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Swipr Dating App Review: Is it Safe for Teens?

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More than 30 million people in the United States use dating apps at any time. According to the data, a large percentage of those downloading these apps are under 18. Online dating provides many advantages, particularly if you are shy or apprehensive about meeting new people in real life.

Swipr is one popular dating apps among teens, enabling them to meet new friends and expand their social circles. Your child may find their soulmate or merely have a new group of pals to hang out with. But is it safe for teens to use? This article covers a detailed Swipr App Review to help you better understand this dating application. Let's get started!

swipr dating app review

What is Swipr?

Swipr is an online dating application for teenagers, launched in 2020. It allows teenagers to find people who share the same interests by providing a secure space.

Swipe right on anybody you would want to connect with. Then, you can chat with your new Swipr buddy easily. What gets better: It allows you to immediately send messages to your Swipr friends by opening a chatroom. You may meet new people on Snapchat, expand your Instagram and TikTok followings, find a gaming partner on Discord, and much more! It is more like a platform where you can meet new friends instead of dating mates.

Key Features

  • Allows you to find the people that share the same interests with GPS
  • User-friendly interface
swipr app review

Swipr Age Rating

The age rating of Swipr dating app is 12+, which means both teenagers and adults can easily use the app to establish a new relationship.

Is Swipr Safe for Teens?

As you know, every dating app has its pros and cons; using Swipr for online dating also comes with some drawbacks. But here's the kicker: Swipr ensures the teenager's safety with the help of its age verification feature, which makes sure that a teenager find a match of their age. However, there is some negative side of Swipr that you cannot neglect.

Conservative Social Interaction

Having online contacts and disregarding real-time relationships may negatively influence your teen's mental health, social life, and well-being. If your kids are dating an online friend who lives in another city, they may opt not to attend social events, like the party, since they may prefer to remain at home and communicate with friends through the internet.

Because of the nature of the online world, young people may quickly develop a greater emotional attachment to online-only interactions on Swipr at the price of ties with friends and family in real life.

Online Harassment

Another potential risk of Swipr is that your kid may encounter unwanted propositions, sexually explicit images, and general harassment.

As a result of Swipr's usage of location services, users may see where prospective matches are located. If a young person plans to meet someone they just met online, this might put them in danger. It's important to discuss possible hazards and set in place safety regulations to provide safety to your children.

online harassment

No Privacy Settings

Since Swipr has no privacy setting, it's critical for users to keep their location, address, and school or college information is hidden. It may be possible to find out more about them by searching for their name online. They might provide strangers with more personal information and intimate dialogue by sharing several social network accounts on these applications.


Since it is convenient and simple to create an account on Swipr, teenagers’ safety, in particular, becomes a significant worry. This can lead to a kid falling prey to cyberbullying tactics. All the chatting records and shared images can be used as a tool for cyberbullying. According to the survey, nearly 16 percent of students in grades 9-12 experienced cyberbullying.


Online Predator

Most of the users on Swipr are aged between 12-17. It’s hard to imagine what will happen if teens meet an adult with an unethical intention on Swipr. The online dating app is the perfect zone for predators to find little kids, Swipr is included. Because of the strict signup process, predators can easily make up their age to prey on youngsters under the age of majority.

How to Make Swipr Safer to Use?

As every problem has a solution, online dating on apps like Swipr can also become safer by following the proper protocols. To make the Swipr app safer to use for your kids, follow these tips:

Talk to Your Kid

Have a conversation with your kids about social media and internet safety. Discussion of the possible perils of online dating and meeting individuals over the Swipr is encouraged.

Make yourself more credible by discussing why using Swipr could be entertaining. Consider being open to hearing all of your teen's justifications for why he believes it is a wise decision. A desire to listen will demonstrate to your kid that you are open to engaging in an honest dialogue rather than delivering a one-sided sermon on the subject matter.

talk to your kid

Keep Up with the Technology

Learn about what your adolescent is doing on the internet and who they are meeting via Swipr, and set clear phone limits for them. As new technology develops, keep up to date on the latest activities adolescents may participate in on Swipr. If you are concerned about safety, take a proactive approach to avoid issues and react appropriately.

Discuss Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Talk to them about how they handle dating and relationships on Swipr, as well as how to develop a sound, satisfying relationship — and that these often need more than a swipe.

Establish a clear understanding among them of their right to refuse and that everyone who cares for them should respect that right. Educate kids about the perils of technology — sometimes, teens are enticed to transmit nude images. And sadly, there have been instances in which these photos have been made public.

Don’t Share Private Information

Since not everyone your teen meets on Swipr has the right intentions, ensure that your teens will not share their private information such as their address, location, phone numbers, etc. Predators may use this information to anticipate your kid's social media accounts more easily and even threaten your kids.

private information

Stay connected with this video to study the Dos and don’ts in kids’ online activities.

Wondershare FamiSafe—Build a Safe Zone for Teens to Date Online

Given that youth are actively utilizing dating apps and are already forming acquaintances online, parents must keep their children safe from hazards and lousy company. To protect your kid away from such risky dating applications, download a parental control program that will give you complete control over your kid's mobile phone activities.

Wondershare FamiSafe is a reliable parental control tool to relieve your concerns about teens’ online safety. With this app, it’s easy to keep track of what your kids are doing, ban applications as required, and protect them from any potential risks they may encounter online or in real life.

Key Features

  • Allows you to detect explicit content on your kid's phone
  • Helps you create a schedule and screen time
  • You can track an app's activity on your child's phone
  • Block any app that you think is inappropriate to them

After downloading and installing Wondershare FamiSafe, follow these instructions to start monitoring.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare FamiSafe on your phone. You'll be sent to the sign-up page. You have the option of creating a FamiSafe account with your email address or continuing to use third-party accounts.

sign in

Step 2: Either create an account or log in using a third-party account, click Start to add children's devices, and check children's phone use information.

click start

Step 3: A pairing code will appear, which you may use to connect your children's gadgets.

Once the pairing process is completed, now you can start monitoring.


Swipr is amongst the best dating application available on iOS and Android. And now, with this Swipr App Review, you know each and everything about this dating application. Moreover, dating apps are getting common among teenagers these days, and being a parent, you must think about what your kid is doing online and who they are meeting. We recommend using Wondershare FamiSafe because it's easier to use and helps you track the activity of your teenager's smartphones.

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