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The best cell phone monitoring app for parents

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With the evolution of digitalization, we can see clearly that every teenager is getting addicted to their smartphone day by day. A smartphone is not only used to call someone, but teens nowadays use it to keep themselves entertained. They are on the different social media platform, there are teen dating apps, and so on, which are making the teenagers of this generation extremely crazy. You will see them using their smartphones nonstop. They have even forgotten to sleep and eat. This is what in return, bothering parents as well. Parents can’t be blamed because they are busy with different things, but knowing that there are cell phone monitoring apps available in the market, and not using it even then is questionable. If you are also worried about your child’s continuous mobile phone usage, then it is time to take action and see what your kid is doing with their mobile phone.

Here in this app, we will talk about the best phone monitoring app, which will help you monitor these apps easily. You can now keep an eye on them, and it is also easy to use as well.

Why parents need phone monitoring app?

Parents of today are raising techie kids. Even if they are just kids, they know how to use their mobile phones, and unfortunately, there are plenty of apps available both for iPhones and Android phones. Kids ask for a mobile phone and parents don’t hesitate to give it to them because they want their kids never to feel left out and stay connected to their friends. This way, you, as a parent, can also keep in touch with your kids and get to know about their whereabouts.

However, the freedom of using cell phones come with some pros and cons, and it is hard for parents to weigh these pros and cons. Parents don’t think about the disadvantages while buying a cell phone for their kids but think about the advantages first. They know that their mobile phone will help them to develop their brains with the exciting science and math app. You believe that they must be watching some educational content on the internet. However, you never know when they might start using their cell phone to talk to someone unknown, and that’s when you will start facing the trouble.

This is the reason why you should get a cell phone monitoring app. With these apps, you can check their social media profiles, who do they talk to, emails, chats, and different mobile apps that they might be using. You will be alarmed when they use certain words to converse with someone, for example, drugs, suicide, and more.

Since the internet is overloaded with a lot of unwanted apps, don’t you think you should also be aware when it comes to search engines? There are, in fact, many sites, which are inappropriate for your kids. With this phone monitoring app, you can check the browsing history.

With the help of these monitoring apps, you can also get to track your kid’s location as well. This way, you will always have your peace of mind. Knowing that your child is safe and secure is always the top priority for you, you can use the tracking feature of phone monitoring apps to find out about their whereabouts.

To track your child’s location, we will recommend you to speak to your child through and let them know why you are monitoring them and why it is necessary. Also, do tell them to avoid posting everything about where they are at all the moment because positing everything can cause trouble for them.

Parental control apps come with a lot of features. One of the robust features that these phone monitoring apps come with is screen time. If you feel that your child is sacrificing his or her sleep and food, then with screen time, you can lock their phone for the better.

Which is the best cell phone monitoring app?

Since we are talking about phone monitoring apps, you can try FamiSafe. FamiSafe is a convenient application and comes from the house of Wondershare. It helps you to maintain harmony among your family. This parental control app comes along with tons of features, which will help you to monitor their daily activities. This is the reason why FamiSafe has been recognized as a robust parental control app.

Let’s talk about some of the top features of FamiSafe:

1. Suspicious text


Teenagers are always under the danger of becoming the victim of a cyberbully. With the suspicious text feature, you will receive automatic alerts on potential risk, unsuitable adult content, harassment, and also what kind of things does your child speak and with whom. This feature will give you a good idea about what is going on in their world.

2. Location tracking


Don’t you worry about your child’s whereabouts? Now with location tracking, you can know about your child’s whereabouts. Where do they frequently go and also with the geofencing feature, you will know when your child leaves the geo-fence and enters an unusual place.

3. Screen time


With screen time feature, you can set screen time limits. This feature will tell you how much time your child spends on his or her mobile phone. Ensure that their phone is not disturbing them while they are sleeping and studying.

4. App monitoring and blocking


Let FamiSafe will tell you what type of apps your child is using. You can also use the same app to block suspicious apps as well. Take a look at all the apps, which they are continually using. You can also check which apps they have recently installed and uninstalled. Use FamiSafe to block these apps easily.

5. Web browsing monitoring and blocking


Take a look at your child’s browsing history. The Internet has a lot of unwanted contents as well, which are not suitable for the growth of your child’s brain. These contents can damage an innocent mind. Don’t let unwanted apps and content on the internet disturb them. Check their browsing history and if you see some unwanted web pages on their browsing history, then block the site then and there.

How to use FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is your one-stop solution for the constant worry that you go through daily. This application will let you have control over their mobile phone, 24x7. You can see what they are doing with their cell phone and also nurture them and make them understand about the best mobile phone using habits. This app helps you to stay alert and also block apps and web pages, which are dangerous for them.

  • Web Filtering
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • App Blocker & App Activity Report
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

Here’s how to use FamiSafe:

Step 1: Registration

First, you need to download FamiSafe account on your or your child’s mobile phone. You just need one account and the same will be applicable for both of the devices.

Step 2: Installation

The second process is to install the application on both your and your child’s mobile phone. You will find the app on both Google Play and the iPhone app store.

Step 3: Settings

Log on to your account. Now select identity as Kid and fill in his or her details, like their age and name. The app’s setting will be different on Android and iOS.

Permit the app to get access. The allow administrator permissions, enable location access and finally on the parent’s phone, log into the account and then select the identity as parents and finally connect the app to your child’s device.


All of us are living in an age, where anything can happen and at any time. It should always be the parents who should take a proactive step. This is the reason why cell phone monitoring apps are necessary. FamiSafe is indeed a safe and secure app to use and also it will help you to stay connected with your child. However, you should definitely let your child know that you are installing a parental control app, not because you want to block everything that is happening in their life, but because it is needed to keep them protected. Talk to them about all the threats that are continually finding their way to harm your child. Gain their trust and talk to them as much as possible because only then you will become their friends, and they will understand why you are installing a parental control app.

Finally, use FamiSafe to keep them safe from cyberbully and every kind of online threat that can become dangerous for them.

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