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Internet Filter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Internet Filter for iPhone

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Jun 25, 2023 Filed to: Internet Filter Proven solutions

For children, the Internet can be beneficial and harmful at the same time. On the one hand, the network provides a considerable number of developing, helpful, and simply interesting materials. Here, a child can access entertainment, contact friends, or find information for study in no time. On the other hand, malicious sites are full of content that can harm a child's psyche. Websites that contain materials about murders, drugs, cults, propaganda, as well as cybercriminals are posing a threat to young users. If you don't want to shut the Internet access off completely, but you strive to protect your kids from unwanted websites, an Internet filter for iPhone is a way out.

Internet Filter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Why We Need Internet Filters?

Allowing your kids to surf the web without supervision is like leaving them alone in a big city. Children's curiosity or an occasional click on an interesting link can easily lead them to dangerous websites.

The Internet carries a lot of threats - pornography, the propaganda of violence, extremism, aggression. Social networks, forums, and chats allow infusion of such information into children's minds, causing irreparable damage to their vulnerable minds.

In addition, the World Wide Web is a home for all kinds of fanatics and social networks that join people with depressive inclinations and pushing them to suicides. On top of that, the Internet is a haven for cults, pedophiles, and scammers. Children should be shielded from these threats.

We often tell our children that drugs and alcohol are bad, but the Internet can show how cool and pleasant they are. This is where the danger lies. To make provocative sites invisible to your children, you need to blacklist them.

Besides human threats, there are also technical hazards on the Internet. While meandering on the web, it is very easy to infect your device with malware that can become a real pain in the neck. Viruses and trojans can steal your passwords and other confidential information, send spam on your behalf, as well as lead to extortion and other threats.

Your child can get hurt if he/she spends too much time in the world of online games. Some of them do not fit children by age because of violence and cruelty. Other games might be safe but too absorbing. If they take every spare minute of your child's time, you need to fight them.

If you are looking for a remedy from the internet addiction and want to make a virtual environment safe for your child, you need to consider an internet filter for iPhone.

FamiSafe - The Best Internet Filter for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

FamiSafe will help you learn more about your child's search habits as well as exclude any inappropriate sites from access. Before you start blacklisting websites, you can study the web history of your son's or daughter's device. The history will show all the web resources and links your kids hit in the Safari browser. You can understand what sites were visited (including internal pages), how often your children opened them, and at what time they accessed them.

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If you notice web resources that are not suitable for your child, you can block or restrict them. To do this, FamiSafe has a web filtering feature. With this function, you can create your own black- and white lists. It is possible to block a specific website or a whole category, which groups sites based on their content (for example, shopping or gaming websites). FamiSafe is supplemented with a massive database to simplify the task of blocking inappropriate websites.

How to use FamiSafe as Internet Filter?

FamiSafe's Web Filter offers several categories that you can allow or block. Also, you are able to configure the program to send notifications when a child is trying to access a specific type of site. To block a particular category, just tap the slider on the right next to a category name.

Web Content Filtering

If you want to block only a specific website instead of a whole category, click the Exceptions tab. Type the name of a web resource (its domain name) and select the Block option.

You are able to allow specific URLs, even if their categories are blocked. To do this, in the Exceptions tab, type in the name of a website and select the Allow option.

If you want FamiSafe to let you know when a child tries to open a particular site, you can set up notifications. For this, in the Exceptions tab, key in the name of a website and tap the option titled Alert me.

Browser History

You can see a list of all blocked and allowed sites in the Exceptions tab. If you want to remove a particular site from the list, tap the blue cross on the right, and confirm your action by choosing Delete in the pop-up window.

You can also combine the Web Filter function with geo-fencing and smart schedules. This will help limit access to the browser at a specific time or when a child is in a certain place.

How to Block Access to Adult Content & Websites on iPhone & iPad

You can enable the iPhone internet filter using the iOS operating system's built-in tools.

If you want to set restrictions on adult content in Safari, you need to go to the Settings and select General. In this window, choose the Restriction option. Tap Enable Restrictions. You need to come up with a password and confirm it.

In the Restriction window, you will see a list of content that is currently allowed. Choose the Website option. In the next window, tap Limit Adult content. After you followed these steps, websites with adult content will be blocked in Safari.

You can also block any specific website if it slips through the filtering or if it doesn't fall into the adult content category.

Open Settings from the home screen and select General. Choose the Restrictions option. Tap Enable Restrictions and come up with a password. Repeat the password to confirm it.

Find the option Websites in the Restriction window and tap it—select Limit Adult Content. In the Never allow section, tap Add a Website. Next, you need to key in a website's URL. Press Done to confirm.

If you want to allow only specific websites and block access to everything else, you should go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable restrictions > Enter a password and confirm it > Websites > Specific Websites Only. Then press Add a Website and type in URL of a website you allow. Repeat the same steps for all the web resources you approve of.

Why Every Parent Needs FamiSafe?

Not only does FamiSafe allow fencing your kids off from harmful Internet content, but also it offers vast possibilities to make their lives safer. For this, the app lends a whole set of useful functions among which are:

    • App usage monitoring function. It creates daily reports with information about apps your kids accessed and how often they opened them.
    • App blocker allows restricting the use of certain apps at a specific time or place. You can configure this tool to notify you each time your kid attempts to open a restricted app.

App Blocker

    • The location tracker shows your kid's location on a map in real-time.
    • The location history function provides information about places your children have been to. This tool is designed to give heads-up if your little ones tend to visit risky places.

Real-time Location Tracking

    • Geo-fencing allows for creating multiple virtual safety zones. The app will notify you when your kids leave such areas.
    • Screen time control makes it possible to set up schedules when your kids can use their devices. The rest of the time, their phones or tablets will be blocked.

Screen Time Tracking and Control

  • Screen time reports lend information on how your children utilize their devices.
  • Smart settings permit you to use separate features simultaneously. For example, you can combine geofencing with the app blocker to prevent access to apps at certain places (such as at school).

FamiSafe is a Must-Have for Every Parent

In the age of digital technology, we can easily get any information literally in just one click. Unfortunately, not all information is equally useful, especially for children. If you want to protect little users from content that can shock or harm, you should enable web filtering functions on their gadgets. Devices running iOS come complete with the built-in iPhone internet filter. For more security, you can turn to a powerful and convenient parental monitoring tool, FamiSafe. With its robust tracking and controlling features, you are able to safeguard your little ones even if you are not around. The app is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store for all types of iOS and Android mobile devices. Download it now and get the first three days for free!

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