtag directly since they can get much information at one time.

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How to Make Videos Go Viral with TikTok Algorithm?

Below mentioned are tips to help you make your TikTok video go viral:

1. Short Videos

Gone were when people used to watch long videos. In this fast-paced world, short and point-to-the-topic videos are more welcome. One can also create a long piece of content into shorter videos to make it more engaging. So, without wasting any time or starting a long line of suspense, you are served with information or entertainment.

2. Popular Hashtags

As discussed earlier, hashtags are important factors that determine the success of your video. If your videos are highly related to the trending hashtags you use, people from different parts of the world will be able to see them on their feed.

popular hashtag

3. Engaging with Creators

The TikTok community is built with a majority of caring and loving people. So once in a while, if you interact with other content creators, like their videos, and comment on them, you will receive the same admiration for your videos. So remember, by giving love, you will always receive love.

4. Posting Time

Most people don't keep in mind the time while posting their videos? Your audience is not 24 x 7 on their phones. Some have school, and some go to work. So to make sure that you reach everyone you need to check on the timings.

You will see that most of your audience is either available in the morning or late evening. The reason behind it is that people use their devices either when they are leaving for work or when they get back. Therefore, posting during these periods is highly recommended.

5. Meet Followers' Tastes

If a creator does not know where their followers' interest lies, it would be difficult to make it to the top. So first, you need to understand what might interest your followers. Then, you diversify your page and produce content on more than one topic.

What Should You be Aware of?

It's tough to get successful, but one must keep trying. If you try to take a shortcut, you will only witness success for a short while. With these lines, let's talk about what you should be aware of or not do on TikTok:

1. Never Buy Followers

Some content creators buy followers to gain instant success. They try to cheat the TikTok algorithm and cheat their followers. Unfortunately, no fruitful result comes out of it, and there is a chance that their account might get banned.

2. Do not Use Repurposed Content without Giving Credits

It takes hours and hours for a content creator to develop an amazing piece of content. When somebody uses it without giving credit, you create legal trouble in your paradise and dismiss somebody's hard work.

If you wish to reuse a TikTok video or any other form of content on your page, ask permission from the owner and give credits in the description box.

3. Do not Spread Rumors

Before making the content for your next TikTok video, properly check all the information. Make sure that it's not misleading people. First, investigate the matter and then take a stand. Do not spread rumors amongst your followers.

Wondershare FamiSafe—Parents' Best Helper

With the race to reach the top on TikTok and stay head-to-head with its algorithm, kids can go off-board. They can be checking out content that is not appropriate for them and might be putting it on their accounts.

To keep track of what kids are looking at, the online Wondershare FamiSafe parental control app has several features to help you with.

Screen Time

With the help of the screen time feature, you can check how much time your kid is spending on their phone. Parents can also see which app their child uses the most and at what time. If you feel that your child is spending too much time on a particular app, you can set up screen time limits. A dialog box will appear to restrict your child from using the app whenever the time is up.

Web Filter

There are 10 categories for you to choose to block or allow, including Violence, Adult content, and so on. If that is not accurate enough to block the website you don’t want your kids to have access to, you could choose Add Exception. Type in the specific website, then kids will not be able to access it. And you will receive an instant alert if they are trying to enter that site.


App Blocker

Once you find out that your kids spend lots of time on one app or their tech devices, you can block the app or device directly with one simple tap. Not only this, you can set a scheduled screen time to avoid them from spending excessive time online as well.


A TikTok algorithm is quite tricky, and it's difficult to stay updated with all changes happening daily. But one can always make sure to make good quality content and follow all the things mentioned above to get a better reach.

Kids should talk to their parents if they plan to invest more time in making content for TikTok. On the other hand, parents should support their kids and help them build a healthy follower base. Teach your kids all the pros and cons of TikTok and how the algorithm works.

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